(thanks to alan of montreal)

Best Motion Picture

  • “L’Affaire Dumont” Nicole Robert
  • “Inch’Allah” Luc Déry, Kim McCraw
  • “Laurence Anyways” Lyse Lafontaine
  • “Midnight’s Children” David Hamilton
  • “Rebelle / War Witch” Pierre Even, Marie-Claude Poulin
  • “Still Mine” Tamara Deverell, Jody Colero, Avi Federgreen, Michael McGowan

Achievement In Direction

  • Michael Dowse in “Goon”
  • Xavier Dolan in “Laurence Anyways”
  • Deepa Mehta in “Midnight’s Children”
  • Kim Nguyen in “Rebelle / War Witch”
  • Bernard Émond in “Tout Ce Que Tu Possèdes / All That You Possess

Performance By An Actor In A Leading Role

  • James Cromwell in “Still Mine”
  • Patrick Drolet in “Tout Ce Que Tu Possèdes / All That You Possess”
  • Marc-André Grondin in “L’affaire Dumont”
  • David Morse in “Collaborator”
  • Melvil Poupaud in “Laurence Anyways”

Performance By An Actress In A Leading Role

  • Evelyne Brochu in “Inch’allah”
  • Geneviève Bujold in “Still Mine”
  • Marilyn Castonguay in “L’affaire Dumont”
  • Suzanne Clément in “Laurence Anyways”
  • Rachel Mwanza in “Rebelle / War Witch”

Performance By An Actor In A Supporting Role

  • Jay Baruchel in “Goon”
  • Kim Coates in “Goon”
  • Stephan James in “Home Again”
  • Serge Kanyinda in “Rebelle”
  • Elias Koteas in “Winnie”

Performance By An Actress In A Supporting Role

  • Seema Biswas in “Midnight’s Children”
  • Fefe Dobson in “Home Again”
  • Alice Morel Michaud in “Les Pee Wee3D”
  • Gabrielle Miller in “Moving Day”
  • Sabrina Ouazani in “Inch’allah”

Original Screenplay

  • Jason Buxton for “Blackbird”
  • Xavier Dolan for “Laurence Anyways”
  • Kim Nguyen for “Rebelle / War Witch”
  • Michael Mcgowan for “Still Mine”
  • Bernard Émond for “Tout Ce Que Tu Possèdes / All That You Possess”
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  • Munro202

    Wait…no Stories We Tell? I thought at least Canadian awards bodies would be recognizing it.

  • alan of montreal

    only in documentary

  • alan of montreal

    plus it’s not being pushed for the oscars until next year

  • Although expected it’s great to see WAR WITCH here. I have been praising this extraordinary film since last April, when I found it the greatest of the 29 films I saw at the Tribeca Festival. It is my favorite of the five nominees for the foreign film Oscar (even ahead of AMOUR) and it will surely be a top contender for my year-end list in December of 2013, since it’s official commercial USA opening is this coming March. Nguyen is a major talent, and both Rachel Mwanza and Serge Kanyinda turn in unforgettable performances. Nice to see them all the shortlist as well.

  • SFMike

    Wait — they nominated Baruchel for “Goon” and NOT Liev Schreiber?? WTFF??

  • Elton Almeida

    I looooooooove “Laurence Anyways”.

  • lenka73

    they haven’t been quite generous with COSMOPOLIS (I LOVE SARAH GADON and I wish she could be among the best supporting actresses) but I’m glad they have been quite nice with Deepa Mehta and her MIDNIGHT’S CHILDREN, even if critics weren’t very convinced (but Satya Bhabha was overlooked, even if he’s the best in show…but thankfully they reward the outstanding Seema Biswas)

  • Karl

    Geneviève Bujold, wow. I loved her Anne Boleyn but she didn’t won the Oscar…Who won?

  • fujiko

    I think you have to be Canadian to be nominated??? Unlike the American awards. Explains why the only actors nominated in GOON are Canadian. Seann William Scott should’ve been nominated for lead. And I agree with SFMike, so should have Liev Schreiber…but again, not Canadian. GOON is my favorite film of the year, regardless of country!!! And I’m a Texas girl who lives in California! GO GOON!!!!!!!

  • Munro202

    Glad to hear that Stories We Tell is going to be eligible for next year’s Oscars, I wasn’t aware of that. I wish it had at least gotten Best Director nomination for these awards, though. It’s too good!

  • w.j.

    You do not have to be Canadian to be nominated. Both James Cromwell and David Morse are nominated.

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