I wasn’t going to post this because I’m not sure why Anne Hathaway is being labeled with the “I want to win an Oscar” thing. Sorry, but I don’t see anyone out there in Oscar world that doesn’t want to win. I’ve seen and heard things this year I wish I could unhear. But Hathaway is a disciplined, dedicated artist who turned in two brilliant performances this year. She owned as Catwoman and is the best thing about Les Miserables. But it’s a well done parody and I chuckled a few times.

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  • The Great Dane

    Half of it was funny. The other half, not so much. She should have overdone it more. Hathaway was more melodramatic than even this parody.

  • The Great Dane

    And people who haven’t seen Critics Choice Awards won’t get the ‘Ann’ joke at the end.

  • steve50

    Clever. “but they never did a wideshot” made coffee come out of my nose, as did “although I had to blow my nose, I did it all in one take, bitches!”

    Too bad it couldn’t include an inserted montage of the other nominees – they are all fair game.

  • filmboymichael

    really quite funny – well done.

  • CCA

    Really really funny… bitches!

  • gee

    Because Anne Hathaway is really annoying.

  • RJ

    The ppl that claim Anne Hathaway is annoying need to look in the mirror and see the real problem!!! I don’t understand why ppl find it easier to bring someone down rather then pass a compliment! She had a FANTASTIC year, and is VERY deserving of all the awards recognition!!! I would much rather have someone at the podium who is genuine rather then someone who expects to win, and pulls out a piece of paper!!!

  • KT

    Sasha — What happened to the Kathryn Bigelow-Jessica Chastain article about challenging the status quo???

  • The performer commits, but it was so on the nose – felt like end-of-the-show SNL material. And I agree that although she doesn’t give the greatest acceptance speeches, singling out Hathaway for this treatment seems a bit off. She’s not trolling for votes. What was she supposed to do – not do her best at her job?

  • Phil Boroff

    Hilarious! It, sadly, but perfectly, captures the vanity and self-centeredness and superficiality of many “actors” — and of Hathaway, in particular. Sorry, but, you know, she really is annoying. Who is the actress in this parody. She should win the Oscar, but, again, sadly, the “throw of the dice” that permeates show business propels minor talents like Hathaway into the limelight — and into the “awards” alleyway while many true actors fall by the wayside. If only the Oscars were about quality and aesthetics rather than promotion and the “flavor of the moment,” but that is, apparently, just too much to ask for.

  • Nic V

    If the referral to the pulling out he piece of paper was directed at Sally Field and Daniel Day Lewis at the SAG awards that was a joke. People have been complaining about DDL’s speeches or rather “lack of” speeches so Sally decided obviously to play with it and pulled out a written speech so no one could belly ache about DDL not being able to deliver a speech or commentary. I thought it was quite amusing. And anyone should have known it was a joke when they played with their glasses each one of them having the other’s glasses.

    As for Ann Hathaway she indeed had a very good year. But as I recall only one other actress has made the leap from winning a Supporting Actress Oscar to winning a Best Actress Oscar. And that actress was Meryl Streep and she won her Supporting Actress award quite early in her career. Ann has won I think at least two nominations and for performances that were rather similar. There’s not a lot of range between Love and Other Drugs and Rachel Getting Married. However I think that Rachel Getting Married at this point is the highlight of her career. I wonder if winning the Supporting Actress Oscar this year could actually be a curse for her. The only other actress too win both Best Actress and Supporting Actress Oscars was Ingrid Bergman but that’s a whole different ball game. Ann Hathaway is no Ingrid Bergman. For Field it’s different she’s already won her Best Actress Oscars so at her age a Supporting is really not such a stretch. Ann is at the pinnacle of her career and that could have an impact on what roles she gets offered in the future. Cssting directors are a funny bunch and there isn’t really a lot of diversity in Ann Hathaway’s career at this point. Think about Shelley Winters who was really a lead Actress but once she won a Supporting Actress Oscar for Diary of Anne Frank she never really played a lead again.

