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Hardcore SAG Campaigning

Right now two of the strongest ad campaigns for Oscar online are Silver Linings Playbook and Argo. That’s because they figure the Best Picture prize is up for grabs in a wide open race so why not go for it. They are making last minute rallies everywhere I turn. I saw a half hour info-special for Argo the other night and the Weinstein Co., heading for a threepeat of their 3rd consecutive Best Picture win are stepping on the gas hardcore. I really don’t think any other publicity team is better at turning any old movie into a Best Picture contender. They have the Midas touch. In the recent issue of Backstage they had covered the pages with ads for Silver Linings, and had even included a special behind the scenes look at the film DVD.  For its part, the Lincoln campaign were running clips of Lincoln’s second inaugural address (the end of Lincoln) during Obama’s inaugural ceremonies.  Check out how they’re snagging SAG voters for that coveted ensemble award: