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Our readers have found errors – read them in the comments.


  • african-american-inforgraphic9ffont-nick

    Black Inequality in Film but Points to Bright Future

    The only problem I had with this infographic, and I brought it up with the person who made…
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  • OsminBet

    I was hoping for The Impossible to get more love than it did. I truly hope Naomi Watts wins for Best Actress.

  • Beau

    Amy Adams has four nominations, not three.

  • Thomas

    Excellent line graph of the nominated films broken down by the numbers. As for the lack of love for Zero Dark Thirty it is the normal pattern of the elected academy voting body. The reason Zero Dark Thirty will find itself possibly earning impressive box-office numbers now in wide release is because of the controvery; thus the same reason it was only nominated for 5 Academy Awards. Why? The voting members of the Academy (1) do not like political baggage. (2) Members of the Academy like to recognize movies that tell a message that may political and controversial, yet at the same time ensure it does not win any real major awards. This message was very clear by the members of the Academy on January 10th, when Zero Dark Thirty received only 5 nominations. It was there way of saying we recognize the film for its tone and content; however it is something we feel should not be in major contention for Best Picture or Best Director. At most this film will win two awards on Oscar night. The two awards will more than likely be for Screenplay and perhaps Editing, we may be surprised and Jessica Chastain who could win Best Actress; however I do not find that to as likely as the other two award categories.

  • Kris

    Ang Lee has one win and three nominations now. Sally Field has two wins.

  • William chase

    And I feel like ang lee has had more than two nominations. And they def have his wins wrong since he won for brokeback…cool chart tho!

  • A.J

    This is Ang Lee’s third nomination including one win. He should have two white squares and one gold one.

    This is Amy Adam’s fourth nomination.

    Sally Field has two previous wins, not one.

  • danemychal

    Yep, big research fail on Ang Lee’s Oscar history, but otherwise cool chart.

  • helios

    How hard is it to get the facts straight? I’m sure most people here can do a better job.

  • Sasha Stone

    I did not realize there were so many errors….eeek!

  • Matt

    Indeed – I thought the errors were glaring!

  • The Zach

    What a hack job this chart is.

  • Chase

    You’d think if you’re gonna spend all that time making such a beautiful info graph you’d check and double-check your facts first. The actors with most wins/nominations graph is all kinds of wrong.

  • Danemychal

    Crap, I didn’t even look at the sections with Field and Adams. What a terrible research job. Ditto the sentiments about creating a really nice graphic and populating it with statistics from, what, your own memory?? Even a beginner can remember Lee won an Oscar for Brokeback though.

  • Y’all should just take this shit down. The number of errors renders these charts irrelevant. Typical Empire, bounding cluelessly in to the big kids’ playground. Fuck off and go watch Star Trek.

  • – Amy Adams has been nominated four times
    – Sally Field has won twice
    – Emmanuelle Riva is 85
    – Alan Arkin has been nominated four times (not even on the list)
    – Joaquin Phoenix has been nominated three times (not on the list either)


  • Bruce L.

    Jennifer Lawrence is def. winning Bes Actress. And I am not saying it bc I’m in love with it or anything but realistically SLP is prob only gonna win this 1 award. It has to go home with something. And they really did like the film.

    Ps no stopping Lincoln now. 8-9 wins. At least.

  • SeattleMoviegoer

    as producer of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon,
    (winner for Best Foreign Film)
    Ang Lee would have 2 Oscars at this point.

  • Lynne

    One of the best things about award season is seeing the competitors reactions to the winners. Classic reaction Angelina Jolie bitch face when Queen Hathaway won “Best Actress” at the Critics Choice Awards in 2009 lol! Michelle Williams reaction when Meryl Streep won at Oscars last year.

  • steve50

    Best Picture by Theme?

    Where’s “survival”, “politics”, “historical events”, “mental challenges”, “action”, “overcoming adversity”, “man and nature”, “big ideas”, “life lessons”, or even “cool clothes”?

    Love, slavery and bin bags worns as clothing?