  • Tom Dewey

    This parody was okay but went on too long. As far as the real Anne Hathaway goes- go ahead and give her the Oscar. It was a calculated risk and it paid off- but her performance in Les Miz, while good, still feels a bit too calculated for me. Somehow, deep down, I wish Sally could win.

  • filmboymichael

    I think you people need to take a chill pill and not be so defensive. I thought this was funny, but I didn’t see it as a takedown of Hathaway – I saw it as a piece with its tongue firmly planted in cheek. Relax…

  • The Pope

    Funny. And complimentary at the same time. Ever notice that things that make no impact are never, ever, ever worth parodying/satirizing? We judge them by ignoring them. Hathaway’s piece is open to parody because it is so big. And you know what, bitches? It’s supposed to be. It’s an effin’ musical. And Les Mis doesn’t go for subtle. Or modest. It’s big, it’s loud, it’s bombastic and I came away feeling someone had just pulled out by teeth. Hated it. From first note to last.

    But Hathaway nailed that scene. To the floor. And right through the other side. Good for her.

  • rufussondheim

    I should probably verify this but I am pretty sure Jessica Lange won a supporting for Tootsie and then went on to win lead for Blue Sky.

    I love Hathaway and I love this parody.

    But more importantly, I loved Hathaway’s parody of Claire Daines in Homeland that she did for an SNL skit.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Anne Hathaway is laughing along with us when she sees this.

  • you beat me to Jessica Lange, rufussondheim. I’m scanning the historical record to see if there are others.

    even with two exceptions, that’s a pretty crazy thing that we never talk about.

  • Maggie Smith, although she won her Lead Oscar first and Supporting 9 years later.

    Ingrid Bergman won lead twice for Gaslight and Anastasia and then years later won Supporting for Murder on the Orient Express.

    but I think Streep and Lange are the only two actresses to have won Supporting Actress and ever followed up with a lead role Oscar.

  • Sonja

    Wasn’t there a parody of Jim Carrey as Nina Sayers in Black Swan?
    I thought that was great.

  • Diego

    When asked about her preparation for this song, at least Hathaway was not being pretentious when she said that she could not and will never be able to sng the song like Lea Salonga did.

    So she acted it out, instead.

    And who does not want a freakin’ Oscar?

    I won’t have a problem with Anne or Amy winning it this year.

  • Nic V

    You’re both right. Jessica Lange did win for Tootsie first. Forgot all about her. That’s probably because I thought she should have won the Best Actress award for Frances.

  • Brad

    Anne Hathaway is ripe for parody because she accepted the Critics Choice, Golden Globe and SAG Awards like they were the Nobel Prize. None of those wins will even merit a Trivial Pursuit question in years to come. Her line at the Globes, “I will use this blunt object as a weapon against self doubt” was cringe worthy and showed her desperation. Someone should have reminded her that the Hollywood Foreign Press voted “Scent of a Woman” as Best Picture one year. In other words, look anywhere else but your Golden Globe Award for your life affirmation.

    Now Hathaway was the Best Thing in Les Misesrables, but that’s like being the most tasteful woman at a Larry Flynt party. Les Mis was easily one of the Worst Movies of the Year.

    Any of of the other four women nominated would be more worthy a winner than Hathaway. But she will win, because the Academy is that stupid. Maybe they feel bad for her for being enduring James Franco when they co-hosted the Oscars. I’d prefer to think that they are giving her a make-up award for “Rachel Getting Married”, in which she gave a nuanced, heartbreaking performance and yet lost to the hysterical overacting of Kate Winslet.

  • Lol this is great!

    It’s not that she wants to win the Oscar, just that she’s so desperate to win it.

  • GoOnNow

    This is precious LOL

    I hope I don’t offend too many people around here but personally speaking I was deeply annoyed by the CONSTANT verse in Les Miserables.

    AND this video practically sums up my opinion of Anne’s performance.

    I’m not saying I did not like her performance, but at the same time what the video says is very true.

  • Audra Lewis

    If you notice, no actor ( or male performer ) has to deal with this type of hate or mean-spiritedness – only actresses ( or female performers) . Not even Chris Brown or Mel Gibson have to deal with this type of ridiculousness. After seeing all of these over-the-top impassioned speeches by Ben Affleck, he definitely wants to win another Oscar. So, why no parodies about him ? Robert DeNiro campaigned hard to get his recent Oscar nomination, because he wasn’t nominated in over 20 years. I don’t see any parodies about his dire need to be nominated. It is just another gender issue.

