In case you want a printable ballot, here is one  PDF form. Thanks AJ!

My No Guts, No Glory for Tonight:

1.  Argo wins Score
2. Kon-tiki wins Best Foreign Film

I think I picked the only No Guts, No Glory in the bunch. Everything else is probable.

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  • Joey J Glover

    Haven’t seen anyone predict anything but Skyfall for best song, so I guess anything but that would be NGNG, right?

  • – Moonrise Kingdom wins Picture (Musical or Comedy obvs)
    – Alan Arkin wins Supporting Actor
    – Zero Dark Thirty sweeps

  • daveinprogress

    Ang Lee – Directing
    Leonardo – Supp Actor

  • In a NGNG year, it´s senseless our annual a NGNG.
    The whole year, after Academy choices, became a NGNG.

  • Chris78

    Life of Pi wins Picture and Director.

  • JJ

    Horrible Les miz wins best actor, supporting actress, musical and song. And then it goes away forever.

  • Best Drama goes to Zero Dark Thirty
    Best Supporting Actor goes to Leonardo DiCaprio
    Best Original Score goes to Cloud Atlas

  • Adam

    There are still SOME possible NGNG picks.

    Best Actress (Comedy/Musical) Maggie Smith – QUARTET (lol)
    Best Picture AND Best Director – DJANGO UNCHAINED / Quentin Tarantino
    Best Actor (Drama) – Richard Gere – ARBITRAGE

  • Calpurnia

    Leo wins best supporting actor.

  • Micheal

    Leo best supporting actor
    Silver Linings Playbook best musical or comedy
    Bigelow Best Director

  • bill

    ngng- lincoln sweeps


  • Patryk

    Nicole Kidman wins Supporting Actress.

  • acher

    – Les Mis best musical/comedy
    – Leo best supporting

  • Mattoc

    I’m finding NGNG hard, so I’ll go with very possible winners tonight that weren’t nominated for an Oscar

    Best Director: Ben Affleck
    Best Pic (Comedy or Musical): Moonrise Kingdom
    Best Foreign Film: The Intouchables

  • ZP

    Helen Hunt wins Best Supporting Actress for ‘The Sessions’
    Richard Gere wins Best Actor in a Drama for ‘Arbitrage’

  • SallyinChicago
  • Tufas

    Guys… Any live streaming links?
    Portuguese TV sucks, no live show here on any channel.


  • Mattoc

    Kevin, it means to choose something that seems unlikely and you get applauded for looking beyond the obvious and getting it right.

  • Rich

    Any live streaming of the show, I don’t have TV right now and I’ve never missed the Globes or Oscars.

  • I dream a stream

  • Rich

    Thanks Ryan!

  • Mattoc
  • Rich

    Hmm it’s saying access denied the maximum viewers has been reached (wierd since it’s not on yet). Any other ones as a back up?

  • Mattoc

    Yeah, go with Ryan’s link. He link I posted above is bound to give you herpes.

  • efe

    – Amy Adams wins Best Supporting Actress.
    – John Hawkes wins Best Actor.
    – Moonrise Kingdom wins Best Picture

  • SallyinChicago

    This is my last time posting this — RED CARPET LIVE!

    The TV show hasn’t started yet.

  • Dylan

    1. Django Unchained takes picture
    2. Argo wins Screenplay
    3. Jack Black wins actor musical or comedy

  • So where are we red carpeting? In here?

    I have no guts, and therefore will be devoid of glory.

  • SallyinChicago

    What’s with the strapless gowns? Please no more strapless, can we see some originality?

  • I actually can’t remember the last time I saw a strap.

  • Mattoc

    ^ before spray tans became fashionable I guess.

  • PJ

    NGNG DJango wins best screenplay
    Phoenix wins best drama actor
    Amy Adams wins best supporting actress
    Hotel Translyvania wins best animated feature

  • Robert A.

    Since most people think this year is going to be very unpredictable, my NGNG is that we’ll have the most predictable and unsurprising winners evah: Lincoln/
    Spielberg/DDL/Chastain/TLJ/Hathaway. Kushner for screenplay.

    In Comedy/Musical, SLP/Jackman/Lawrence.

  • Krovvy

    *Denzel wins Best Actor, Drama
    *Hotel Transylvania wins Best Animated Feature (God help us all)
    *Someone other than Cooper or Jackman win Best Actor, Musical/Comedy

  • SAG Actor

    Best Picture: Life of Pi

    Best Actress (Drama): Naomi Watts

  • jim

    Cloud Atlas for Score

  • 1. Ewan McGregor wins for Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.
    2. Rust and Bone wins Best Foreign Language Film.
    3. Taylor Swift wins Best Original Song.

  • Mike Lones

    They should take the George Clooneys and Sean Penns and send the communists SOUTH to Chavez country

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