  • Dominick

    Paul Hogan was an Oscar host when he was nominated for Screenplay for Crocodile Dundee. No joke.

  • bd

    Nice try Empire, pretty chart but…a lot of mistakes here right? The directors chart is wrong with Ang Lee.

    The Actors and their nominations are also wrong. Amy Adams is wrong, Sally Field is wrong, where are Phoenix and Arkin?

    I cried when I saw the running time chart, I haven’t seen Les Mis yet, I think today is the day and damn! I don’t watch that for 2 and a half hours!

  • Chris

    Actually Johnson, I have a theory that Amy Adams will become a modern-day Thelma Ritter. 6 Supporting Actress nominations without a win. I mean, try as she might, Amy doesn’t land lead roles – and, when she does, they don’t tend to work out so well. She is an ensemble player and I love her. But being part of the group rarely helps one win awards.

  • Mattoc

    @Chris – maybe this will help

  • Christophe

    In other news, Lincoln enjoys a 43% bump at the BO post-oscar noms (#4 – $722K), SLP +57% (#8 – $567K), Life of Pi +31.4% (#11 – $300K), ZD30 +1.6% (#12 – $278K), Les Mis +7.9% (#2 – $1.393M) but Django loses 0.6% still #1 at $1.871M.

    It doesn’t mean that much but we’ll see this week-end if the main Oscar contenders will get a boost at the BO. Zd30 expands to 3,000 theaters and is expected to end up the week-end at #1 or #2 with approx. $20M. Silver Linings will expand next week to 2,500/3,000 theaters.

  • Christophe

    per thr, the iranian government is pissed about argo which they call anti-iran and anti-islam so they want to make their own movie to present their side of the story. i guess this could actually help its bp chances.

  • Martin

    I dont know if it was mentioned but Bradley Cooper has just turned 38 whereas Amy Adams is going on 39 in a few months, hence he should be listed before her

  • Julie

    If you click on the pic it will take you to the EMPIRE site and it has the updated information 😉

  • Eladola

    Chris, i somewhat agree with you on Amy Adams,
    Having said that IMO “Enchanted” is her greatest role and it was a big Lead role,
    which sadly was just shy of another Nom for her

  • kasper

    I do wonder about Oscars for Foreign films in regards to Oscar tallying. Do the nominations and wins go to the director, the producers, the country? Do the three Ang Lee films, and one win, in the foreign language film category go to him, and if not who? So is his total Oscar tally 5, or is it 8?

  • I must have missed all the movies where people wore garbage bags. Which ones were those?

  • Monique

    Ang Lee’s The Wedding Banquet should have won, not Belle epoque!

  • Bruce L

    After watching Les Mis another time, I must say, I def dont believe it is the Best Picture of the Year, but damn, Anne Hathaway was outstanding. If she loses Best Supp Actress I will strike.

  • Hey guys, is this a thing? It just keeps loading for me.

  • OT
    I’m liking everybody’s new Rorschach avatars. Helps me visualize all of you with descriptions from that scene in The Master.

  • Antoinette

    Oh great. I’ve got the female reproductive system. Pfft.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    Just testing the avatar :p

  • Nixon

    Life of Pi has to win man..anybody can make lincol, argo, etc man. But adapting a book like Life of Pi is next to impossible man. Best film, Best Director, Best Adapted screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Visuals, Best Score, Best Song would be truly deserving man.

  • Daniel

    The Stat on Ang Lee is right. The chart is about Directors whose films won best picture. Ang Lee won Best Director but not his film, as in Brokeback Mountain.

  • The Japanese Viewer

    I am hoping Ang Lee and Life of Pi’s mojo level is not being affected by these, er, clerical errors. Take care of your Qi, Mr. Lee. And may the Qi be with you.

    The Oscar voters apparently love Amy Adams. (Just as they love Sandra Bullock.) In my opinion, it’s only a matter time before Adams, despite pushing 40 [well, as we know how Tinseltown actresses reportedly find it harder to get decent roles], lands herself the victory in the Oscar race.