    Anne Hathaway gave two great performances ( both very challenging roles) last year, and their are certain people that loathe the fact that she continues to exceed people’s expectations. No other young A-list actress could have pulled-off Catwoman and Fantine like Hathaway did. Anne is that rare movie star that has box-office success and critical acclaim, so I am not surprised people are trying to find ways to bash her. More success always leads to more hate. Bottom Line.

    Recently, I went to the LACMA for Jason Reitman’s live reading of “His Girl Friday.” Fred Savage was the guest director, and he directed Anne Hathaway ( Rosalind Russell’s role), Jason Bateman ( Cary Grant’s role), Adam Scott, Mae Whitman, Fred Willard, etc.. Hathaway was brilliant, and she deftly handled the comedy,the very long and challenging dialogue with unbelievable ease, and with extraordinary comedic timing. ” His Girl Friday ” is well-known for having some of the most difficult lines to deliver, and it has to be delivered with the flawless precision. After witnessing Anne rock her role, I can never say she is not very talented. And, she did this live- with no editing and no safety net to help her. Hopefully, Hathaway will do more theatre in the future, because she is a gifted live performer.

    P.S. If being articulate, highly intelligent, well-read, immensely talented, and spirited is considered annoying, Anne is doing pretty good in my book. Now, Tommy Lee Jones’ very grumpy stare at the Golden Globes was annoying and completely uncalled for.

  • Jj

    I just never saw the character of Eponine. I only saw Hathaway trying for an oscar. I guess that’s my issue.

  • filmboymichael

    comparing a parody of Anne Hathaway to the atrocious behaviour of Mel Gibson and Chris Brown is wrong on far too many levels. They aren’t worthy of parody – which I think to a lot of celebrities is a form of flattery – rather they aren’t even worth talking about.

  • JamDenTel

    If Hathaway were up for TDKR, I’d say she wins pretty easily. She was wonderful there–she displayed all the nuance and charm that she threw out in Les Mis so she could ham things up to an absurd degree. Basically, she’s getting it for the wrong movie.

  • Pierre de Plume

    I like Anne Hathaway and think this parody is great fun.

  • A.J

    Anne Hathaway is winning because she simply gave the best performance. My God are her speeches soul grating and terrible, in my opinion at least. What’s interesting about Fantine being considered such “Oscar bait” is that the actresses who’ve played her in the past haven’t been nominated. It’s always Eponine and Cosette.

  • Peter

    ^^AJ, You’re so right. I totally agree.

    I like Anne Hathaway and she deserves the Oscar… but man, these speeches are getting more awful each time. I think the last Oscar winner I felt the same about (in regards to speeches) was Christoph Waltz with his ‘Basterds’ year.

  • helios

    After seeing all of these over-the-top impassioned speeches by Ben Affleck, he definitely wants to win another Oscar

    Agreed. Affleck acts as if he was snubbed despite saving the world. Dude, stop playing the victim; your film is winning everything. Those overly excited and emotional speeches are as desperate as Anne Hathaway’s. I don’t get why his omission is the bigger news when the much superior work of Bigelow got shut out of the race completely. SHE was the one sweeping all the major critics’ awards.

    And btw when will this site update its primitive use of html tags? What year is this? 1999?

  • Christopher

    Love it!! I love Anne-however, I am hoping a surprise happens and my favorite, Sally, wins. I just thought Field gave the best performance in a supporting role for a female this year. I initially hated the idea of her casting in Lincoln, but she proved me wrong and nailed it. It was a fully realized, subtle and touching performance that kept true to Todd-Lincoln’s character, but never went over-the-top.
    Now the Academy has the chance to prove they like her-they really, really, REALLY like her. 😉

  • Zooey

    Helen Hayes has wins in both leading and supporting.

    Maggie Smith has both.

    But Hayes and Smith first won in lead as did Bergman.

