Sally Field (Supporting Actress) – “I’m spinning and beyond thrilled on so many levels. To be included in this amazing group of extraordinary craftsman and exquisite talents has been an honor in itself. But now for us all to receive so much recognition from the Academy I’m deeply appreciative and overwhelmed, and basically, I still can’t believe I got the role.”

Emmanuelle Riva, Amour:
“I am truly happy, touched, and honored to receive, today in New York, a nomination for the role of Anne in AMOUR by Michael Haneke. For me,  it is an immense gift, at this stage of my life, to be chosen by my sisters and brothers, for what I do as an actress. I never thought,  while working throughout the years in Europe and France, that one day, i would cross the Atlantic Ocean, come to the United States, and be nominated. It is quite surreal for me.  Shooting AMOUR with Michael Haneke was a complete joy for me, as I felt an absolute trust in him and we were in complete synch. Michael is the very music of his own film.”

Denzel Washington’s statement regarding his Best Actor Oscar nomination for Flight: ‘Flight’ was one of the most challenging roles I’ve ever had in my career, and it was an honor to be directed by Robert Zemeckis. It’s always nice to be asked back to the show, and it will be fun to share the evening with our nominated screenwriter John Gatins.”

Michael Haneke, Amour:
“I am very happy and gratified by the Oscar nominations that AMOUR has received today, and that the voting members of the Academy have taken the film so strongly to their hearts. It is fulfilling to discover that a film has found the audience and critical acclaim that AMOUR has garnered.  I have been very fortunate on both those fronts, but it is especially rewarding to discover that a film has found favor among one’s industry peers who know, in particular, the effort that goes into getting a film – any film – made.  I am also especially happy for all the people who made AMOUR with me.  It is a joyous occasion for us all.  Many thanks.”

 Steven Spielberg (Director/Producer) and Kathleen Kennedy (Producer) – “We are absolutely thrilled and astonished with the 12 nominations. It is such a tribute to the work of those who joined us in this 12-year journey to bring LINCOLN to the screen. We humbly thank the Academy members who honored so many of us.”

Tony Kushner (Adapted Screenplay) – “I’m tremendously honored to be a nominee in the company of so many writers and filmmakers whose work I admire. I’m very grateful to Steven and Kathy, to Daniel, Sally, Tommy Lee and the whole cast, to Rick, Joanna, Janusz, Mike and John and everyone who made Lincoln happen. I’m overwhelmed by the Academy’s response to the film. I heard that I’d been nominated while waiting to take off on a plane from JFK to LAX. James Gandolfini, who’s sitting in front of me, gave me a hug and a kiss, so I’m about as happy as can be. ”

Joanna Johnston (Costume Designer) – “I’m thrilled and honored to be nominated, it was an extraordinary experience with a remarkable team who are all part of this recognition. It is my first nomination and I’m so happy to be part of this unique body of talent.”

David Magee, Screenwriter Life of Pi:

“I’m honored that the Academy included me in this year’s nominees for Best Adapted Screenplay for “Life of Pi.” 2012 has, to my mind, one of the strongest years for films in recent memory and I couldn’t be happier to be part of this incredible list of writers and screenplays.

Everyone on the creative team for “Pi” contributed to making this screenplay possible. I owe the greatest debt to Ang Lee, not just for inviting me along on this journey, but for the creative insight that he provided into every scene and line of dialogue I wrote, and for his gentle insistence that I never settle for ‘good enough.’

In the best of collaborations, it’s easy to lose track of who made which suggestion for a better line or how a scene evolved as the result of a design element, a brilliant reading, or a moving score. They all deserve credit. I couldn’t be happier that so many on our team were recognized with nominations for their work as well, and that “Life of Pi” is listed among the nominees for “Best Picture.””

Claude-Michel Schonberg, Herbert Kretzmer, and Alain Boublil,  “Suddenly,” Best Original Song Nominees, LES MISERABLES: 30 years in the making and 3 days in the writing – this is how “Suddenly” came to life 30 years after the original show was created. We wrote this song for the film on a suggestion from Tom Hooper, after he asked us to revisit a specific chapter of Victor Hugo’s novel. In this chapter Jean Valjean discovers an overwhelming feeling of love for the little girl Cosette, whom he rescues as promised to her mother – and this happened to him … “Suddenly.”

Paco Delgado, Costume Designer, LES MISERABLES I am very proud to be a part of this special film, and am especially happy for all of the recognition it has received. I was supported by a  great wardrobe team who worked with such passion. It is amazing to get a nomination for a film we all worked so hard on. Thank you very much.

