Clip from Park Chan-Wook’s Stoker, starring Nicole Kidman:

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  • Bondisteve

    Looks great. Nicole looks in fine form. Can’t wait for this!

  • Zach

    I love Nicole, but why doesn’t she get offered, or accept, parts that are more, how should I say, classy?

  • Damian

    Easily my most anticipated film of the year. From what I’ve seen from the clips and trailers that have been released, the three leads all look in top form. KIDMAN FOR BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS 2013/2014!

  • Just can´t wait to see Nic e Mia together.

  • josh

    Nicole Kidman an early frontrunner for Best Supporting Actress? :)))

  • Andrew

    Looks amazing

    Two great Aussie actors- cant wait.

    absolute worst timing for any serious awards consideration. will be forgotten by next awards season

  • Casey

    Nicole looks to have knocked this one out of the park!
    This also stars jacki weaver I saw
    Guess its jumped to my most anticipated

  • Film Fatale

    Pretty fascinating that STOKER was written by none other than WENTWORTH MILLER… Looks like he is taking his career in another direction after Prison Break and somewhat ironic given that he acted in The Human Stain with Nicole back in 2003…

  • The Japanese Viewer

    I’ll watch it for Nicole Kidman.

    I also checked another clip, an alternate official trailer; I know trailers are supposed to leave one wanting for more but, having been familiar with Park Chan-Wook’s directing style, while some thrilling shots/scenes look inviting and ring true the modern-day East Asian thriller/horror filmmaking vein, his signature rawness, unlike in his Korea-based pieces, relatively looks forced — more calculated — to me. But I have to see the entire feature to judge for myself…. Just saying.

  • back in the 90’s,-early 00’s, Nicole was my favourite working actress. “To Die For” (I need to talk to my shrink about this film. it basically msde me turn from a child to a sexual being), “Portrait of a Lady” (uneven film, great performance), “The Others” (should’ve won, IMO), “Moulin Rouge” (lotsa talent, just not my cuppa tea), “The Hours” (brilliant, but supporting), “BIRTH” (MIGHT BE MY FAVOURITE FEMALE PERFORMANCE IN WHAT IS DEFINETLY AMONG MY TOP… 6? OF THE AUGHTS) – and then…?? I liked her a bit in rabbit hole, but I felt someone else might’ve taken it further. haven’t seen the paperboy, so can’t opine. I WILL say this: those close-ups show that she is not only ready for business, she is ready to take the whole bloody house down. eagerly awaiting this. Park Chan-Wook, along with fellow countryman Boon Jong-Ho ALWAYS get AMAZING work from their actors. having their hollywood debuts with such amazing actors (save for Chris Evans… he’ll probably be shirtless at some point, so all will be right with the world) makes me VERY excited for this oncoming year

  • Andre

    I forgot to sign my last comment. it’s me, Andre. I have nothing to hide, so, here I am. =)

  • Watermelons

    Wow… Hope this is half of a possible Kidman/Winslet Oscar face-off! Kidman for Stoker, of course, and Kate Winslet for either Labor Day or the new Alan Rickman-directed period drama A Little Chaos. Nicole vs. Kate????? Could be…

  • JJ

    Kidman did the weird trout pout thing to her face ages ago and I haven’t been able to take her seriously since. Plastic surgery is the worst!

  • NoName

    Nicole Kidman is such a great actress. I can’t believe she only has three Oscar nominations after so many great performances (To Die For, Moulin Rouge, The Others, The Hours, Birth, Dogville, Margot at the Wedding, Rabbit Hole, The Paperboy). Her latest snub for The Paperboy is especially shocking. I saw Silver Linings Playbook last week and I can’t believe Jackie Weaver was nominated for this. She does absolutely nothing in this film!

  • Amy

    One way or another she will get her due. I mean, how many actors and actresses give career best performances about 4 or 5 times in one decade and yet have just 3 paltry Oscar nominations?
    Again, this year, a Kidman performance will be a talking point because it will get under people’s skins until critics realise they don’t want her to be nominated and start nomming and giving their precursor awards to their own favourite actors/actresses to boost their chances of a nom even if 2 years later nobody remembers the performance they give.

    What a talent.

