Tommy Lee Jones meme still good for a few laughs. Jennifer Lawrence jokes about the “I beat Meryl” thing.

JL on SNL opening monologue by simonaka

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  • I get that she’s nervous, but that doesn’t make this clip any less painful.

    She’s a good actress and a smart, level-headed, articulate woman, and demonstrated good comedic understanding in Silver Linings Playbook. But there are times when I wish SNL was broadcasted in the UK, and times when I don’t. This is the latter.

  • Mark

    If there’s any sense in the Academy Riva will win the Oscar hands down. But is there any sense in the Academy?

  • JJ

    It’s just so unexciting to see the American academy give an award to some older foreign language actress in a movie most people won’t see. Sorry. Let her win all the foreign language equivalent awards. Let’s honor an American.

    Do I sound like a weird tea party republican? If so, sorry.

  • PaulH

    “Jessica Chast-ain’t”. “Emmanuele Riva-derci”.

    LMAFO 🙂

  • Alice

    Well I guess I am the only one that found this funny

  • PaulH

    And especially, JJ a potential best actress win in a foreign film that may yield the least-ever boxoffice earnings in the entire 85-year history of Oscar in that category. Amour may not even make past a million $. It smacks of a throwaway pick to the vast majority of moviegoers.

  • Mark I

    She did a good job on the show, but the writing was a bit of let down. I liked the opening monologue, but she’s so self-deprecating in real life, it was odd to see her so cocky and trash talking the other nominees (even jokingly, it was still a bit weird).
    I thought she was funny throughout the show and she has nothing to be embarrassed about.

    Hope she wins the Oscar. She was wonderful in SLP and it’s my favorite performance by actress
    this year. (still annoyed she didn’t win for Winter’s Bone)

  • The Pope

    J-Law has the acting chops and she can do light comedy. Only she ain’t no stand-up. Her timing was okay but the jokes were weak and mostly predictable.

    If Emmanuelle Riva wins it will be a disgrace. We should all lobby our local TeaParty representative. Get Donal Rumsfeld on the case. How can the Academy even consider giving a single award to some broad from France? Riva’s a cheese-eating surrender monkey.

    They should just give the Oscar to Victoria Jackson. Every year.

  • Brad

    This entire monologue made me cringe. It was in poor taste and not at all funny. They did this kind of thing before when Selma Hayek was nominated for Frida. They did a series of “attack ads” a la the elections against the other best picture nominees. In that instance, it was very funny and even showed Hayek in a better light. This monologue, if it makes it around, could be very damaging to Lawrence’s chances.

    To paraphrase Lawrence herself, Harvey may need to go kill a few more people so she can win the Oscar.

  • The Pope

    That should read “Donald Rumsfeld.”

  • flor

    Does this girl know how to deliver a joke? Why hasn’t Harvey showed her how to do it? This was painful to watch and I think she comes across as arrogant (but that’s probably because she has no talent for stand-up).
    Bad timing for her first SNL.

  • Winston

    I saw a twitter comment that Jennifer was playing herself in SLP. So she was playing herself in Winter’s Bone and playing herself in SLP? And neither character reflects her actual background and personality, which is actually kind of fun loving and goofy. So unless she has an extraordinary case of multiple personality disorder, that is a major tribute to her talent.
    Jennifer did fine on SNL. The monologue was decent and she was comfortable in the skits. But SNL is only as good as the writing, so it was the usual passably funny affair that is the SNL hallmark with the usual misses. The cold opening and the Hobbit segment were very funny. The waitress, radio and civil war segments were OK. The Hunger Games segment was OK but could have been better. The Topdog segment was poorly written.

  • Yvette

    It was obviously all in fun….
    But i’m rooting for either Chastain or Riva.
    To me, SLP was the one film that does not stand out in a field of exceptional films. Chastain and Riva were part of why thier films were great. JL is not in that league yet… And SLP
    Sure is hell ain’t.

  • Winston

    @flor-She has very good comedic timing. Even had it on the Bill Engvall show. But you need material. Of course she is not a stand-up comic, but maybe you just haven’t watched enough SNL monolgues. This one was typical.

  • leo

    I do not really care about all the hype around this actress. In a couple years we’ll forget about her. Next “it girl” please…..