 Simon Hayes, Production Sound Mixer, LES MISERABLES – I am extremely grateful to the Academy for considering our work on Les Miserables worthy of a nomination for this award. I would like to thank our tremendous cast for trusting me with their fantastic live vocal performances. I would also like to thank Tom Hooper for his encouragement and support and the whole Les Miserables film crew for their collaboration, professionalism and skill.
 Eve Stewart, Production Designer, LES MISERABLES –  I think it’s just brilliant to receive this nomination from the Academy, alongside the other production designers, whom I respect so much. Working with Tom Hooper is always amazing.  Our art department crews on the film were true craftsmen and artisans. Therefore, I must accept this nomination as much on their behalf as for myself. Working on Les Miserables with our incredible team was a joy I won’t soon forget. I wish my fellow nominees luck!
 Lisa Westcott, Hair and Makeup Designer, LES MISERABLES First of all I would like to express my gratitude to the Academy for considering our work on Les Miserables to be worthy of nomination for this award. Secondly I would like to pay tribute to everyone in the Hair & Makeup team for all their skill and hard work, without whom it would not have been possible to feel so proud of being involved in such a wonderfully rewarding project.
LIFE OF PI Best Cinematography nominee Claudio Miranda:“It’s an honour to be included among such esteemed colleagues – everyone has done such fantastic work this year.I knew Life of Pi would be a special project from my first meeting with Ang. He wanted to push the envelope with the visuals. I think together with our superb crew, who all deserve equal credit for this, we’ve made a unique cinematic experience that has its own look, unlike any other. I’m glad all our hard work is being noticed!I’m having a wonderful ride on this great film and I wish everyone nominated the best of luck.”

 Filmmaker MALIK BENDJELLOUL, “Searching For Sugar Man”  “It is a true and surrealistic honor to realize SEARCHING FOR SUGAR MAN has been nominated for an Oscar. Being from Sweden, the Oscars were like a far-fetched fantasy you heard about growing up as a kid – something only one could dream of. The story of Rodriguez is unlike any I have ever known and I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to share his incredible journey with audiences worldwide. Thank you to the Academy, to Sony Pictures Classics, and to all those whose efforts and passions made this possible.”

 -Mark Andrews, Director, “Brave”  – “We are incredibly honored by today’s Academy Award nomination. ‘Brave’ has been an adventure from the beginning – starting with our research trips to Scotland, the crew embarked upon a journey that inspired us all and forever changed our fates. Thanks to the Academy from all of us here at Pixar.”

Alan Arkin, nominated for Best Supporting Actor for “ARGO”  “I am of course very excited about the nomination this morning. Ben Affleck is an amazing director, and I am so happy that “Argo” was recognized in seven categories!”

Ang Lee’s reaction to the 11 Academy Award nominations LIFE OF PI received this morning.  “I am deeply honored and frankly a little overwhelmed by all of the nominations that ‘Life of Pi’ has received this morning. So many talented people gave everything they had to this film, both in front of and behind the camera, and to see all of them receive this kind of recognition is something I am incredibly grateful for.”

Director Tim Burtons reaction to the Best Animated Feature Oscar nomination for FRANKENWEENIE “Frankenweenie is a very personal film for me. The idea of telling a feature length version was in the back of my mind for many years. Stop Motion was the perfect medium for this project, and one I’ve always loved for its expressiveness and dimensionality. I’ve worked with so many incredible artists: animators, cast members, set builders, and puppet makers, all who have helped bring this film to life one frame at a time. I’m so honored that the Academy has recognized this film as one of its nominees.”

Amy Adams’ reaction to her  nomination for Best Supporting Actress in The Master  – “It is such an honor to receive this recognition from the Academy. Working with Paul Thomas Anderson was a unique and wonderful opportunity that I am so grateful for. I’d also like to send congratulations to the other nominees and to my co-stars Philip and Joaquin.”

Jay Cassidy, Editor Silver Linings Playbook  — “I am so glad to see all the collaborators on SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK recognized by the Academy and I am honored to be included.”

Crispin Struthers, Editor Silver Linings Playbook  “I still can’t quite believe it. I am grateful to David O. Russell for including me on this amazing project and thrilled to be honored alongside Jay Cassidy and the rest of our incredible cast and crew. Excelsior!”

Robert De Niro, Supporting Actor Nominee, Silver Linings Playbook  “I am very pleased that the Academy has chosen to honor the many individuals who were a part of “Silver Linings Playbook”

Jacki Weaver, Supporting Actress Nominee, Silver Linings Playbook  ” I am completely over the moon by this morning’s news. To be nominated twice now is incredible, and to be a part of this wonderful film and amazing cast makes things even sweeter. I am so happy for David O. Russell and could not be more thrilled”.

– Bruce Cohen, Donna Gigliotti, Jonathan Gordon, Producers of Silver Linings Playbook  “We are ecstatic and so humbled that the Academy recognized so many members of our phenomenal SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK family with nominations this morning, including David O. Russell, our extraordinary writer/director in both
categories, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro and Jacki Weaver, our magnificent lead cast members in all four acting categories, our brilliant editors, Jay Cassidy and Crispin Struthers and Best Picture. We are so happy for
everyone involved with the film.”

Bob Richardson, Cinematographer Django Unchained  “I feel deeply privileged to be nominated alongside Quentin and the amazing cast and crew of Django Unchained. If you can dream it, you might just accomplish it.”

