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5th Annual Awards Daily Simulated Oscar® Ballot


Rob Y has once again performed the enormous task of organizing all 282 eligible films of 2012 into a simulated Oscar ballot so that Awards Daily readers can feel what it’s like to be a simulated Academy member.

This is, of course, the nominations phase and we’re also simulating this year’s sense of accelerated desperate urgency by setting a tight deadline — you must complete your ballot by Saturday at midnight (PT). Rob’s made things easy by making every contender clickable on drop-down menus, so the process should be intuitive and self-explanatory. If you have second thoughts you can make changes and recast your ballot, but naturally only your last ballot counts.

NOTE: Here’s one way this annual ballot experiment differs from how the Academy runs things. We encourage you AD voters to share your picks with us publicly. You’re invited to do so, after the cut. I wonder if the Oscars would honor winners any differently if more Academy members were asked to share their choices.