  • phantom

    I usually find her very charming and effortlessly hilarious in interviews, but this was just simply not funny…at all. The only funny thing about it was the revelation, that actually ALL 4 could win instead of her : Riva has a winning Oscar-narrative and is in a BP/BD nominated film, Watts has incredible industry support, Chastain has the perception thanks to her recent wins and the Academy might opt to make up for the Bigelow snub in Best Actress and Wallis could be still a big surprise because the Academy clearly LOVED her film and in her case precursors don’t really matter (ineligible for SAG, the HFPA never nominates child performances, BAFTA was never going to go for her film).

    Having said that, there is a good chance Lawrence will win the SAG next week (they LOVED her film, although my money is on Watts), but even then, if Riva wins the BAFTA (which I think she will), it will be a nailbiter until the last second.

    Also, did you realize that if Daniel Day-Lewis wins, the actor widely considered THE best will receive his Oscar from the actress widely considered THE best AND if Riva wins, the French actress will receive her Best Actress Oscar from the first French Actor who won Best Actor ? Now THAT could be an angle worth looking at…

  • Joe Clinton

    J-Law may be the Joe Biden of actresses, but (like Joe Biden) I want her to win.

  • Ken

    SNL has been terrible for a long time. No need to blame Jennifer Lawrence.

  • Winston

    I’m I the only one who has figured out that the guest doesn’t write his/her monologue (or anything else) on SNL? If you didn’t care for it take it up with the show writers. Personally I liked Tommy Lee Jones. Later.

  • Backson


    You got all that from her monologue?

    And the Oscars LOVED SLP as much Amour and Beasts…so your arguments for Wallis and Riva don’t really follow.

  • phantom


    That’s my point. The Academy LOVED Silver Linings Playbook, but they clearly LOVED Amour and Beasts of the Southern Wild, too, so no reason to think Riva and Wallis aren’t as high on their list as Lawrence is. And no, I didn’t “get all that from her monologue”, just as she was going through them, I realized that she is so clearly joking because excellent cases could be made for ALL nominees in Best Actress, the one thing that is certain that there is NO frontrunner this year, IF Lawrence or Chastain take SAG AND BAFTA, now THEN we have a frontrunner, but that’s highly unlikely at this point, and I’m sticking to my theory that Watts (snubbed by BAFTA) and Riva (snubbed by SAG) are still very much in the game.

  • Jack Traven II


    Now that you mention it. That would be fun to see actually.

    Apropos Riva and her film.

    I know, it seems pretty late for asking this question (and maybe I just missed a possible discussion about that one), but …

    Amour was done in French, am I right? So, how was it eligible as the Austrian entry in the first place, since I thought the language of any foreign language film entry needs to be almost entirely the local one?

  • The Japanese Viewer

    “Jennifer Lawrence Pokes fun at her Oscar Competition”…ON SNL.

    ON SNL.

    Thanks for the clip, Sasha, and the uploader Simonaka.

    I like it. However, given her otherwise self-deprecating style and seemingly genuine (natural) trait, I am a bit surprised that she looked more or less relatively reserved — if not nervous — here; my semi-wild guess, she strategically toned it down a bit for some (apparent) reason.

    I am hoping it won’t hurt her chance for the Oscar. After all, it was SNL – not some random response at anytime anyplace….

  • Leocdc

    As much as I love JL (and still I need to see SLP), my mind can’t stop remembering me the performance of Riva. And as much as I admired the amazing acting of Wallis and Watts, two great winners they will be, Riva’s is on another level.
    I know I’m biased and have not seen the 2 supossed front-runners, but I don’t remember acting getting any better than what I saw on Amour.
    So, I don’t care about “let’s award some American, please”, “let’s award someone recognizable”, “let’s award the woman of the hour”-thing. If it was for me, the best performance should win, and that comes from someone who loves almost anything nominated this year, and it’s pretty excited with this Oscar’s race.
    PD: Yesterday I saw Les Miserables, and it was a powerful thing to see. Loved, admired, applaud Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway’s performance. Those are winning performances in any other year, specially from Jackman (those first 10 minutes are nothing short of miraculous… and if it wasn’t for DDL and the unbelievable Lincoln he did, this race would have no doubts about the winner).