    With the right comeback role Blanchett could easily win lead as well.

    But I believe winning supporting won’t hurt Hathaway. By the way isn’t it refreshing to have a supporting actress winning supporting? And isn’t it great to have four supporting nominees in addition to Hunt who’s lead?

    By the way, why always attacking Tommy Lee Jones? Watch Jon Stewart’s opening in 2008! Same face. The guy simply isn’t the type who loves to show how funny everything is! TOMMY ALL THE WAY TO OSCAR!!!!!!!!!

  • Nic V

    I too like Anne Hathaway. But her career seems to me to be mirroring that of Amy Adams. One film you get Rachel Getting Married and the next you get Bride Wars. Granted everyone makes choices that don’t always shake out in the end but Anne has too many of those choices. I could easily see Anne doing the “His Girl Friday” thing. That makes sense. Would be a great remake if you could find the right actor to play the Cary Grant part. But Rosalind Russell though nominated five times never won an Oscar. Not because she wasn’t talented or wasn’t fun to watch but she never found that single role that was managed to take her out of the screwball comedy types she was more noted for like in The Women or Auntie Mame. Auntie Mame is a film I will always watch because of Russell but I have to tell you she makes me cringe in Gyspy.

  • rufussondheim

    While more html options would be nice, I once was a regular participant on a site that had some nifty shortcuts. For example having the ability to use the following…

    c this should be centered

    i this should be in italics

    b this should be in bold

    q this should be a block quote

    … made it very easy to do basic formatting and allowed people to communicate more efficiently. Especially the block quoting.

  • Raymond

    The problem that I have with Anne Hathaway winning is not her specifically but with the role. The first time we see her is in the factory when the ladies steal her note and from that until she dies there is no range. Besides going from upset to more upset and dead. In the Dark Knight Rises she shows incredible range in an instant. The scene where Bruce knows she stole the pearls is masterful. The split second change from soft and vulnerable to hard and cunning is incredible.

  • Lynne

    I posted this in the SAG post. I’m most likely the only fan here lol. Anne is very talented, but she’s socially awkward. She doesn’t know how to limit her emotions, so to the public she comes off very frantic. I mean people would complain about anything she does, but if she were to just take a chill pill and relax, people would respect her more. Laughing uncontrollably and running her shaking fingers over her face is a bit much. Peddle the brakes woman! I don’t know if she suffers from anxiety issues, but her behavior lately has been puzzling. The way she was clutching onto a visibly scared Amanda Seyfried, very bizarre. I think the problem is her level style of performing skills aren’t meant to seen on the big screen, more suited for Broadway!

  • I disagree that she was the best thing about Les Miz. For me it was Hugh Jackman who turned in maybe the best performance of his career (and thank god because this movie would’ve been unwatchable without him in the central role). She was easily the second best thing about the movie (perhaps even the only other good thing about it), though, and was very good and very deserving of accolades. This parody also wasn’t very funny.

    Honestly, I just really wish they nominated Ann Dowd (Compliance) and Emily Blunt (for Looper) instead of Jacki Weaver and Helen Hunt.

  • Roger the Shrubber

    She’s being labelled as desperately wanting to win the Oscar because she probably will win the Oscar.

  • daveinprogress

    ‘Rachel Getting Married’ was the turning point for Anne. Oscar night, in those long winded tributes to the nominees, somebody said that she will win an Oscar before long. Les Miz is hers. She fits the bill perfectly. The film gets honoured (probably its only one) and a child star turned adult will be crowned. She showed great range and a darker side with that previous Oscar nominated role. She is still young, beautiful and charming. The ingenue is a trademark Oscar winner in both female acting categories. Her appearances on the Oscar telecasts incl saving that god-awful co-host with Franco, have endeared her to AMPAS, and although i don’t think her work on Les miz is the ‘best’ of the year – it is a predictible trajectory in a year, where perhaps little else will be so.

  • SeattleMoviegoer

    funny video. but Hathaway is terrific, talented and sings really well. i hope she gets a shot at another movie musical. too old for Elphaba? probably. jennifer lawrence is also winning lots of awards on tv. and her speeches are getting old as well. how about a lampoon on her? as the new flavor of the month, she would be a perfect subject for satire for her dead-pan faced, attitude overkill role in SLP.