Stacey Sher, Reginald Hudlin and Pilar Savone, Producers of DJANGO UNCHAINED  “We are thrilled with all the nominations for DJANGO UNCHAINED and the Best Picture nomination is a victory for all of us. It’s a testament to the whole cast, crew and our brilliant writer/director Quentin Tarantino who worked so hard on this movie. We are extremely proud and thankful.”

Wylie Stateman, Sound Editor, Django Unchained  “It’s easy to be proud of our battle-hardened post-production team, a familiar talented group of faces assembled by Quentin over a number of years. On their shoulders I stand. Django Unchained is a compilation of emotions, mixed and driven by Quentin’s unique historical perspective.”

Joachim Ronning and Espen Sandberg, directors Kon-Tiki  “Being nominated means everything to us as directors- it means the world for the film! We are both in LA with our families and upon hearing the news we ran around in the corridors, hugging each other, waking up the whole hotel.”

Harvey Weinstein  – “I am blown away! I can’t say thank you enough to the Academy for their support of our films. We have a tremendous group of actors and film makers who we had the pleasure of working with this year and I am so happy that their achievements are being recognized.”

David Silverman, Director, “Maggie Simpson in: ‘The Longest Daycare’ “ “This amazing recognition from the Academy is the craziest wake-up call I’ve ever received. I’m very grateful to Jim Brooks, Al Jean – and especially Matt Groening, for creating “The Simpsons.” They all gave me the opportunity to explore the world of pantomime with what are normally very verbal characters. I also have to give a shout-out to my parents – who I just spoke to – and thank them for allowing me to draw on the walls as a child. It kind of worked out!”

Statement from director Kim Nguyen on behalf of WAR WITCH, nominated for Best Foreign Language Film: “This movie has been a truly amazing 10 year journey and we are honored to be included in such an outstanding list of filmmakers from around the World. I will always remember when Rachel Mwanza, after being the first African woman to ever win the Silver Bear for Best Actress at the Berlinale, returned home to the Congolese streets of Kinshasa and was greated by passionate chants and overwhelming pride. So, in the case of WAR WITCH, these recognitions do make a difference. They bring back pride to a nation that greatly needs it. I dearly thank the Academy Members for supporting this film, it is a great privilege and an honor.”

 Peter Lord, diector of The Pirates! Band of Misfits, “This is amazing! We tried to do something a little different with THE PIRATES, in terms of tone and comedy, and it’s just brilliant that the Academy has responded to it in such a wonderful way.”

Joint Statement from PRODUCERS GRANT HESLOV, BEN AFFLECK AND GEORGE CLOONEY on behalf of the film’s BEST PICTURE NOMINATION: “We would like to thank the Academy for acknowledging ‘Argo’ in this extraordinary way. This is a great tribute to everyone who worked on the film — from our incredible cast to our tremendous crew.
We are honored to have made a film that tells the story of these unsung heroes and it’s so terrific that it’s getting this kind of recognition.”

Statement from ALAN ARKIN on behalf of his SUPPORTING ACTOR NOMINATION: “I am of course very excited about the nomination this morning. Ben Affleck is an amazing director, and I am so happy that “Argo” was recognized in seven categories”

Statement from CHRIS TERRIO on behalf of his ADAPTED SCREENPLAY NOMINATION: “Ben Affleck was recognized by the Academy for his first screenplay, and he’s given me a tremendous gift by making a film in which I could be nominated for mine. We thought of ‘Argo’ as a movie about the power of fantasy and storytelling, portraying an event in which creative thinking literally changed history. I’m moved that the Academy has recognized the creative thinking of the team that brought our movie to life.”

Statement from COMPOSER ALEXANDRE DESPLAT on behalf of his ORIGINAL SCORE NOMINATION: “I felt the suspense of ‘Argo’ this morning as I waited to hear the nominations, as if the score was playing in my head. It is a great honor to be nominated. I wish to thank Ben who offered
me a wonderful canvas to work on with ‘Argo.’ It is such an inspiring film. It was a joy to work again with George and Grant. The fabulous musicians from around the world who performed on the score truly contributed to the success.

Statement from EDITOR WILLIAM GOLDENBERG on behalf of his FILM EDITING NOMINATION: “I am thrilled and honored by the nomination, and proud to be part of the ARGO team. I love working with Ben and am grateful for the opportunity.”





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  • dinasztie

    Riva’s words are so beautiful and moving. Her nomination and the big love for Amour was the best news today.

  • Christophe

    Though I’m on Team Watts, I’m really glad for Riva. She seemed a bit out of touch with the Awards game at first, but now she’s going to ceremonies and giving interviews. If either she or Naomi wins, I’ll be very happy, just hoping they don’t split votes.

  • All I want to read is Benh Zeitlin’s reaction. What a year he has had. Bravo!

  • Pulp Fact

    Where’s Joaquin Phoenix’s reaction? 😀

  • Watermelons

    Any word from Oscar-winner Kate Winslet (All the King’s Men, Iris) regarding this crop of Academy Award nominees??


  • Koleś

    Oh how I want Riva to win this one. Please let her win. Lawrence has the odds on her side – acting nod in all 4 categories, only twice in history (1936 and 1950) that didn’t transfer into at least one win, and Lawrence is the obvious choice for SLP. However I see a slight chance for Riva (or Watts). The only thing that needs to keep on going is the equal split between Chastain and Lawrence. Remeber the all famous Day Lewis vs. Nicholson duke out? Looks similar.

  • Winston

    I’m so happy that Helen fucking Mirren was not nominated! Lol

  • christophe

    methinks best actress will be the most interesting and uncallable category, each one of them has passionate supporters and voters will be so divided that the winner might end up with only around 25% of votes.


    Riva ..i hope you win the oscar in your truly deserve it!..if that happenes that would be a first since Jessica Tandy ! Who won Best actress for Driving Miss Daisy in 1989! At the young age of 80! ..

  • Koleś

    Right now it’s still interesting, but once the Globe, SAG and BAFTA go the same way, no contest. On the up side – Globes won’t mean diddly squat, Lawrence and Chastan are in separate categories, so probably both of them are going to win. I seriously think Riva might win the BAFTA, when that happens it won’t matter who wins the SAG, it’s still going to be an open game till the very end. If BAFTA goes any other way, the it’ll probably match the SAG win, and that equals no contest. I really don’t see Lawrence and Chastain splitting the BAFTA and SAG wins without a third party.

    Anyway, it’s official. A FIRST REAL FUCKING RACE IN YEARS!!!

  • Lynne

    Nicole Kidman shouldn’t have set her alarm at 5:30 AM!

  • Christophe

    So… Kathleen Kennedy is finally going to get an Oscar, that’s the only upside I can possibly find to a Lincoln win.

  • I love love love Denzel’s response. He’s like ‘I know Daniel Day Lewis is winning. So I’m going for the snacks.’ lol

  • I was thinking the same thing, Christophe.

  • Christophe

    Great minds think alike Antoinette!

  • Zach

    (Posted this in the nominations post, but selfishly reposting in case people have moved on!)

    What we learned this year:

    Harvey Weinstein can buy mostly anything.

    In this troubled political and economic climate, Hollywood wants to reward movies that highlight the qualities we like to see in ourselves, the success stories, the come-from-behind redemption — and that includes the underdog film productions themselves. Hollywood was so busy confronting its fatality in Amour that it ignored or marginalized heavier, complex, disturbing fare like Zero Dark Thirty (torture works, is necessary to protect our country from terrorism), The Master (Scientology, but OK, we’ll nominate your powerful performances), Argo (Hollywood can save the world and all, but is it all just a front? What does it mean to be a true hero? Who are our true heroes? Certainly not Ben Affleck.), and even Skyfall (when the sky falls, just how will we stand tall without M, when former agents are turning rogue?) for more inspirational, life-affirming, or simply lighter fare like Life of Pi (life is complex, but we can survive), The Impossible (we can survive…or at least Naomi’s Oscar bid can), Beasts of the Southern Wild (we can rebuild), Silver Linings Playbook (we can find love in the crazy, with our family’s support), Lincoln (the political process works), Flight (it’s a happy ending if you finally feel free in jail), and even Django Unchained (revenge is justified against racist oppressors).

    The running theme in all of this year’s Best Picture nominees: loyalty and the courage of your convictions.

    Paraplegics are so 1989. (Just ask Javier Bardem.)
    (In addition to Cotillard & Hawkes, The Intouchables is about a quadriplegic too!)

    Whale riders are so 2003.

    Being the most gracious and subsequently prolific Best Actress winner of the last decade means shit.

    Two Snow White films didn’t have to cancel out for Best Costumes (Colleen Atwood is a force to be reckoned with). But two French-language lead actress performances? And two dark, relevant political thrillers in Best Director? Not unless they’re about JFK and Hannibal Lecter. Seriously, most of the acclaimed political thrillers don’t have Best Director nominations.

    Stop making trash, Nicole Kidman.

    Keeping participating in wonderful ensemble films and you’re in, Amy Adams.

    It’s OK to be a prick and tell people you don’t want awards if (1) you’re delivering a powerhouse performance and (2) you have Harvey Weinstein behind you.

    It’s not OK to tell people you want to win awards unless (1) your performance is undeniable enough, (2) you’re the adorable Hugh Jackman, and/or (3) again, you’re backed by Weinstein (Melissa Leo in The Fighter).

    Production design no longer makes sense. (Life of Pi and the recycled Shire from The Hobbit?)

    When you’re the visual effects and technical achievement of the year, you at least get both those Sound nominations (Hugo, Life of Pi).

    Whoever said that the Beasts of the Southern Wild score was too simplistic for the Academy was right.

    Snubs where critics overwhelmingly criticized an element of your film: Les Mis’s direction and fish-eye cinematography, Django’s indulgent direction and editing.

    Nominations despite criticism: Hitchcock’s makeup (so the makeup is more award-worthy than the Hopkins performance?), Flight’s script, Hobbit’s arguably fake-looking sets (blame the 3D).

