Whenever I see that beautiful afro on Viola Davis I am reminded of her subtle rebellion against the need to blend in to appeal to industry voters who really only see one kind of woman.  She did it at the Oscars and she’s done it again last night. Also, Daniel Day-Lewis.  His performance, along with Kushner’s script and Spielberg’s subtle direction, are the essential forces that build Lincoln’s foundation:

After the cut, video of Daniel Day-Lewis from the Santa Barbara film festival.

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  • Pierre de Plume

    I like it when Day-Lewis complimented Joaquin Phoenix – without offending the other nominees.

  • Diego

    And I believe that Phoenix deserves the Oscar this year.

    And about his special mention of Phoenix at the SAG, DDL basically just returned the compliment that Phoenix gave him at the London Film Critics Awards.

  • SallyinChicago

    There’s a whole discussion about African American women wearing their hair straight and/or wig it. More and more AA women are going “natural” because the chemicals destroy their hair….in fact I was just reading that January Jones’ hair coming out because of the hair dyes….the same with relaxing chemicals…Good for Viola…I’m sure she feels “free” 🙂

  • Aragorn

    This is news/headline here, because????

  • Bryce Forestieri

    This is her blog asshole
    head to CNN for news and headlines

  • Jim

    @Bryce…..is there a need for name calling, really?

  • Leocdc

    Love what you love. There’s nothing we can do to change what Sasha loves. I’m getting fastly bored about AD Lincoln’s praises on every corner of this blog, but what can you do?. It’s just a game of opinions and guesses on Oscars.
    I liked a lot Lincoln, but the more I think about it, it claimes more and more for a second viewing before become just a good courtroom drama, filled with, however, amazing performances.
    Argo, in the other hand, is becoming again that freaking good movie, not masterpiece indeed, that I remember have seen a few months ago. That was an amazing time on cinema. Same with Looper, my favourite film of the year, along with Amour and Monsieur Lazhar.

  • Jim

    @leocdc……I am right there with you. I enjoy a good discussion about movies, but a lot of the times some people express their opinion (which everyone should be able to do) in such a way that it comes across as gospel. I think Lincoln is a very good film, but it is about 4th or 5th on my list as where I rank it amount the 9.

  • daveinprogress

    Observations: Viola received very warmly by the SAG audience – nice to see andhear.

    Daniel – has such a beautiful quality to him – when he speaks – almost ethereal and gentle. I am reminded of what drew me to him 26 years ago when i first saw him in ‘My Beautiful Laundrette’. A class act all the way!

  • helios

    This is her blog asshole
    head to CNN for news and headlines

    Hahahaha exactly. These punks need to be put in their place like this.

  • JP

    When Viola Davis entered the stage, I told myself: somehow I feel she’s gonna win an Oscar sooner than we all think.

  • Jim

    Viola should already have an Oscar from last year, but her time will come. What a class act!

  • SallyinChicago

    I just happened to pull out Far From Heaven a few days ago….and voila! there was Viola playing the maid to Julianne’s character, and I thought — where have I seen this BEFORE? Oh yeh, the Help. And wasn’t Julianne wearing a hideous gown last night. She needs Color!

  • Jim

    The same thing happened to me the other day, I was watching Traffic, and there she was…she was playing the social worker that interviewed Michael Douglas’s doughtier after she had been arrested.

  • John Oliver

    I hope Viola can pull a win for the Barbara Jordan pic. I am also hoping they bring Fences to the screen and she and Denzel can reprise their Tony-award winning performances.

  • jimini

    Lol, there was no token black oscar nominee this year so you are going on about Davis’ haircut? It couldn’t be because she liked the style, it has to be a symbolic representation of the academy’s racism. Sure

  • Rob Y


    “Token black oscar nominee”? I don’t know Quvenzhané Wallis seems black. But putting that aside, what the fuck is that offensive comment about?

    I would love to say that Ms. Davis did her hair that way solely because she liked it. But she knows that the current expectation/obsession is for straight black hair and that she is bucking the system by expressing herself differently. She doesn’t live in a vacuum. The implications of her expression is repeated here in a very subtle way. Kudos to Sasha for noticing and expressing it.

    Me personally, I thought she was the best looking at last year’s Oscars.

  • Aragorn

    Regardless of my question above asking why this is a headline here, as I said last night during telecast in SAG thread, such a beautiful and elegant woman…One of those actresses that seeing her on screen always puts a smile on my face. I even saw that stupid Maggie G, movie about schools and teachers(cant remember the name) just because of Viola Davis.

  • KT

    Absolutely love Viola Davis!! So classy, professional and well-spoken. Great to see her last night

  • VVS

    i get the feeling that Day Lewis recognizes that what Joaquin did is beyond even his imagination

  • rth

    I just find it hard to believe that Jennifer Lawrence in now favored to win the Oscar and Glenn Close is still without one. Does any one else think Jennifer reminds them of Juliette Lewis?

  • newyorker27

    I do love DDL and I think that his Daniel Plainview is the greatest male performance ever captured on screen but this year, based on performance alone, Joaquin Phoenix should win hands down and PSH should win supporting actor. None of the other nominees in supporting actor can hold a candle against PSH’s performance in the Master.

  • Poor Viola.
    The same terrible haircut one year later?

  • superkk

    lol this thread just reeks of ignorance. i hope its all sarcasm though? token black oscar nominee? black meryl streep? terrible haircut? she didnt sit in some barber chair and was like “yo fuck me up tonight.” no she is showing her natural hair and its a natural beauty. very bold and i commend her for doing so. not everyone walks around with blonde horse weave looking like beyonce. you ppl really need not comment if you dont have a clue what your talking about. just saying.:)

  • Fabinho Flapp

    Man, it’s really a terrible haircut.
    She’s a great actress and a beautiful woman, but thus haircut makes anyone cry.
    And it’s not “her natural hair”.
    Black women don’t have “orange” hair, do them?

  • Susan

    I’m still smiling over the red carpet interviews at the SAG as broadcast on the live link provided here at AW. I opened it just as this silly young woman broadcaster had started interviewing this highly respected African American actress. She was asking her the most inane questions and the actress responded with style and grace. Mercifully for the actress eventually another broadcaster entered for the next interview as the first broadcaster thanked the actress and wished her good luck.

    Actress leaves.
    Second broadcaster: “Viola Davis. Isn’t she amazing!”
    First broadcaster: (pausing slightly, still smiling):”Alfre Woodard.”
    Second broadcaster: “Uh, yeah! Well I only saw her from the back.”


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