If you’re jonesing for some David Fincher, check out House of Cards, which plays on Netflix in a week. It stars Kevin Spacey in one of his creepiest incarnations yet.  I like nice Spacey but I love creepy Spacey best.  Fincher directs the first three episodes but then different directors take the wheel.  Fincher and the series were profiled in the NY Times recently, Washington Post writes up the show, and in DGA mag.

House of Cards is going to test the waters of original programming on Netflix. For those of us who are junkies, a thing like this has been a long time coming. Almost everyone I know, my daughter and all of her friends, get most of their entertainment on Netflix – and there simply isn’t enough content to satisfy demand. Most flat screens come with wi-fi hookups to Netflix, but most teenagers are watching it on their computers and smart phones. Seriously.  Fincher is diving in to test out — well, the future.

Fincher was also one of the early pioneers of digital format for film — so it’s not surprising he sees what’s coming from a mile away.  The only surprising thing is how few others do.  Naturally we here at Awards Daily will devour this the second we are able.

Meanwhile, one of the show’s stars, Kate Mara (who plays a hungry young blogger turned journalist) tweeted this pic.


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  • Reno

    I probably will pass up on this one, I have 50 titles listed on my instant queue right now including Pina, Oslo August 31st, The Kid with a Bike, The Turin Horse and 5 Broken Cameras. Not to mention some fine movies on MUBI, Stagevu and YouTube that I need to watch. I prioritize theatrical films over those released through other media. Too many movies, too little time.

  • Rod

    Will House of Cards be eligible for best drama at the Emmys?

  • Kate

    I am looking forward to this one! (Also love creepy Spacey).

    Netflix will also be moving into some other areas with original programming this year: Hemlock and Orange is the New Black will be out later in the year, I think. I also enjoyed Lilyhammer (Steve Van Zandt series where he plays a mobster gone off the grid in Norway – it was a hoot!).

  • What a clean subway. Is it fake?

    Is this “House of Cards” based on the movie or a new thing?

  • Filipe

    Rod, yes, both House of Cards and Arrested Development.

  • Max DaVinci

    Can’t wait if my favorite director is involved.

  • dinasztie

    Rod, it is eligible. 🙂 And I think it will win a couple of awards, too giving Homeland a run for its money. 🙂

  • Rod

    Thanks Filipe and dinasztie. 🙂

  • Chris138

    As someone who is from the DC area I can tell you that the metro system really does look like that. Never thought I’d see those three in a picture at one of the stations.

  • Susan

    Chris is right. the DC Metro is that clean. The covered up the stop sign on the Yellow Line – I’m kind of wondering where that is. That is Fincher in the picture? I almost had my hopes up that Philip Seymour Hoffman was in the cast (which is really pretty terrific, BTW. Robin Wright plays the wife). Glad to know too that it’s based on the delicious BBC series.

  • KBJr.

    The original miniseries starring Ian Richardson is my all-time favorite, so I’m both super excited and super nervous about this adaptation.

    Love the Spacey, love the Netflix, and love the source material, so fingers crossed!

  • Mel

    The only reason I have kept my Netflix sub the last couple months is b/c I knew this was coming. They really need to get more films streaming on Netflix.

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