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Fincher’s House of Cards Hits Netflix in a Week

If you’re jonesing for some David Fincher, check out House of Cards, which plays on Netflix in a week. It stars Kevin Spacey in one of his creepiest incarnations yet.  I like nice Spacey but I love creepy Spacey best.  Fincher directs the first three episodes but then different directors take the wheel.  Fincher and the series were profiled in the NY Times recently, Washington Post writes up the show, and in DGA mag.

House of Cards is going to test the waters of original programming on Netflix. For those of us who are junkies, a thing like this has been a long time coming. Almost everyone I know, my daughter and all of her friends, get most of their entertainment on Netflix – and there simply isn’t enough content to satisfy demand. Most flat screens come with wi-fi hookups to Netflix, but most teenagers are watching it on their computers and smart phones. Seriously.  Fincher is diving in to test out — well, the future.

Fincher was also one of the early pioneers of digital format for film — so it’s not surprising he sees what’s coming from a mile away.  The only surprising thing is how few others do.  Naturally we here at Awards Daily will devour this the second we are able.

Meanwhile, one of the show’s stars, Kate Mara (who plays a hungry young blogger turned journalist) tweeted this pic.