  • Kate

    Pretty classless monologue. Maybe she didn’t write it, but she agreed to do it.

  • Distasteful… how many more actresses must she insult before someone tell her to please shut her mouth? I guess she’s just expressing her jealousy now that she’s confronting women who are much much more talented and intelligent than she’ll ever be.

  • Ellen

    @Christophe :
    So what?
    Anne Hathaway is a bitch because she “mocks” Homeland and Katie Holmes on SNL?
    Jennifer Lawrence is a bitch because she “mocks” Jessica, Emmanuelle, etc. on SNL?
    C’mon it’s SNL!! It’s a late-night live television SKETCH COMEDY (!!!!) which PARODY contemporary culture.
    “I guess she’s just expressing her jealousy” : dear Christophe, Jennifer Lawrence is the youngest person ever to be nominated for two Academy Awards for Best Actress… what jealousy?

  • Atze

    Classless? Distasteful? Jealousy?
    It’s amazing how people live in their own reality on this site. So far I’ve read nothing but praise for her. The consensus seems to be that she elevated bad material.
    Good for her. She will win the Oscar. Deal with it!

  • Ellen

    DON’T FORGET : Lawrence followed up each dig with something nice about her competitors.

  • hcu

    If anything I think this monologue shows that she’s simply not desperate about winning. And that’s good for her. Arguably an Oscar this early in a career would do more bad than good for her in the long run.

    Team Riva till the bitter end by the way!

  • Jason

    She seems like a girl in high school. Mildly funny but she could have said no. I hope Jessica Chastain wins, just to see the look of shock on Jennifer’s face.

  • Eric P.

    The whole episode was a clunker, with the exception of the Starbucks commercial parody.

  • Voland

    @ Christophe

    She is reading lines on SNL, not writing them. The people that complain about her “arrogant” SNL-monologue are the same people, that didn’t understand, that “I beat Meryl” was supposed to be a joke and reference, not some serious evil remark.

    But in the end, one interpretes every interview, show appearance, awards speech, every spoken or written word the way one wants to. Creating meaning that serves the own prejudice. In this case: no reflection, no distinction, no attention to context.

    That said: the monologue was quite bad, mainly because it doesn’t fit Lawrences personality at all, and she seemed quite uncomfortable.

  • Glenn UK

    Gosh I can’t believe some of the tripe I read on here. There was absolutely nothing distasteful about any of the opening. It was bloody good fun and I laughed out loud a lot. Some of you guys just need to lighten up a little. There is no problem with a little fun thrown in the awards season. You guys take it way too seriously. In my eyes her attitude towards the whole nonesense of awards season is very refreshing. In fact I am rooting for her all the more after watching that clip – thanks!

  • Ellen

    @Glenn :
    + 1 ! 🙂

  • James

    Off topic, but how come Tiffany and Pat never practiced any other day than Sunday and maybe Saturday.
    I mean did they? These are two unemployed characters with few responsibilities. The real way it would have went down if they were real people…

    Pat: Can I spend half the day with my father, but still half of the day with you?
    Tiffany: I’m gonna pretend you didn’t say that.
    Pat: Uh…..okay. I was expecting a “Oh sure Pat. You worked hard. Spend time with your father.” So that’s a no I guess, right?
    Tiffany: Nope. You made a promise. I fulfilled mine.
    Pat: All you had to do was deliver a god damn letter. Surely there had to be an easier way for me to contact her regardless of the restraining order than a letter. Anyway my dad really opened up to me. He was crying. I feel real bad. My mom is giving me a lot of crap. Please throw me a bone. You and I both know we aren’t going to win. What is the big deal?
    Tiffany: Nope.
    Pat: Okay. F*ck you. My dad was crying. End of story. We are both unemployed. Call me anytime of the week. Why are we only practicing on weekends?
    Tiffany: You’re not supposed to be thinking logically. This is a rom com.
    Pat: Ughhhh!!!! Do you give a sh*t about me? Are we friends?!
    Tiffany: YES!
    Pat: Then let me go to the freakin game where I will inevitably get in to a fight with someone, which will cause the Eagles to lose because apparently my dad thinks I’m a good luck charm and then you’ll come in to my house and berate and emasculate me in front of my entire family to which I’ll look like a giant doormat after being cheated on by my wife.