    Lots of fission this year. Affleck sweeps the BAFTA nods but is left out of Oscar’s Best Director, even as the actors (Arkin), editors, and both sound mixers and editors take notice. Django is hit-and-miss: Tarantino scores screenplay but not director; Waltz scores, but Leo misses; cinematography sneaks in but not production design (RIP) or costumes; sound editing but no sound mixing. BAFTA ignores Spielberg, but the Academy really, really likes Lincoln (editing and sound). The Academy likes Silver Linings, too, even though the Brits and DGA didn’t care. (Will it beat Les Mis for the Globe? Doubt it.) The critics prefer Zero Dark Thirty, but the Academy doesn’t care. Amour and Beasts are ignored or ineligible for most of the guild awards, but do well today. And everybody likes Pi, but nobody thinks it can win the top awards?

    Katy Perry is an Oscar curse; she missed out, and so did Cotillard despite moving her arms beautifully to the tune of “Firework.”

    Just because the Academy deservedly nominated you when no one else would (Javier Bardem), it doesn’t mean you’ll get in when your peers and foreign critics all take notice.

    Age is just a number, prove Wallis and Riva.

    Sasha was right once when she said Wallis is a lock!

    Waltz and Tarantino make a more prolific team than DiCaprio and Scorsese.

    BAFTA: once the tell, always the tell–at least for films and performances on the fringe. No John Hawkes there means no John Hawkes here (Denzel was always getting in). Joaquin there, Joaquin here. Amour, Beasts, and Django doing as well as they did there means more support here than one might have expected.

    Not a good day for Dames (Judi, Maggie, and Helen will be OK).

    Half-assed hammy, crazy performances don’t get nominations (Bardem, DiCaprio).

    Actors in multiple Oscar-nominated films this year: John Hawkes, John Goodman, and Kyle Chandler. (No such luck for Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Hugh Jackman, Tommy Lee Jones, or Judi Dench.)

    You were in two hits this year, but we still don’t want you: John Hawkes, John Goodman, Kyle Chandler, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, and Marion Cotillard.

    Number of Oscar-nominated cast members from the Avengers franchise: 13 (Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jeff Bridges, Natalie Portman, Stanley Tucci, Mickey Rourke, Don Cheadle, Terrence Howard, Tim Roth, and William Hurt).

    Number of Oscar-nominated X-Men & adversaries: 8 (Halle Berry, Ian McKellen, Anna Paquin, Jennifer Lawrence, Bruce Davison, Ellen Page, Shohreh Aghdashloo, and now Hugh Jackman).

    Number of Oscar nominees in the entire James Bond franchise:

    Number of Oscar nominees in Silver Linings Playbook: 4

    Number of Oscar nominees in Lincoln: 7

    Number of Oscar nominees in Django Unchained: 7

    Number of first-time acting nominees this year: 4/20

    Number of Oscar-winner acting nominees this year: 9/20 (with 13 Oscars among them, and it will be 11/20 after Hathaway and Lawrence win this year)

    Only William Wyler (12) and Billy Wilder (8) have more nominations for directing than Steven Spielberg (7, tied with Scorsese, Zinnemann, Lean, and Allen)

    Christopher Nolan can laugh all the way to the bank. He’ll find Peter Jackson there.

  • Zach

    One last note: it’s so telling that, not only will Lincoln prevail in an election year, but that in this political climate, the Academy is going their own way (Fleetwood Mac) by picking a film about a trailblazing American who went his own way, rather than films championed by the critics (ZDT) or BAFTA (Argo) in which characters’ motivations for doing great deeds come from external forces (the war in Iraq–though I haven’t seen ZDT yet, so I don’t know if Chastain is given deeply personal motivations as well–or the hostage crisis in Argo, though Ben inserted a beneficial but unnecessary family-drama narrative).

  • Adam Lewis

    Sasha – waiting for your reaction!

  • Zach

    Crap, I left out number of Oscar nominees in the entire James Bond franchise: 4?

  • Edkargir

    I want miss Wallis to win best actress, but I think mdm Riva will win bravo

  • Joel

    Can someone help me out? Has a Steven Spielberg directed movie ever produced a Oscar WINNING performance before? I can think of several nominations, but no wins.

  • Tero Heikkinen

    I think Haneke went through spell check, lol.

  • Tero Heikkinen

    Joel, never. Not even Ralph Fiennes. Tommy Lee Jones won then, but maybe he will repeat and that mistake is fixed at least there.

  • himynameiscole

    hey zach, thanks for the spoiler on flight.

  • Zach

    @himynameiscole, sorry, but then it’s not like you watch a movie like that for its plot. Screenplay nomination or not.

    Someone asked about how many movies have received nominations in all four acting categories. It’s a very short list.

  • Oscar Nominee Reactions: ARGO FUCK YOURSELF, ACADEMY!

  • SallyinChicago

    Alan Arkin, nominated for Best Supporting Actor for “ARGO
    ^^ Oh no, he had such a tiny part, it was not pivotal….too bad he took Leo or Dwight’s place.

  • steve50

    Zach, I’m out of breath! I love when people let loose on what they really think!