    She sells like hotcakes, too. : ) Lullaby, Her, an O. Russell project (still untitled), Janis Joplin, Man of Steel. And more!

  • Adam Lewis

    Sasha, your contender tracker has an error too. Best Original score, replace Cloud Atlas with Argo.

  • Robert A.

    Just checking for my avatar.

  • Robert A.

    Okay, I see a building of some kind, like a holy temple, and the half-squares at the bottom are entrances and the big square in the middle is the huge window in which you look out upon an unsacred world.

    Or it’s a side view of a cartoon car like on The Flintstones…except the car doesn’t have its wheels.

    No, wait, I see two pussies touching!

  • parker

    The Stat on Ang Lee is right. The chart is about Directors whose films won best picture. Ang Lee won Best Director but not his film, as in Brokeback Mountain.

    In that case, the Spielberg stat is wrong as only ‘Schindler’s List’ won Best Picture.

    But Lee has had ‘Brokeback Mountain’, ‘Sense and Sensibility’ and ‘Life of Pi’ nominated for Best Picture, so it’s wrong no matter how you look at it.

  • Manuel

    Hmmm…I still wonder why Amy Adams has 4 Oscar noms. I can understand Junebug, but the rest of the noms..not so much. She can easily be replaced by: Rachel McAdams in Doubt, Emily Blunt in The Fighter and Rebecca Hall in The Master. Amy Adams is too sweet for my liking, but Adams is amazing in Enchanted!

  • Hector Delgado, Jr.

    25 is the correct number of directors who have received a Best Director nomination for their feature film directorial debut.

  • Joe

    Prediction: Sweep for “Lincoln”. Probability 95%. 🙂

  • Marco B.

    the stat regarding Emmanuelle Riva’s age is “somewhat” true.. she is 85 now but will turn 86 on the very day of the 85th Academy Awards..

  • Reichdome returns with AVENGEANCE

    A few thoughts of mine.

    First with the exception of oscar outrageously snubbing the damn big i o u from 2009’s ‘The Dark Knight’, a film that singlehandedly reformed the oscar nomination system to go beyond 5 nominations- oscars lame way of ‘atoning’ for their guilt for snubbing such a phenomenon of a film…

    Why wasn’t ‘Dark Knight Rises’ nominated? simple old mans syndrome. the old conservative generation get their wayAGAIN! and reject inventive stories and moreover, innovative groundbreaking storytelling. Nolan is without doubt the new Steven Spielberg just like Spielberg in his time, his early years, Nolan has a natural penchant to blow his audiences minds away..and leave him speechless.

    Officially I give Dark Knight Rises, between 8-10 oscar nominations, inc best picture, director, screenplay and supporting actor.

    But let talk about what happened shall we?

    Lincoln heads the pack and despite my conservatist and credible observation of oscar’s outcomes historically…Lincoln as others on RARE occassion by today’s standards.

    Is the most worthy of all films to lead this years oscars.

    Infact, while snubbing unjustly unforgiveably the Dark Knight trilogy as a whole, Lincoln, or Nolan’s mentor indeed is overdue for a HUUUUGE i owe you yes that right the snub for best picture of saving private ryan undoubtedly not just the most revolutionary film to bring a level of realism and drama not seen or experienced in film history until it debut in 1998, but moreover the best war movie ever made- period. without doubt.

    And yet, it only one 5 oscars. We know for fact privately, oscar conceded that ‘Ryan’ should have one much more but history proves and reflect otherwise. While the Academy in too many pple’s eyes for their liking have a serious attitude disorder called- ‘anti progressive psychosis’ (rejection of totally new inventive filmmaking ideas and related innovative genres like sci-fi or more blatant fantasy films (lord of the rings more like a period piece right?)

    At least once every 4-5 years (an atrocious track record for a supposedly once publicly revered Academy- (Until the SPR snub, dark knight snub, avatar snub, etc…)

    This is one such year if oscar are smart that they give Spielberg as producer, as legendary filmmaker the historic status of winning his 3rd best director oscar, and combined with that his second producers honor.