  • I second the Ben Affleck comment, although I think he’s not solely responsible for the whole ‘Oscar snub victim’ thing. The responses of the audiences at recent awards shows have been just a little too enthusiastic for me, as if finally poor Ben has been appropriately acknowledged, after the mean old Academy shut him out. And he’s been playing up to it.

  • PJ

    This was funnier before her slightly overlong but very genuine and heartfelt speech at SAGs

  • Greg

    How dare Anne Hathaway lobby to win an Oscar. We only want to give out Oscars to people like Marlon Brando, Woody Allen, or George C. Scott, who don’t want any part with the Academy awards. Sorry Anne, next time you want an Oscar, tell people you don’t want it.

  • Ryan B

    Meryl Streep won Supporting Actress first as well.

  • The Great Dane

    No wonder you never saw the character of Éponine. Cause that’s not the part Hathaway is playing in the film.

  • hcu

    It was Shirley Maclaine who said Anne would soon win an Oscar in 2009 and more prophetically she added “I think you have a beautiful voice and you should sing”.

  • steve50

    Was Shirley’s remark from this life or from when she was a royal slave in Pharoah’s Egypt? One would probably have more weight than the other (god knows why)

  • Yvette

    ‘It was a fully realized, subtle and touching performance that kept true to Todd-Lincoln’s character, but never went over-the-top….’
    Agree, and that’s my issue with the ‘Hathaway-is-a-lock’ consensus on boards and blogs.
    I love Anne, she’s a big dork and I find it endearing. She’s also very talented, one of the most all-round talents of her peers. But she’s nominated for the wrong role. She was fantastic in TDKR – with nuances and ambiguities…
    But her role in Les Mis is, to me, a glorified cameo – and one with little range or subtlety. Most musical theater, including opera, performers could have done this – and that’s not to take away from it….I just don’t think it compares to the other actresses in the field – who had characters with an arc throughout the film. Fantina is like a great audition tape, but you can’t put that up against the more fully realized performancs of Sally or Hunt or Adams. You just can’t. Not for an Oscar…a Globe makes sense, but not Oscar.
    What Sally had to do was straddle a very fine line: MTL was unstable, emotional, mercurial, imperious, hyper-sensitive….(which is why I laugh when some critics say Field was too much)
    She had to convey that and still be real and without it being over-the-top. THat’s not easy to do. She was often playing two things at once – that scene where she dresses down TLJ Stevens – she’s being obnoxious and imperious and defensive and yet underneath she’s insecure and losing it.
    There was so much going on in these scenes where she had to find that balance as an actor.
    I’m feeling a Sally upset.
    And besides, reiterating that I love Hathaway – she’s young and has given more complete performances (Love and Other Drugs, Rachel Getting Married, even One Day), but she’s too young to be winning awards for her lesser work.
    Besides, I’m waiting for that Judy Garland biopic.
    Then I will be rooting for her.
    This year, it’s Sally.

  • steve50

    “Besides going from upset to more upset and dead.”

    Raymond – love this! I’m keeping it with Brad’s “being the most tasteful woman at a Larry Flynt party” remark.

    Hathaway is a good actress and I don’t want to see her “Liza-d” by this part, which is what I’m afraid will happen.

  • phantom

    First of all, I have NO problem with Anne Hathaway, I love how talented she is, I love how effortlessly she can jump from prestige pics (Nicholas Nickleby, Brokeback Mountain, Becoming Jane, Rachel Getting Married, Les Misérables) to decent (=mediocre to great) blockbusters (The Princess Diaries, The Devil Wears Prada, Get Smart, Alice in Wonderland, The Dark Knight Rises) and I love how dedicated she was to playing Fantine AND I have no problem with any Oscar-contender who doesn’t pretend he/she doesn’t want it when it’s so obvious he/she does (I’m looking at you Mr. Joaquin “awardsaredevilbutiwillstillattendceremoniesjustincase” Phoenix).