  • ^
    Best Re-Adapted Adapted Screenplay

  • david

    I think she just threw away any chance she had of winning…

  • James

    Pat is no saint either. He’s a bit of ass to her as well saying things that only a dense male character in a movie would say. I don’t see the things he says to Tiffany as a matter of bipolar disorder.

  • comedywontwin

    oh god, she’s not funny at all….busy remembering the dialogue instead of being natural with the jokes…..I can’t stand her voice, she’s like a little brat, hollywood project of “star making”….I’m sick of all these young actresses after 2 or 3 average of ok movies claim they should be given an oscar. I think the oscars now became like the Grammy’s for whoring new averages talents. Still JLaw, comedy role won’t win best actress Oscar night. Go Chastain, in a very weak year for actress race, you’ve got an easy win.

  • Reno

    If I don’t get to watch Amour in time for the Oscars, I’m gonna root for this chick.

  • Edkargir

    Any one of the women could win best actress. I have no problem with an actress froma foreign film winning ba nor would I be upset if amour won bp.i have stated that I do not think life of pi should have been nominated for bp nor ang lee for bd but Ang should have won bd for crouching tiger and it sh won bp not gladiator which made a lot of money but is not a good movie.

  • Jack Traven II

    @myself – Well, I should’ve known better. From now on I keep my questions to myself. But compared with having broken one of my lateral incisors yesterday this was the very least worst moment this weekend for me.

  • ^
    First teeth-gnashing causality of 2013.

  • Bball_Jake

    I thought this was hilarious, she was good on Snl.

  • Lynne

    Unfortunately, her monologue was the best thing about this terrible episode. The worst episode this season, IMO! I felt bad for Jennifer, they underutilized her and gave her terrible material to work with.

  • Sasha Stone

    SNL has been terrible for a long time. No need to blame Jennifer Lawrence.

    It was REALLY bad. I thought she was fine on it, and I hope she keeps doing comedy.

  • Sasha Stone

    I saw a twitter comment that Jennifer was playing herself in SLP. So she was playing herself in Winter’s Bone


    and playing herself in SLP?

    Probably. But my comment was more that Oscar voters MIGHT THINK she’s just playing herself.

  • Sasha Stone

    Well I guess I am the only one that found this funny

    Didn’t think it was UNfunny but wasn’t particularly offended either. I thought it was a good way to laugh off the Meryl comment.

  • Coster

    The writing was so bad and childish, she looked awkward delivering her lines. She so much funnier when she’s herself.

  • Julie

    It was just a skit on SNL…why do we try and take ANYTHING done on that show seriously? Cmon people 🙂

  • Coster

    comedywontwin, stop being such a jerk just because you want Chastain to win. I doubt Jen even cares about winning an Oscar.

  • Connor

    Jason, I think that fact she agreed to that monologue shows she doesn’t really care about losing the Oscar. In general, you get that attitude from her everywhere, actually.

  • Jack Traven II

    @Ryan – Since I’m looking sort of brain-damaged right now when opening my mouth (or like, well, a hockey player maybe – to be a little bit more uplifting) I can’t laugh at it. But even if I could I would also look like …, yeah, exactly. 😉

  • I think that fact she agreed to that monologue shows she doesn’t really care about losing the Oscar.

    I think when Lawerence or anybody else agrees to appear on SNL they should know they’re trading exposure to be degraded. If I think that’s repulsive then I’m allowed to think less of anyone who doesn’t care about that.

    As for wanting or not wanting an Oscar, I don’t know how I’d feel if I was 22 years old and earning $30 million a year. Maybe the Oscar would be the very last thing on my mind I’d care about. Or maybe I’d want an Oscar just because I already have everything else in the world a 22-year-old could want. gimme gimme gimme.

  • Tufas

    Love Jenny but this weekend’s SNL had some of the worst written sketches of the season. SNL has an impact on commercial success of popular culture: artists that perform well on that stage generally have a good bmp to their record sales. I wonder if it has the same influence on movies and awards potential, given the season.

    Add to this Chastain’s gold and silver at the box office podium this weekend, and JLaw is now 3rd on the race for Best Actress next february.


  • John

    I typically like Lawrence’s self-deprecating personality in interviews.
    And I understand the point of the monologue. I actually like the idea.
    But I thought she delivered it quite painfully and I don’t think it did her any favors.

  • steandric

    Even if it was meant to be a joke or just a SNL skit, it was a cheap, bad-taste and low-class one completely reflecting on one’s personality. If it wasn’t, then by trying to window-dressing it with a few nice words afterwards was rude, pretentious and hypocritical. It was totally disgusting!

    One’s trying to run while just beginning to learn to walk and trash-talking about one’s fellow nominees is committing suicide in this business.

  • daveinprogress

    Oh she’s gotta have it, that’s for sure. She wants that statue and she & the Harv-meister will do everything they can to ensure it.

    I thought she handled the monologue pretty well, but funny? No a wry smile or two.

  • helen

    @Steandric, @Ryan Adams, @daveinprogress

    she didn’t write that, so how can it reflect her personality? If you were her, how can you say no to a skit when that’s not your area of expertise? She’s seems down to earth, and I seriously doubt she will be bossing them around.

    And please, the way most of you are taking this skit is just sad. Stop over exaggerating and being so serious, it’s SNL. Oh no, she’s poking some fun into the Oscar race, the world is going to hate her. Not at all.

  • The Dude

    God, this was painful. Both the writing and her performance.

  • SallyinChicago

    She’s a good sport, loved the Hunger games press conference.

  • brandz

    No wonder Meryl will not appear on that show.

  • Lynne

    Yahoo’s review:

    “Oscar-nominee Jennifer Lawrence stumbles on SNL”

  • amy

    Oh god that was bad. I know she’s done comedy in the past, but I feel she’s just not funny. Even in SLP – a “comedy” – I don’t think she was funny. Her best moments come from being strong, emotional, crying etc. She’s a great dramatic actress.

  • Eladola

    I’m feeling a lot of JLaw animosity on this website,

    Her performance is Oscar worthy, She is extremely talented,

    And you guys are just …. Weird …

    Get over it.

  • Tim H

    I think she was adorable. It was just a typical half-baked SNL skit… not nearly as cringe-inducing as a lot of other SNL moments. She mocked the Oscars at a moment where they need some ribbing. Sure, I wish it had been better written, but it still made me laugh. And I bet if Emmanuelle Riva or Quvenzhané Wallis had delivered that monologue, people would be calling it priceless and delightful.

  • Leo

    Lawrence’s performance was very weak in this opening. She delivered most lines with the same tone , same rhythm and same expression. That’s bad acting, IMO.
    Hope she wins an Oscar,eventually a few years from now. But
    to win for a comedy she would have to measure up to Diane Wiest, Helen Hunt, Marisa Tomei, Mira Sorvino, Whoopy Goldberg and a few others who nailed memorable comic roles. Most of them were supporting roles, by the way, since the Ampas is not keen on awarding leading comic roles, unfortunately.

  • Alice

    “Go Chastain, in a very weak year for actress race, you’ve got an easy win.”

    Waw! you’re calling this year a very weak year for the best actress race? seriously? Did you even see Amour or the impossible?

  • Garigu

    Acting cocky doesn’t suit her well. Also, generally I hope she continues with more drama than comedy. She has too much of a serious presence for comedy.

  • She is reading lines on SNL, not writing them.

    And she could have vetoed that junk if she had wanted to. SNL does not enslave its hosts.

    Our reigning Celebrity BFF, Jennifer Lawrence, hosted Saturday Night Live this past weekend. Regardless of the episode’s quality, it was definitely fun to see our girl act all goofy-like. In terms of our friendship, however, maybe more important than how she did is what the show revealed about her sense of humor. With every SNL episode, the host has a significant say in what sketches are written — at the beginning of each week, all the writers and cast gather to pitch the host a variety of sketch ideas. Though Lorne Michaels and the head writers have an influence, the host has the most say in terms of what makes it through. Of the 50 or so sketch ideas they like, only eight or so will eventually get on the air. Each episode is a reflection of what the host thinks is funny and thinks she or he is capable of doing. So what did Saturday’s episode say about J-Law?

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