  • Adam Lewis

    Lay off the Botox!!! I can tell she’s trying to emote but no evidence on that face!

    She should have won the oscar for The Others or at least been nominated for that instead of Moulin Rouge

  • Denise

    Nicole Kidman
    Best Supporting Actress, Stoker
    Best Lead Actress, Railway Man
    Best Lead Actress, Grace of Monaco

  • W




    Bitch just took that shit DOWN!

  • LillyB45

    Geez. Is there no longer a movie-making middle ground between talky, pretentious, smug art house fare and superhero tent pole movies?

    That looked hammy and the dialogue was cliched.

    But it stars NK, whose taste for edginess and opacity in films, guarantees that her work will be considered brilliant even if she keeps giving the same performance over and over.

  • NoName

    @LillyB45 – So you think Kidman’s performances in Rabbit Hole and The Paperboy are the same? What about To Die For and The Hours? Moulin Rouge and Birth?

    I think you really should watch those movies, it’s obvious you haven’t.

    And have you seen Stoker? If not, how can you say that it’s “talky”, “pretentious”, “smug arthouse fare”? Is it just because you dislike Nicole Kidman (obviously)?

  • Jason

    Seems hammy. Horror films in February don’t normally lead to Oscar noms.

  • M

    After breathtaking turn in “Paperboy” – now this. I’m speechless.

  • Lynne

    Nicole is taking interesting career choices, as of late!

  • raybutlers

    looks like Hamlet for girls. Surly girls. Woof!

  • alan of montreal

    @Zach–who’s to say that she isn’t getting offered “classy” roles? Maybe she’s just turning them down because they’re not as interesting. She’s done plenty of classy already–Austraila, Moulin Rouge, The Hours, The Portrait of a Lady

    @Jason–this seems more suspenseful, like early Hitchcock, than horrific. Besides, actors in good horror/suspense movies get nominated all the time: Anthony Hopkins, Jodie Foster, Janet Leigh, Ellen Burstyn, Linda Blair, Max von Sydow, Haley Joel Osment, Toni Collette, Patty McCormack, Nancy Kelly, Eileen Heckart, Bette Davis, Victor Buono, Agnes Moorhead, Frederic March, Angela Lansbury, Ruth Gordon, Sigourney Weaver, Willem Dafoe, Johnny Depp (it’s a musical, but still horrific). I also think that if Antichrist hadn’t been so sexual and gruesome that Charlotte Gainsbourg probably would have received a nod. And Robert Shaw definitely should have gotten one for Jaws.

    @Andrew–Three great Australian actors–Nicole, Mia, and Jacky

    This seems to harken back to her performance in To Die For, though the wickedness is much more immediately apparent in here than in that Gus van Sant classic.

    I think this is one of those rare occasions when her plastic surgery actually helps–

  • Garigu

    Wow… that reminds me of her role in Kubrick’s last film Eyes Wide Shut. She just takes over with a painfully honest monologue that slowly creeps up, and eventually leaves you completely horrified.

  • Jason

    Whether it is suspense or horror, it’s hard to stay in people’s memory for an Oscar nomination come Fall when your film came out in March. Nicole Kidman would have to give an extraordinary performance to be recognized for this. Despite her claims that she is a repertory actress now, this seems boilerplate mean mother. Please don’t encourage her regarding the plastic surgery! I will believe that she is interested in being an honest actress when she lets herself age.

  • Drew

    Three reviews and all were stellar….. Nicole is on a roll for sure.

  • LillyB45

    And have you seen Stoker? If not, how can you say that it’s “talky”, “pretentious”, “smug arthouse fare”?

    Of course I haven’t seen it. I base my impressions on the trailer, as do those people who say it looks great. My opinion is no less legitimate than those who are excited to see the film. They’re ALL just opinions.

    Is it just because you dislike Nicole Kidman (obviously)?

    I think that as an actress, she has more artistic ambition than talent. I sometimes see depth but not much breadth of emotion in her “serious” work. Making lots of artsy boutique movies doesn’t mean that they are good or that you’re good in them.

    I’m also annoyed by some of her fans who go into states of Twighlight like defensiveness when anyone dares criticize her work.

  • goneyadms

    Will reap Nicole Kidman Oscars this year it returned again

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