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Predict the SAG and the PGA Awards

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SAG Contest

PGA Contest

We will be doing a longer preview for the SAG Awards closer to the event but our contest is open for business. The two big awards shows coming up, the Producers Guild and the Screen Actors Guild should give us an idea of how things will go.

We are an Oscar race without a clear frontrunner right now.

It seems like it’s down to these three films: Lincoln, Argo and Silver Linings Playbook.  Argo is missing a crucial Best Director nomination and Silver Linings Playbook is missing a DGA nomination. But because Silver Linings has an Oscar nod for director and four acting nominations it has a very good chance to win.  I still think we can’t totally count out Les Miserables, particularly for SAG, and Zero Dark Thirty.

The Producers Guild are about 4,700 and the vote with ten contenders using a preferential ballot. The SAG award voters are a much larger group, 100K of them and they use a weighted ballot.

Either way, by the end of next weekend the buzz will likely point in one direction or another.