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  • Ryan

    Yesterday’s THR wrapped in a SLP FYC with screenplay CD and today’s print Variety with a SLP cover and an ensemble acting DVD reel = me throwy uppy.

  • Lynne

    Damn, SLP has a lot of exposure.

  • Koleś

    It’s funny. I still remember “The Artist” ads here on Awards Daily. There were so many of them I actually took a long time for the site to load.

  • The Japanese Viewer

    “Pick me up at 7:30……………….[that comically ironic look]”

    LOL u gotta luv JLaw.

    It makes sense in my opinion that [the marketing team*] *SLP’s picked Variety, for instance, as PR channel.

    Still, I’m hoping it’ll be doing relatively better in terms of ticket sales in US. For the time being in US alone its total rev. reportedly amounts to $56.7M approx. following the expansion to 2,523 theaters (domestically), worldwide t-sales volume […] $74.5M approx.

  • mel

    Ugh. I really don’t get the appeal of this movie. To say it’s the best film of the year? It’s just an above average romantic drama (with bits of comedy).

  • Antoinette

    @The Japanese Viewer I don’t think box office right now is a good indicator of anything. The last two weekends I saw 3 movies each. Meaning 6 movies in 11 days. Most people don’t do stuff like that. But the way they released the “Oscar movies” of 2012 has caused them to collide with 2013 movies in wide release. So most people who live away from the larger cities probably had to choose from a few they wanted to see.

  • The Japanese Viewer

    Antoinette, merci for your response. In fact, regardless of your context, I was citing the box office purely as a fan rather than an Oscar watcher (in this case).

    Still, if any, US box office has so far proven meaningful and indispensable to me *an outsider* at least on two several levels, i.e. mainstream and Oscarwatch. (I am not saying if a film or movie is selling like hot cakes then it must be a “good” objet d’art or indubitably falling but into one’s un certain regard, though.)

    I once regularly did two to four flicks per week, too. But for reasons, including home entertainment techs, etc., I find myself spending more and more of my time watching DVD chez moi. [To be honest, I don’t miss human touch in terms of fellow watchers in the same theater too much since I’d always gone to cinema at the end of second week only, 9:00 PM or later, strategically to avoid the talking crowd; one thing I miss, though, is the feeling of being in the theater itself….]

  • Bryce Forestieri


  • Robin Write

    I got sent an Oscar ballot form finally! The watermark is Silver Linings Playbook poster! In the envelope it was sent in was also a copy of the screenplay, a letter supposedly written by Jennifer Lawrence {but it is not even her handwriting}, and a neatly folded, but clearly already warn, black garbage bag. Very nice! Except the ballot form only has eight categories and one option in each one…

  • steve50

    Love it, Robin!

    We should have seen this coming. We knew HW had three horses to choose from at the beginning of the year. PTA and Tarantino were more exciting directors that Russell, but more difficult with regards to guaranteeing an overall positive audience response. Then came TIFF, when SLP won the audience favorite award that was deliberately downplayed by all directly involved with the film. THAT should have been the signal right there. I think Sasha indicated this, as well.

    We should have know that PTA would be dropped after the critics awards, that after the wait for the somewhat mixed response to Django, all resources went into promoting SLP in the last 4 – 5 weeks of the race.

    Smart, well-timed HW strategy for a film that contains little controversy and plays easily to the general audience. We should have seen it coming.

  • Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Jennifer Lawrence on left hand side of that Variety picture.

  • steve50

    ^ !! You’re right !!

  • CB


  • Atze

    The best Motion Picture of the year. <3

  • Antoinette

    DeNiro is on Leno and Letterman’s got the repeat of Bradley Cooper.

  • Winston

    SLP is going to break the $100 million mark in the US. It’s a very unusual movie with an R rating and it slowly found an audience. It’s worth seeing just to watch the acting. It’s no big conspiracy. It’s the type of film that would have critical appeal and which would especially appeal to actors, who are the biggest Oscar voting bloc. Weinstein did not orchestrate the response at TIFF which put the film on the awards map. Nor did he orchestrate the audience scores at sites like fandango or rotten tomatoes or imdb.
    And why is advertising for SLP offensive but advertising from the big studios perfectly fine? I’ve seen a lot of advertising.
    But rest easy. It will not be best picture, although the carnage that would cause it this site would be awesome.

  • Total agreeance of above ^ Steve 50 and Winston.

    But PS NObody wants to give Harvey a THIRD Oscar for BP. Best Actress, Supp. Actor, Adapted Screenplay and even Best Director, but not Best Picture. Not three times in a row. Oops! Does that mean it’ll win the Most Oscars ANYway?

    One way or another Harvey always wins.

  • Winston

    SLP just won the AACTA award for best picture and Jennifer Lawrence just won best actress. Weinstein rules the world. Lol.

  • steve50

    Which AACTA, Winston? Australian Academy of Cinema Tech etc? Their site says they do their awards Jan 30th.

    The only other group with that acronym on Google is Anne Arundel County Tennis Association. If it was them, I guess the score was just 4-LOVE.

  • Winston

    The Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts. The ceremony was today. It’s already been reported in Variety and the Hollywood Reporter and the AACTA also put out its own announcement.

  • steve50

    Thanks! I (finally) noticed that they split international and domestic (which is the 30th)

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