    That some pple are saying- (though it hard to compare given it content) ‘Lincoln’ is his best film since ‘Schindlers List’ I say equal as nothing can surpass the truth and real real life drama and tragic and sadly true depictions of the nazi’s war crimes against millions of innocent lives. However, Lincoln is on a par from everything i hear and reasonably expect with the best that Spielberg has made in his long and more often than not unjustified snub of a career (let not forget oscar still have to atone to spielberg for delivering him the worst oscar snub in history that haunts oscar surely to this day, no oscar wins for the 11 nominations for ‘the color purple’!! COMBINED with the fact that deep down many oscar members former and current carry the guilt of snubbing saving private ryan over a whiff of nostalgia (and that where ‘shakespeares’ cinematic point of influence and inspiration ended while ‘Saving Private Ryans’ legacy has endured and grown as THE dominant way to approach filmmaking in our time- new standards of realism and intensity in a range of dramas from thrillers to historic, to war movies.

    So the case through fault of oscar’s misguided ill concieved judgements against spielberg unjustly to the greatest of directors in my lifetime at least!

    Owes spielberg so much more than one historically best picture-director- screenplay combo oscar win.

    That was with Schindler’s List.

    IT is a no brainer year and indeed it deserves to be. not just cos it Spielberg but it time for oscar to honor their boldest and most enduring of filmmakers with NO COMPROMISES for the first time since Schindler’s list and for that matter the revolutionary ‘Jurassic Park’ dominated that year it was Spielbergs year.

    But the fact remains he most influential to a current generation and prior of directors (edit filmmakers that are in their own way unto the world revolutionising filmmaking like Neil Blomkamp’s masterful surprise in District 9 and Nolan’s dominant new age filmmaking approach lend to spielberg’s influence and they said so themselves)

    Furthermore, much much much more so than Clint Eastwood or Martin Scorcese or even James Cameron. When OSCAr make his films the most nominated in the post Schindler’s List era. they make films of spielbergs that have little not flaws and are precise down to the last written detail. The last explicit bi of aacting performance and drama, last grain of visual recreation.

    None of the above directors mentioned atm save for spielberg have proven to have a total 100% accurate grasp of hollywoods most appealing and by extension america and the world’s most important of historic events presenting it with as much precision or as close to reality was was humanly possible as spielberg has.

    Many of oscar’s own members were in their prime and exposed to the max with Spielberg’s phenomenal adventures and growing influence in the pre- schidnler’s list era.

    They know deep down how insignificant their ‘opinion’ is of spielberg or his films for in essence many of the oscar worthy films they embrace are indirect or even directinfluence implied or otherwise by spielbergs own filmmaking approach.

    For a film of such importance Sasha is absolutely spot on, combined with above facts i outlined, and others have mentioned.

    The best oscar should do the realisitcally and objectively ONLY thing they should do is embrace Lincoln.

    I would not read too much into Argo’s critics choice win. Critics are..a fossilised self important misrepresentation sorry to say, esp the critics groups who try to use their knowledge of film as a platform of arrogance to push awards ceremonies to instruct them passively how to think many in the public have a distaste for them.

    Why? cos public want their views from the short list of what best to be considered.

    And here we have another reason to go ‘Lincoln’ NO COMPROMISES OSCAR ! NOT THIS YEAR!

    Argo hopes exist as mere speculation. even if it wins the golden globes. but let us not forget, simply put, that golden globes representing the foreigner film experts and members outside of and within fringes of Hollywood itself, that Spielberg’s appeal, and respect goes WAAAY beyond that of americans- he is a global phenomenon. All worldwide rightfully worship him and his films as far as cinema goes.

    So it really really hard to see ANY FILM lop off and undermine Lincoln’s globe chances.

    If Globes do not embrace Lincoln, then it confirms Globe;s growing irrelevance as far as oscar is concerned.

    But it just too unlikely to believe.

