It appears that Richard Linklater’s Before Midnight was the one that captured the Sundance zeitgeist thus far.  The third of these wonderful films starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy where they meet for one romantic night in Vienna then don’t see each other for ten years until Hawke, a famous writer, returns to Paris and meets up again with Delpy (movie 2). Movie three has them together as a couple.  It’s receiving many raves.

Meanwhile, here is a clip from The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete.

Also a chat with Octavia Spencer for Fruitvale:

Fox Searchlight has picked up The Way Way Back, here is a review.

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  • Reno

    Installment #2 was Oscar-nominated, maybe this one could clinch Ethan Hawke his Oscar.

  • Mea Culpa

    The THR review of Before Midnight that is linked contains a major spoiler. I am so pissed that I read it, I’ve been waiting for this film for a really long time and wanted to see it knowing as little about it as possible. (I assumed the THR piece would be about the general reaction the film is getting not a summary giving major parts of the storyline away).

  • I feel so much love for this.
    Just can’t wait for.

  • Radich

    Some great films will come out of Sundance this year, but it has been long since the last time I’ve been waiting with great excitement a film, as I am waiting for Before Midnight. Indeed wonderful films, and being around the same age as its characters (and actors), it feels like “growing up” with them.

    They’ve created something really spacial. I cannot wait to see the final (I guess) installment.

  • SallyinChicago

    I saw the Mister clip (terrible title The inevitable defeat — can anybody even pronounce inevitable?) and thought this: Good attempt by Alicia Keys to produce, good attempt by Jennifer Hudson to keep acting, but the story and the clip made me think – Lifetime Movie.

  • Brian

    There are probably only a handful of films I’ve ever been as excited for as I am for Before Midnight. Can not wait.

  • phantom

    I’ve read a lot of Sundance-reviews and articles in the last few days, so here are a few more (Oscar-centric) observations :

    1. Fruitvale – acquired by The Weinstein Company therefore an instant Oscar-contender – features a breakthrough performance from Michael B. Jordan which could land him a Best Actor nomination especially with the Harvey-machine in his corner. Also kudos to Octavia Spencer, for whom this could be the second well-received indie film (Smashed) post-Oscar.

    2. The Way, Way Back – acquired by Fox Searchlight specialized in awards campaigns of indie crowdpleasers – sold for a record or close to record 10M, so the studio clearly thinks it could be a descendantsesque hit for them. THR raved about Sam Rockwell‘s performance, so this might just finally earn him his first Oscar nomination, probably in supporting.

    3. Before Midnight received rave reviews, it will be probably a very strong Adapted Screenplay contender the very least, although once again, the performances garnered praise, too.

    4. Stoker (Fox Searchlight) received great reviews especially for Mia Wasikowska and Nicole Kidman, but I can’t help but think that with the early release date even if it will be a hit, Oscar-wise it will go down like Hanna a few years ago, a genre film that also featured two ridiculously strong female performances.

    5. Kill your darlings seems like an acting showcase for many, could this bring the acclaim and awards-love to a franchise-allstar like Daniel Radcliffe who plays Allen Ginsberg ?

    6. Austenland – acquired by Sony Pictures Classics – might surprise and become a well-received sleeper hit, but so far the few critics who reviewed it seem to agree that it is a conventional, charming little romcom, probably way too commercial for Sundance. Anyway, I hope it will be hit, ever since Waitress , I’ve been waiting for a worthy Keri Russell vehicle.

    7. Michael Winterbottom’s The Look of Love – acquired by IFC – apparently features a compelling lead turn from Steve Coogan as London porn baron turned property millionaire Paul Raymond. Coogan could have a great year, his TIFF-hit What Maisie Knew which received strong reviews, too, will be released in 2013, too.

    8. In a World star/director/writer/producer Lake Bell got a rave review from Variety : To call Lake Bell a magnetic, intelligent, blithely screwball leading lady in the Carole Lombard tradition might be selling her short. With “In a World … ,” a rollicking laffer about the cutthroat voiceover biz in Los Angeles, she proves herself a comedy screenwriter to be reckoned with.

    9. Ain’t Them Bodies Saints could be not only the rare early festival hit that could stay relevant all year long (acting, writing, directing got strong notices, Casey Affleck ‘s best role in years ?), it also marks the first baity Rooney Mara performance of 2013, and she will have several more (Steven Soderbergh’s Side Effects, Spike Jonze’s Her, Terrence Malick’s new film) . Could she be back in the Oscar-game so soon ?

    10. The Spectacular Now – acquired by A24 a tiny distributor that might not be able to provide a viable awards campaign in the long run – was called „the most important adult-oriented film about the victories and woes of high school life in the last decade” and also seems to be getting very positive reviews. Shailene Woodley back with a vengeance after The Descendants-snub ?

  • JJ

    What’s the word on Lovelace? Good? Bad? Disaster?

  • alan of montreal

    Thanks for the summary, Phantom. It’s always hard to keep track of what’s what with all the film coverage.

    I think The Way, Way Back could nab a screenplay nod, too–the writing has been very well received, from what I’ve read.

    I don’t think Kidman will be forgotten for Stoker–that trailer featuring her menacing monologue at the beginning has been receiving a lot of attention, and people have been talking about her like she’s already been crowned the winner, so I think she’ll still be a player come next winter.

    Lake Bell and Amanda Peet really need to play sisters in something.

    Lisa Schwarzbaum hated The Look of Love, apparently. And Steve Coogan (or Michael Winterbottom, for that matter), never can seem to catch a break with AMPAS.

    While to a certain degree I agree with the sentiment about Mister and Pete as looking slightly Liftime-ish, I think Hudson’s acting at least looks like it’s improved since Dreamgirls.

  • phantom

    …and Kill your darlings has been just acquired by Sony Pictures Classics.

  • Dibby

    I too am absolutely gutted for having read the THR review of Before Midnight. Spoiler alerts ahead!! Please, Sasha, make a note of that for those excited about discovering what has happened to Jesse and Celine so we don’t click on the link

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