Movie City has compiled the full list.  But here is how the year ended up – the top ten films of all of the top ten lists. 7/10 of them ended up being nominated for Best Picture.  Life of Pi is number 12 and Les Miserables is number 27.


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  • LPU

    So many great films this year. Wow.

    A huge shame The Master couldn’t make it in a 9-pic field but history will remember it.

    Eagerly anticipating Anderson’s follow up- Inherent Vice. Please to god, let it not be another 5 years.

    Sasha- where is your top 10 list? Please share 🙂

  • rufussondheim

    Pretty similar to with a couple of exceptions, Argo and Amour kind of flipped. But most films are withing a few rankings of each other.

    Foreign films, for the most part, fared better in the MCN poll.

  • The Japanese Viewer

    Thanks for the link, Sasha.

    O to each his own

    Life of Pi lost and lonely*

    Beneath Looper**, well………….


    [*at (only) no. 12]
    [**I, too, saw it]

  • Josh

    I liked ZDT but I guess I don’t see it as the best of the year. Not even close. Everyone’s got an opinion right? I also can’t stand Moonrise Kingdom. Oh well.

    Seeing Amour tomorrow!

  • The Master, #2


  • mecid

    Lincoln is the highest ranked movie among major contenders so people shouldn’t complain if it wins. I mean it is both criticial and commercial success.

  • Sammy

    I hope the Academy continue their trend of awarding small arthouse films.

  • Loving Stephanie Zacharek’s tasty list! Keep the Lights On, Once Upon a Time in Anatolia, Almayer’s Folly (which I’m looking forward to seeing).

  • filmboymichael

    Not that it’s really that far off, but I’m surprised that Life of Pi wasn’t higher on that list. It was, for me, my favourite film of 2012.

  • It is possible that ‘Lincoln’ repeats its Golden Globe performance and wins just one Oscar for Daniel Day Lewis. That would make it one of the worst performing films with the most number of Oscar nominations. I really hope this does not happen. if ‘Argo’ is going to win best picture though then it needs to win Screenplay and possibly editing. Ang Lee might beat Spielberg for best director. PGA and Sag will give a good idea of what to expect.

  • Sasha Stone

    Johnny Belinda and Becket both had 12 nods and won one Oscar. Reds won 3.

  • murtaza

    this is a slap on academy’s face, look at the margin with which ZDT leads the list and sadly the best of the year will not be called the best on the oscar night.

  • keifer

    Spielberg’s 1985 The Color Purple had an astonishing 11 nods with zero wins.

    “Shakespeare in Love” beat Spielberg’s “Saving Privage Ryan” for Best Picture.

    And there was little love for Spielberg’s “War Horse” last year. It, too, went home empty-handed.

    . . . so it will definitely be a kiss-and-make-up award show for Spielberg and AMPAS this year.

    It just “feels” like Spielberg’s year this year, and while I don’t think “Lincoln” is a great movie (in fact, I think it is rather bad despite the performances), I can understand why others do like it.

    If Daniel Day Lewis had not been cast as the late president in this movie, it would have dropped with a gigantic thud.

    The nomination(or NON-nomination) that surprised me the most was Best Makeup. That is the one element of “Lincoln” which I thought was very exceptionally well done. And the makeup branch bypassed it. What gives? Any explanation for that? To me, it is a head-scratcher.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    You guys, I know the voting hasnt even started but I got some fresh intel,

    LINCOLN will sweep the Oscars

    LOCKED WINS: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Original Score

    GREAT CHANCE OF WINNING: Best Supporting Actor, Best Editing, Best Production Design

    And my sources tell me not to rule out:

    THE SHOCKER OF THE NIGHT: Sally Field wins Best Supporting Actress (this one will make many many bitch-ass punks shit in their pants with anger)

    By the way this is the same people who told me Tim Hooper would not make it right after his DGA nomination. Ya’ll remember that crazy moment when LES MIZ was again the frontrunner for like 8 hours??

  • drake

    don’t we wish this replaced the academy? critics aren’t infallible but i’ll take them over the academy’s choices any day of the week. no?

  • Jim

    @Bryce…..OK, ai am mildly curious, what kind of source do you have that knows which way the ENTIRE academy is voting. That is an awful big drop to presume how they are voting.

  • Nothing is locked except maybe Day-Lewis and Hathaway, Bryce is just stirring.

    Sasha/Ryan: do you release your own top 10s or is that for private eyes only?

    Would be neat to post them and leave the comments section for us to add our own, I’m interested in some of the top 10s from posters here.

  • Jim

    @Nic G…..Ahhh……just trying to get a reaction! LOL!!!! I am with you. I totally agree with you…the only things set are Daniel Day Lewis and Anne Hathaway. We may know more after this weekend. Or at least get a feel for how things are leaning.

  • Michael Lewis

    Bryce, I too am curious as to how you received your inside information. I just saw “Lincoln,” and while I think it is a very good film, I don’t see a sweep for it. To me, its strongest assets are Daniel Day-Lewis and the adapted screenplay. But before I say anything else, I’m waiting on the final verdicts from the industry guilds such as SAG, PGA, DGA, WGA, and ACE.

  • We’ve been meaning to do that, Nik G. Thanks for the prodding.

  • Daveylow

    @Bryce — I don’t think Lincoln will win best music score, production design or editing. And it could even lose director. It does seem like Best Picture material, though.

    I wonder if the Academy really feels it owes Spielberg anything. DGA will help sort this out. BAFTA will puzzle. I’m hoping SGA messes things up, too.

  • kasper

    Don’t do it until Sasha has seen Holy Motors. I know one can’t watch all movies, but this one should be watched before top tens come out!

  • Don’t do it until Sasha has seen Holy Motors. I know one can’t watch all movies, but this one should be watched before top tens come out!


    Holy Motors is one of the best of the year…easily.

    Also, don’t forget films like The Turin Horse, Killer Joe, Miss Bala, Wuthering Heights, Once Upon a Time in Anatolia, Kid with a Bike and Oslo, August 31st which were doing festival runs in 2011 but are all actually 2012 releases.

  • Gee, apparently writing a full Top 25 list for ten years for doesn’t warrant me being included o this list even though I make things easier by emailing them my list and a link once it goes live. This is the third year in a row of this “oversight” so it’s obviously bullshit.

  • Ryan Adams

    That’s messed up, Ed. Share the list and link with us here this morning?

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