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Oscar Bits and Bites – “Is it hot in here or is it just me?”

Globes ratings best in six years [EW]



Torture is too important an issue to allow a film such as “Zero Dark Thirty” to be the final arbiter. The facts need to play that role. I call on the Senate Intelligence Committee to release its report as soon as possible in order to end U.S.-sponsored torture forever.

Rev. Richard L. Killmer, a Presbyterian minister, is the Executive Director of the National Religious Campaign Against Torture calls on real government action, not whipped up hysteria [WP]


Seth MacFarlane tweets:
Tommy Lee Jones laughing uproariously at Wiig and Ferrell. I’m told this is also his sex face”
“It doesn’t matter how I do, Oscar hosts always get thrashed.”


And then this:





Django and race relations:


Django Unchained, the new movie by Quentin Tarantino is playing to mixed reviews. Whites will view and review this movie one-way, and blacks will view it another way. It is not a traditional film, and it confronts black images and stereotypes head on. It forces an honest discussion on America’s race relations.” [HP]


The Carpetbagger dives into Jodie Foster’s speech, what she did and didn’t say.

“Being an artist is a way of saying, I am here, and this is what I stand for,” she said. “And I will never be tired of that.” [NYT]