    Also the films have to be looked at in the context of the events they depict, and none more important in these times (i still critical bout oscar’s outlook and attiude to embracing films ‘suited to the year and to the times’ but again there are exceptions such as ‘Lincoln’ why? maybe it is the fact that It is the first known recorded time in Hollywood’s history that there been a comprohensive, detailed in depth look into america’s and indeed the worlds most influential early public figures. based on fact as close as possible.

    or the fact a 12 year script lends itself to real film translation not just thanx to screenwriters but everyone else involved on the amazing project i cannot wait to see and rightfully have high expectations that i WILL not be disappointed.

    So argo and zero- dark thirty do have a problem this year it is called film politics.

    That argo and dark thirty’s directors got snubbed only vies badly on their chances for a supposed ‘upset that is higly unlikely unless oscar dare to confront the millions of american die hard fans as a lynch mob storming the theatre the awards will be presented at.

    LEt get our game faces on pple Spielberg films of historic significance- what could be more so than america and the worlds most important public figures even to date, even dare i say it in the midst of the rule of tpoday’s president ‘lincoln’ Obama- visionary, bold, inspiring and daring. And be assured you americans voted him in cos he has the self belief that Lincoln had deep down against the odds he could create a better tomorrow for everyone uniting the classes, elevating everyone as equal, and above all believing he could get the impossible done. Obama achieved much. but like Lincoln you got to look at the bigger picture.

    To america’s credit at the recent election they did- and to be quite frank saved a lot of you from great embarassment if romney were eleceted errgh!

    But the point is in america’s recent discourse oscar are right to embrace THE FILM that most inspiring and that is the bedrock to america’s history. or the turning point culturally, socially.

    It important to remember too that each historic period piece esp on important persons and events, is hardly ever not having its detractors, and LINCOLN like ‘Schindler’ as one of so very few historic dramas on a sensitive and delicate piece of history that does not have much lack of support at all from historians. no backlassh for any flaws in its interpretation.

    Oscar owe Spielberg big time and they know it. Anything less than an outright domination of a win is ludicrous on oscar’s part and they know how much their repuation can be made or incinerated in the eyes of the remainder of the viewing public.

    There is NO MARGIN FOR ERROR OSCAR NOT THIS YEAR. Films like ‘Argo’ and ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ thematically, conceptually, setting wise, cultually, and socially i very keen to see but unfortunately for them timing is everything. As pivotal as the hunt for bin laden was, or the battle in Tehran of ideologies between them and the west so public that the setting for ‘argo’ is in modern history. After effects of such operations are still reverbarating in the middle east- change is happening massive revolutions as middle eastern pples struggle against ideologies of their own. It IS without doubt in a lot of pple’s views and mine that in this cauldron of change, this hotpot of conflict waaaay too soon to embrace either film for major awards.

    But i totally feel both should get at most some form of technical award wins. I dont mind if that happens i think it should so oscar can assure such bold filmmakers in the lovely, adorable and certainyl earnt my respect big time in Bigelow, and to a lesser degree Affleck vision to give them hope and otehr filmmakers reassurance that a time will come maybe a decade down the track or so? were films of these setting and such political sensitivity today in today’s hollywood, will win big time.

    There will be MANY MORE films of the calibre of the hunt for bin laden or a diff. angle but realistic, and many more such as operations depicted in ‘argo’

    But will there be another ‘lincoln’ no!

    This is why oscar have one last gasp of credibility to get it right this year.

    For too many reasons not to!

  • Garigu

    > Antoinette / January 11, 2013
    > I must have missed all the movies where people wore garbage bags. Which ones were those?

    Silver Linings Playbook – Bradley Cooper runs with a bin bag on top of his clothes to increase the heat.

    Les Miseralbles? I guess. It depicts extreme poverty; people wearing anything really. Although technically bin bags did not exist at that time.

  • Garigu

    Les Miserables* (one L too much and I can’t edit it now)

    And the other categories should be:
    Slavery – Lincoln, Django Unchained
    Love – Amour
    Spies like us – Argo, Zero Dark Thirty
    Magical realism – Life of Pi, Beasts of the Southern Wild

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