  • himynameiscole

    you don’t watch a movie like that for its plot? the whole trailer is tailored around the fact of what will happen to him since he was drunk during the flight. that’s like saying you don’t watch citizen kane for the plot (which you don’t), but not knowing the mystery of rosebud is a big part of it on your first viewing.

  • julius yeung

    I actually liked this list…

    ZDT, Lincoln, Argo, Django, and other good movies.

    I don’t see any problems with this list except for Les Mis (I thought it was overrated…)

    I’d personally chose DKR and Moon rise but yea..

  • KT

    Well, word from the Weinstein Company is Harvey was EXTREMELY EXCITED this morning.

    ***FOR THE FIRST TIME in all of his years at the Oscars, Harvey NOT ONLY has the potential to THREE PEAT, but ALSO to legitimately contend for the TOP FIVE AWARDS…a prospect that could only become more likely in the prolonged voting period. SLP was perhaps the most successful film today, taking more nominations than anyone expected (i.e. Jacki Weaver!!! and Film Editing)

    Will it join Silence of the Lambs, It Happened One Night, and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest??? Harvey would hope so:
    BEST ACTRESS (most likely)
    BEST DIRECTOR (Russell has HUGE respect among actors—3 noms for Fighter, 4! for SLP)
    BEST PICTURE (produced by Academy veterans Donna Giglotti and Bruce Cohen)
    BEST ACTOR (if the Academy denies DDL his third, guess who is next in line…)

  • david leary

    I agree Dwight Henry deserved a nomination

  • Bobby C

    Congrats to the nominees! Got a lot of catching up to do– only seen 3 (Argo, Life of Pi and Les Miz) of the 9 nominated BP films so far. Hope to watch Lincoln, SLP, Django and ZD30 at the theaters soon. Not as emotionally invested in this year’s Oscars race with no Streep or Scorsese but rooting for Jackman and Hathaway!

  • Christophe

    this is disgusting! they should rename it the Harveys and reshape the statuette into a golden unshaved fat a**! plus with django he could win both screenplay prizes, insane!

  • Joao Mattos

    I know everybody thinks Lawrence is the one to beat. But I guess all thye other ladies (excluding Wallis) has a shot. At same time I can’t think that SLP will be left out with no prizes, but no way will BP, BD, Actor ou S. Actress.

    So will know what? Right now I think the former winner who is gonna win Supporting Actor is…… Robert De Niro.

  • Free

    @Watermelons: I know it’s predictable, but I laugh every time you (randomly) show up to promote Kate Winslet. This morning was frustrating, so thanks for that.

    @Pulp Fact: I believe Phoenix released this statement: “Why the fuck did I get nominated?”

  • feisty

    And a HUGE thank you to the rocket scientists posts that made this website so thoroughly entertaining this week. (see 90% of comments after BAFTA nom post regarding Argo).

  • KT


    It’s a scary thought, but Harvey has done the unthinkable before. He took down the Saving Private Ryan behemoth with a hugely proactive campaign that completely changed Oscar campaigning. He had three Best Picture nominees in one five-nominee year (Chicago, Gangs of New York, The Hours…four if you count his affiliation with The Two Towers).

    THIS would be a crowning Weinstein achievement. I was hoping Zero Dark Thirty would come out much stronger as a frontrunner, but it severely disappointed re: nominations. Not nominating Bigelow is an unjustifiable sin!! And Argo did well except for director. Both of these films now show weakness, and I’m not sure there is far-reaching passionate support for Lincoln in the industry–we’ll see once PGA and DGA announce. Could we have a Driving Miss Daisy-type year where Argo comes back without a director nom to take it? Could Life of Pi and its incredible director continue to surprise???

    The pieces have landed perfectly for Harvey to push Silver Linings (clearly a frontrunner now), without having to worry about conflict of interest (the other Weinstein movies: Django and The Master).

  • Daveylow

    Harvey has had a lot of wins at the Oscars. I wouldn’t mind some non-Harvey films getting the awards this year.

  • You can add this one:

    “I hadn’t planned to listen live to the announcements, but when I got into the car this morning to go to work, the driver had the nominations streaming as they were being broadcast. To be honest, it’s very exciting but all a bit surreal, and it hasn’t fully sunk in yet. This is a brilliant awards year that has been defined by an eclectic list of stories that have been told by incredibly talented and courageous filmmakers, and it’s an honor to be mentioned in the same sentence as the other nominees in the Best Actor category. Having hosted the show, I have seen so many different sides of the Oscars, but to be an actual nominee is something I never would have dreamed possible.” — Jackman”

  • FAIL!

    I think you’ll find this is what Michael Haneke said:

    yaaaaay my film amour jst got nominaytid for five oscars!!1! must practice my surprised fays 4 wen i wins them all lol

  • Rory

    I haven’t seen Silver Linings Playbook yet, but I think it’s just terrible that Bradley Cooper was nominated over John Hawkes.