    let’s not pretend that Hathaway wasn’t superaware that Fantine is her Oscar-ticket if she plays the game right. Long before anyobody saw Les Misérables, she made a big fuss about cutting her long hair and losing weight for the role, she talked about it EVERYWHERE during the summer (TDKR press tour) and then a few months later like a broken record started again (LesMis press tour), so basically she didn’t even give a chance to anyone NOT being fully aware of her sacrafices for the role, and what was really interesting, that in tiny snippets it became obvious that nobody expected her to do those things, especially not Tom Hooper, the director, which makes perfect sense since she started LesMis after playing (and training) for Catwoman so it’s not like she wasn’t particularly slender to begin with and the short hair required for maybe 10 minutes of screentime could have been EASILY covered by the hair and makeup people…but then it wouldn’t have made an Oscar-story worth talking about for months. She probably did those because a) she was committed to nailing the role b) she knew it will make a damn strong textbook Oscar-story. Once the film started the industry screenings, then it was released worldwide and the acceptance speeches started, I think she went a little overboard with the taylorswiftesque ‘ohmygodyouguysicantbelieveiwoneventhoughihavebeenTHEfrontrunnersinceMaythefirsttrailer’ approach, but again, it was probably part of her campaign strategy.

    When I saw Les Misérables, I liked her performance, I found it powerful and moving…and slightly calculated and designed for Academy-attention. Still, ALL that doesn’t take anything away from her individual achievement, but I do agree with the ones who say she is desperate for an Oscar…my only twist to add, that I don’t think there is anything wrong with that, I mean, come on, show me an actress who wouldn’t be ? Even Jennifer Lawrence, considered the epitome of cool at the moment, is campaigning her ass off right now and why wouldn’t she ? She has a shot at securing her place in film history as an Oscar winner…that’s usually all the motivation any contender could possibly need.

    P.S. The video was funny and spot-on (Emma Fitpatrick is a talent), it was clearly not made to offend Hathaway it was just for fun, in the same vein she played Katie Holmes and ‘Carrie Mathison’ in those SNL-sketches and frankly taking those sketches into account, she would be a hypocrite if she considered this fake FYC ad a mean-spirited attack instead of the brief lighthearted mocking session it was.

  • Jerry

    Lol. Very clever. I liked the ‘Anne with an E!’. I find her acceptance speeches too calculated but I have no problems with her win for Les Miz. She was the best part of the film.

  • Jake

    Hathaway is going to blow the doors off the place when she plays Garland in a biopic… Might even give the extraordinary Judy Davis a run for her money.

    I fully support her winning for “Les Mis” (although one of these days AMPAS is gonna have to buckle down and throw Amy Adams a damn bone) but I think Anne will be an even more powerful Oscar force when she’s in lead as Judy Garland.

  • Nic V

    Anne Hathaway playing Judy Garland? She better take a lot of vocal lessons.

  • Pierre de Plume

    Hathaway doesn’t need to take a lot of vocal lessons, Nic. Her voice is perfectly fine. The way she played Fantine was an acting choice.

    I knew Hathaway had great talent during her scene in Brokeback Mountain, on the couch talking to Heath Ledger over the phone about the circumstances of Jake’s death. She played that scene perfectly, revealing evolution of her character from earlier in the film. The dialogue was one thing but her character’s feelings were quite another. Very hard to do and she nailed it.

  • Okay that was hilarious but who’s the girl? She’s very talented and pretty. I even think her teeth are better than Hathaway’s.

  • bennie

    Nic V, I saw Anne Hathaway’s flawless impression of Judy Garland, when he hosted SNL. She acted in a Wizard of Oz sketch. Hathaway was so great, that she gave me the chills. I can definitely see Anne perfecting a Garland biopic.

    Yvette, I was bothered by Sally Field’s performance in Lincoln. She was cringe-worthy, and Sally always took me out of the movie. The poor lady was out of her league with her performance. It so sad to see Field desperately trying to give a compelling performance, and Spielberg didn’t do her any favors. What made matters worst, Sally did’t fit the time period ( and the same goes for the very oddly insecure and uncomfortable Joseph-Gordon Levitt ) .

