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  • Saw this yesterday. Looks decent! But no Peter Sarsgaard. Give me my man!

  • Ted

    Dare I say it…… she looks pretty damn good in this!!

  • Zach

    I wasn’t expecting much, at least from anyone in this film who isn’t Amanda, but it actually looks intriguing and really good!

  • The Pope

    The challenge for a movie with this subject matter is that in its attempt to convey the vulnerability of the female character, the film takes an approach the runs dangerously close to condoning or even validating or defending her exploitation. The music, which really provides the emotional cue for this scene, reveals that Linda Lovelace suffered from such low self-esteem she did not value her own beauty until it was codified by a photographer.

    “YOU MADE me beautiful.”

    Visually, we see her conflict because she is sad and yet happy. The music is happy so it endorses how she now sees her new “self.” And so she embarks on a path where her “self” is supposedly rewarded and venerated while in actual fact it was exploited and damaged.

    I would be very interested in seeing how the rest of the film plays out. Will the film recognize the difference between vulnerability and exploitation? Considering this is the Linda Lovelace story, I certainly expect to see where it goes from “wow” to “uh-oh” to “oh-no.”

  • Casey

    Very excited about this.
    Happy also that sharon stone is back in this

  • McGregor

    Wow. That really surprised me. And she is SO beautiful.

  • LaQuifa Wadley

    Add a gap betwixt her teeth and she’s Madonna.

  • ^

  • The Pope

    @LaQuifa Wadley,

    Ah no, come on. Seyfried is much prettier than Madge ever wasl

  • Tye-Grr

    Maybe it’s just me, but Seyfried was excellent in that clip. I’ve always felt that she had potential (I thought she was pitch perfect in ‘Chloe’), so it would not surprise me if she started to build Oscar buzz for this.

  • amy

    This looks great.

  • Natasha

    A bit OT: The picture they have of Lovelace (at least as of right now) in her Wikipedia entry reminds me an awful lot of Anna Paquin!

  • I liked.
    Considering as Amanda is a weak actress, it can be her first real performance.
    Just can’ t wait to see.

  • The Japanese Viewer

    I once was Amanda Seyfried fan of sort for another *different* reason. I enjoyed Chloe in which she co-starred with Julianne Moore. But Red Riding Hood itself, for instance, was a big meh.

    To be honest, I have to see her in top form, if any in future, yet. (But it’s good to see her around, well, for another different reason – not to create a stir, but I wish one day she ever became a talented actress.)

    When Lovelace is available for rent, I will watch it [not implying anything].

    And it’s nice to see Bentley around still for a bigger-scale project like this. I loved his performance in A.B.; he should have been nommed for Best Supporting Actor that year [that year’s Best Supporting Actor category in reality was overcrowded, though].

  • The Great Dane

    Seyfried was always great, it’s just her movies that were always shitty. She was great in Les Misérables, even with her thankless role and limited screentime.

  • mel

    Japanese Viewer: I love the Bentley comeback too. Loved him and Chris Cooper in American Beauty, they truly did deserve nominations. I would have placed them ahead of Jude Law, for example.

  • I agee. Bentley could be nominated for Americam Beauty. But supp actor in 1999 was really a hard category.
    One of the hardest races I’ve ever seen.

  • The Japanese Viewer

    Fabinho Flapp, yes, “one of the hardest races” indeed.

    [I already discussed Bentley’s performance in A.B.]

    mel, re Cooper in A.B., I couldn’t agree more; you’ve spoken my mind…. Good for him, though, that he finally garnered the Oscar statuette for another role some years later.

    Re Jude Law in Ripley, I loved his performance, too. For good measure, I am a straight guy but Law’s character Dickie Greenleaf almost converted me; talking about boy crush. : ) Dick Greenleaf, rich, unconcerned, enchanting, egoistically loved his life and was not afraid to show it the world – Law wore it so well.

    We probably needed the sixth and seventh slots for Bentley and Cooper, both so well deserved as the other five lucky guys, that year.

  • Yes! Law is great. A prefect heartbreaking guy!
    And what about Caine, Cruise and Osment! Caine won by a noise.
    One of the hardest races in category. It remember me best supporting actress in 1988, whit Davis, Pfeiffer, Weaver, Cusack and Mc Dormand, also an unforgettable race.

  • Garigu

    Accidentally watching this without even noticing what it’s supposed to be, I was sure she is Madonna. Kinda disappointed it’s not that.

    She should definitely do a Madonna movie. Though, yeah, I agree with comments above that she is prettier than Madonna.

    Anyway, this looks like her big break.

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