  • Christophe

    I’m glad Harvey wins when he comes up with good movies that no one else believed in but when his wins result from his campaigning skills instead of the sheer qualities of his films then I’m outraged!! And I’m saying that as a big fan of Gangs of NY, The Hours, Inglourious Basterds and TKS. So I guess I should thank him for promoting all these amazing movies, but maybe just maybe this year he could let other people win, since his horsesaren’t that great for once.

  • AdamA

    If Riva keeps giving statements like these, she might just be on her way to a win.

  • Jerry Grant

    You should see “Silver Linings” before thinking it’s terrible. Bradley Cooper certainly deserves these accolades; it’s a very nuanced and interesting and heartfelt performance. I’ve seen “The Sessions” too, and Hawkes is great, but I would have left him off for these 5 nominees as well.

  • Bradley Cooper certainly deserves these accolades; it’s a very nuanced and interesting and heartfelt performance.

    It’s an insulting and shallow depiction of mental illness. He was horribly bad.

  • Zach

    omg it WAS shallow. I blame the script. But oh, look, it’s a Best Pic contender.

    Re: Flight, if you saw it, you’d see that the mystery you were expecting quickly takes a backseat to the alcohol abuse. I understand them not wanting to nominate The Master, but really, Flight was mediocre scripting to say the least.

  • Jerry Grant

    Sorry you’re on the minority on this one, I respectfully strongly disagree with any characterization of SLP as an insulting depiction of mental illness.

  • Edkargir

    I think DDL will win his 3rd Oscar for best actor which is fine however I would for for Bradley Cooper. Denzel should not have been nominated over John Hawked and Jean-Louis Trintignant.

  • Odee

    Well, don’t be so sure that Daniel Day-Lewis has it in the bag. It looked as though he had it in the bag for Gangs as well. I’m beginning to wonder if a little resentment and/or envy will not play a part in this. five nominations and the possibility of getting a 3rd best actor Oscar?

    It took Hepburn 11 nominations to win 3, and 12 nominations to win four, not to mention a span from 1969 to 1982. Then, it took Streep even more nods, and she probably only got it last year because of the extra mileage from Harvey, who has highjacked the last two best pictures, directors, and lead actor awards. That is not looking very good for Silver Linings acting nominees and it will certainly not win best picture, WELL, I’m sure Steven will be on pins and needles, remembering the year Ryan, which was expected to win, lost and we all know to what and why.

    Something tells me this Best Actor race is going to be a tight one: This is Washington’s most flexible role of his entire career, and I’m betting that actors have noticed. And then there’s Phoenix. Say what you will, but remember: George C. Scott won here, so Phoenix has a shot and if you get a tight vote, in a year with Day-Lewis, Washington, Phoenix, could we get Bradley or Jackman? It’s possible!

    And if Lawrence wins, she’ll be the 2nd youngest, behind Marlee Matlin at 22, as Matlin was 21 when she won, but again, can Harvey pull it off? She was good, but over-rated and the same is true with Chastain, but I think Jessica has some makeup coming, given she swept all but one of the major critics awards last year in a number of roles and STILL lost the supporting Actress Oscar. She’s the new Streep and everyone knows it.

    Now, if THAT one is running tight between those two, THEN Riva could lasso the older vote and remember: Most of the voters are older (mid 50s) and they will be able to relate to the role that Riva is portraying and it’s a great role, with many layers and subtle tones that are being overlooked by younger viewers because, for some things, you need to be that age to “get it”. Wallis getting a nod is great because she’s fantastic, but WAY too young to win, but at least the actors let EVERYONE know that they understood that this was a performance and that both the actress AND the director deserved acknowledgement. The only sin is that Dwight Henry was not nominated for supporting Actor, which is sinful given he was much better than most of those nominated.

    And last but not least, Pi is beginning to feel a little like Slumdog. When you think about it, it has to be the most difficult of all of those nominated. How Lee figured out a way to film that is amazing. The difficulty is unsurpassed by anything or anyone else nominated in that category and Lee is the only one to be nominated across the board. Not only that, after that fiasco with Brokeback Mountain, and don’t get me started about his loss for directing Crouching Tiger and not even being nominated for Sense and Sensibility. Hey, even if you don’t like the guy. Just look at his body of work and, unlike the others, his films are seamless and so very different from each other:

    – Brokeback Mountain
    – Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
    – Sense And Sensibility
    – The Ice Storm
    – Lust, Caution
    – Hulk
    – Life of Pi
    – Taking Woodstock
    – Ride With The Devil
    – The Wedding Banquet

    It does not seem like the same name directed all of those films. That’s an amazing level of versatility.

    I hope the Oscars REALLY shake things up and for a change, make it interesting. Up to now, everyone has just been playing followers. Going for people because others were going for them from a critical stand point, or from an awards show stand point. Thank you Oscar for shaking up the playbook!

  • Joao Mattos

    Odee, IMO, DDL will win for “Lincoln” not because he is playing the person he is playing, and the fact that he is DDL, it’s because no actress or actor ever won a Oscar in a Steven Spielberg directed movie. When you think about that, it sounds weird. Hollywood most popular and powerful director of the last decades never directed a Oscar winner actor.

  • Hadi
  • Alfredo

    The excitement of De Niro is overwhelming haha. Love that guy!