    I find it all so funny that, only recently, their is the smear campaign against Anne Hathaway. Internet articles explaining why they loathe Anne ( with the most ridiculous reasons to hate someone ) and now a parody video. Their are people who have an agenda, and they are trying to ruin Hathaway’s Oscar chances. The social media can be quite scary when it is in the wrong hands.

  • Kate

    Sasha, did you recognize the girl in the video?

    It’s Emma Fitzpatrick, who played Sean Parker’s…erm, California girlfriend (?) in The Social Network.

    I chuckled several times watching it, and I bet Anne-with-an-e would too.

  • Yvette

    Talk about agendas. I stated that I like Hathaway, but that this is not her year – not for a glorified cameo.
    And while its all subjective, the historical accuracy of her portrayal is not.
    That WAS Mary Todd Lincoln. That’s who she was.
    Sorry if your girl is getting slammed by some on the internet, but don’t talk about agendas while wearing your Hathaway cross.

  • daveinprogress

    Very funny vid, the girl looks like a sister to either Anne or Natalie Portman. Anne probably enjoyed it too. An Oscar won’t hurt her – only help. It might have been a curse for Mercedes Ruehl or Mira Sorvino or Jennifer Connelly – but Anne is a double threat – sings and acts. And she seems very well liked. Anjelina, Cate, Binoche, Weisz have all gone on to score lead roles and some managed nominations beyond their wins. Anne will be fine, win or not. Can’t imagine what Sally Field would say if she won again.

  • phantom

    I can GUARANTEE that IF Harvey Weinstein’s Judy Garland biopic ever happens, Anne Hathaway WILL win the Oscar AND the Tony (they are developing a movie and a play). It will be her Piaf.


    Spot on, she sounded a lot like Hathaway, had her mannerisms down, and at times she looked exactly like Natalie Portman.

  • name

    I hope she wins and then disappearfrom Hollywood (We’ve had several examples, right) 🙂


  • helios

    I was bothered by Sally Field’s performance in Lincoln. She was cringe-worthy, and Sally always took me out of the movie. The poor lady was out of her league with her performance. It so sad to see Field desperately trying to give a compelling performance, and Spielberg didn’t do her any favors. What made matters worst, Sally did’t fit the time period ( and the same goes for the very oddly insecure and uncomfortable Joseph-Gordon Levitt ) .

    I find it all so funny that, only recently, their is the smear campaign against Anne Hathaway.

    And your response to this is a smear campaing of your own against Sally Field. Your credibility called. It wants its remains back.

  • TOM

    My case against Anne Hathaway winning:
    I saw Les Mis mostly because of the AH is ‘completely going to win,’ ‘she’s the frontrunner’ narrative. Though I was semi-impressed by what I saw, I had to ask myself ‘She’s getting an Oscar just for that?’ Hmm…did she actually do more than Queen Latifah or John C. Reilly in Chicago….or any 1 female in Nine?
    If I were select a past performance, similar to Fantine, who I felt ‘did more,’ I’d probably select Rosario Dawson in the film Rent. Both roles…’street’ people, death…basically, Rosario ‘spoke.’ I think that going into LesMis, I was exhausted from the AH performance of a lifetime hype. After she did her bit…I felt like okay, she got fired, had to get her long hair chopped off, get a tooth yanked out, street walk, getting laid by a sailor, lay in a deathbed…come back at the end. Her character…for me…was forgotten throughout the next hour & a half – the story pivoted to her young daughter/her grown up daughter…and I focused on them.
    If I got to vote – personally, I was more impressed with Helena Carter Bonham & the revolutionary girl (is it, Samantha Banks?) HCB – she was a complete breath of fresh air in every scene that she was in – after enduring the misery of the story’s ending…how refreshing to see her! She was able to steal every scene from Sasha B- and she had to the ability to ‘want’ you to her her return. For Samantha – her longing was impressive and you felt her heartache.
    For Anne – I was greatly more impressed with her in TDKRises. She wowwed me with what she did. Though I didn’t consider it Heath/Joker Oscar worthy – it should’ve made the Top 5. Seeing her in LesMis, my overall assessment was that she can sing, she has this ‘drug-addled/skinny’ look down pat and has a Liza similarity – so, you deserve Best Actress consideration if you can do justice to the Other Side of the Rainbow/Judy Garland biopic that you so rightly can nail.