  • Mac

    SLP will get all sorts of hate because it’s not somber enough.

    I think the nominations for Cooper and Lawrence are justified. De Niro and Weaver are not.

    The Supporting Actor category nearly always goes for the grizzled old guy. Arkin and De Niro were just not good enough to be in the race this year and yet there they are. Dwight Henry would have been refreshing. Tom Holland would have been refreshing. Either one would have been more deserving than Arkin and De Niro.

  • Hadi, that’s brilliant!

  • Mac

    I really enjoy Ang Lee. He reminds me of William Wyler in that he’s willing to tackle a wide variety of subjects and genres and turn out engrossing films.

  • steve50

    What Mac says.

  • JJ

    I would love to see Field win. Does Hathaway have to be an inevitability? she doesn’t even look like she could be the mother of that blue eyed, blond haired girl.

  • Sam

    Appalling inclusion of 4 Silver Linings Playbook performances. Not one of them are Oscar worthy performances and just shows how much we have to scrape the bowl to come up with female performances. All fine performances…no hate here…but Oscar? Really? David O’Russell nominated over Paul Thomas Anderson or Wes Anderson? Sad.

  • Sam

    Also…I just want to agree with Mac about Alan Arkin and De Niro. Really? And add Tommy Lee Jones to that grizzled old guy group of meh performances.

    Tom Holland should have been nom’d before them for sure. The kid is a pro by the way, who also played Billy Elliot on Broadway, or the West End.

  • Watermelons

    @Free – i’m glad Kate Winslet (The Reader, Flushed Away) was able to be a positive presence in your morning!!!!

  • Antoinette

    “Having hosted the show, I have seen so many different sides of the Oscars, but to be an actual nominee is something I never would have dreamed possible.” — Jackman

    An actor who never dreamed of being nominated for an Oscar? An actor who named his son Oscar? There’s being humble and then there’s fakery. I’m not falling for it anymore and I used to be a fan of his.

  • Great words from Riva. So sweet…

    Adams too… Remembering PTA and Phoenix- Hoffman.
    Wouldn´t be lovely the 3 actors from The Master winning? 😉

  • I want to see Wallis’s reaction.

    I think read someone here saying they want Wallis to win?

    Am I the only going fucking nuts over the fact that a 5 year old’s performance was nominated for a Best Actress Oscar?


    Wonderful words from Riva. Really touching. The ceremony is actually on her birthday. Can you imagine how amazing it would be if she wins this on her birthday? I kinda want her to now because I know Chastain will have way more chances.

  • Jack

    Wallis and Beasts is grossly overrated. Wasn’t the biggest fan of Moonrise Kingdom, but Kara Hayward definetely should have gotten in over her if they wanted to nominate a kid.

    Wallis literally ran around for 90 minutes and talked to animals. Nothing about her performance was challenging. If anything, I thought Henry should have gotten in. That’s a good performance.

    Plus Zeitlin got in? First of all, it’s spelled B-E-N! PTA, QT, Affleck, Bigelow, Nolan all obviously were not good enough to get nominated, but this hipster gets in…

    Also, Flight’s screenplay got in. It was about as compelling and original as a high school drama class play. Zemeckis and Denzel brought the flat script to life. Shame’s script got nothing last year, flight gets in… Over the likes of PTA, Looper, Paranorman, Magic Mike, Damsels in Distress, Middle of Nowhere, Brave. All better scripts.

    Here’s hoping Hoffman/Phoenix both win.

  • Reno

    Emmanuelle Riva for the win, please!!!

  • All noms for BOTSH is a shame. This boooooooring overrrated movie, his overrated director and that overrated child makes me remember a certain colonel words: ” The horror… The horror…”

  • Sato

    @Sam: Tom Holland was campaigned fo lead actor. Correct me if I’m wrong… Such a very talented young actor. Would rather have the boy than Cooper…

    I really don’t get the hate for Alan Arkin… He’s the cherry at the top of the ice cream that is Argo…

  • Casey

    I have a hunch Riva is going to win this

  • Garigu

    Joanna Johnston was never nominated before??

    Wow, I know nothing of costumes, but she’s so famous that I know her – when I read her name, I know it’s about costumes before seeing it.

    I mean, I can’t say the same about so many other costume designers who’ve probably even won.

  • Antoinette

    I really don’t get the hate for Alan Arkin… He’s the cherry at the top of the ice cream that is Argo…

    Why is it that every time someone disagrees with the greatness of a performance it’s categorized as hate? I’m really sick of the word hate or hater being thrown around every time someone doesn’t agree. Arkin didn’t do much in ARGO. So some of us think other performances should have been recognized instead. How is that hate?

  • Drew

    I wished Nicole would have got in. I bet she was 6th or 7th on the list of votes. I think if ” The Paperboy” had been a hit- she would have.

  • Andrew

    Agree re: Lee’s versatility. He his certainly the most versatile, compared to Tarantino was just makes a new version of a bloodbath each time.

    IMO tho LIfe of Pi isnt even in his top 5

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