  • steve50

    “It’s Emma Fitzpatrick, who played Sean Parker’s…erm, California girlfriend (?) in The Social Network.”

    Oh my god – you’re right. Give this actress more to do, please.

  • Nic V

    Playing Judy Garland in a sketch is not playing Judy Garland in a film that runs for say 2 hours and twenty five minutes. I’m old enough to remember Judy Garland quite well and I don’t care who it is they cast as Garland they are going to need to have a voice. Thank god I won’t live long enough to see Hollywood screw up Barbra Streisand’s life. I like Anne and I can see the resemblance and even some of the characteristics. If she takes it on I hope she pulls it off. As for Anne in Brokeback I thought she was the weakest link in that film. I couldn’t relate to her on any level whereas I could totally relate to Michelle Williams’ portrayal. Perhaps that because of the way her character was written but I sighed a sigh of relief whenever a scene with her ended in that film.

  • bennie

    helios , I was talking about a smear campaign that is a personal attack- offscreen personality,etc… I wasn’t talking about talent or a performance. Yes, I didn’t care for Sally’s laughable performance ( and I am not the only one ) , and I also didn’t care for Amy Adams’ performance. But , I did like Helen Hunt’s performance.

    Nic V, one of the best scenes in Brokeback Mountain was the ending scene between Heath Ledger & Anne Hathaway over the phone ( they killed in that scene ) . I still get the chills when I think about that scene.

  • Casey

    This is perfect.
    And, not to be mean, but I prefer the singing and acting in this parody over Anne’s performance. I just do not know why she is getting awards, much less nominations, for this overwrought film and performance.

    (and I am not one of those meanies who just hates anne, I loved her in Rachel Getting Married and Brokeback Mountain).

    I, however, am not at all excited about the Garland biopic with Hathway. This seems to be terrible casting. And Judy Davis has already done the best Judy anyone can possibly do. This doesn’t need to happen. And if it must, lets get an unknown. Hell, lets get Tammy Blanchard – who played the young Judy in the Davis tv pic “Me and My Shadows”

  • Winston

    I never had a problem with Hathaway. Everyone wants to win an Oscar. I think what made her a target for parody is the nature of the role itself-she starved herself, she cut her hair, she sang, she cried, etc. People were predicting her Oscar from the split second the trailer appeared because she…starved herself and sang and cried and cut her hair. Actually it is the stuff that parodies are made of.

  • vasrade

    Anne Hathaway can’t sing. Anyone who is a musician or music lover won’t/ can’t listen to her horrible voicing in Le Mis. That this passes for singing and is applauded only shows the decline that is Hollyood. Why wasn’t a true artist/singer from Broadway (or elsewhere) tapped for the role? Because Hollyood has no artistic standards. Hollywood is all about glitz and $$$$. Anne is at best a mediocre actress who used the equivalent of special effects (starved body, chopped hair) instead of acting to play her role in Le Mis.

  • kailor

    I believe the backlash against Anne Hathaway is not because of the performance itself. Is because at the award shows despite winning she always seem to come across somewhat smug and a little insincere. For example, The BFCA Ann/Anne spelling didn’t help nor did at the GG I am so honored/Sally Field Singing Nun anecdote (Even Sally Field didn’t seem too pleased) + her Kanye West’ing her producer when they won Best Com/Musical was all just a bit too much. I think that is what has turned alot of people off towards her. She often comes across desperate and not authentic. Despite attempting to appear humble and surprised she instead comes across as this person who feels self entitled and up on her pedestal that she herself have put her there. Also she has been on this campaign of “Oh I lost weight, Look At me. I even cut my hair, Look at me.” Nevertheless she will probably win on Oscar Night which is a shame and at the same time a triumph considering I myself cannot stand her personality (I always found her like those girls in high school that was so serious and enthusiatic about MacBeth and would yell at you for mispronoucing a word) but at the same time her performance was wonderful.

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