Pretty damned cute.

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  • Jade Fox

    But, but…


    At least that’s what the commentators often say.

  • Aragorn

    I think even if you are an award winning movie star you always remain your mom’s and dad’s little girl…her mother’s response almost made me teary eyed. This must be a big time Cinderella story for her family too…

  • Zach

    Dick Van Dyke is still so sharp and very funny. He needs a Betty White-like resurgence!

  • Candice

    I’m SO happy she won. Just watching her win makes me really proud and happy. She’s just amazing.

  • Sandy

    Jennifer Lawrence was amazing in Silver Linings. Expecially in her scene against Robert Deniro… and that restaurant scene? She blew me away. She’s very talented. Even if she doesn’t win an Oscar… so what?! She has won a Golden Globe and SAG at the age of 22. I think that’s a huge achievement. Go girl!

  • candyman

    Awwww I wanted to cry too after watching this. Her mom is just like my mom 🙂

  • Manny

    This was a well-deserved win by Jennifer Lawrence. Her performance was sensational in SLP; every scene she was in, she commanded. The scene with her parents backstage demonstrates Lawrence true character; a person who is genuinely grounded in reality and a role model for the younger generations.

  • Jerry

    Damn, Jennifer Lawrence’s mom got me choked up. She’s a lucky girl to have such supportive parents. I think it was the Mom that encouraged her to follow her dreams at age 14. Also love when Jessica Chastain shows up with her adorable grandma. Always better to show up with family than a boyfriend since these celebrity relationships don’t last long.

  • Aaron

    At least that’s what the commentators often say.”

    Lol, this was funny! Anyone who truly follows this website knows that Sasha anything but hates Lawrence, considering she was an ardent champion of her in 2010 for Winter’s Bone. She’s just not particularly a fan of Silver Linings Playbook, and I’m not either, although I will admit that Lawrence is aces in it.

    My pick for best actress would be Emmanuelle Riva, but I will not be mad if Lawrence ends up taking it, even if I do think that we still have yet to see her best work.

  • Sasha Stone

    That’s a total misread. I have never ever ever ever ever said I hated Jennifer Lawrence. I have always loved her. I think she rescues almost every movie she’s in: Like Crazy, The Beaver, and yes, Silver Linings. I don’t like the character as written. Tiffany and JL deserved better.

  • phantom

    Cool girl, cute parents, great performance, mediocre film…still no sign of pneumonia…

  • Winston

    @phantom-At least you haven’t speculated that her dress “malfunction” was an elaborate Weinstein ploy. 🙂

  • name

    Getting tired of this chick.

  • The J Viewer

    “Are you gonna remain the same, like, as you mom said […] . . . . ?”

    Lawrence: “Absolutely not. I WON!” [She’s joking.]

    LOL…. Really love her ironic cool gag and the down-to-earth and fun personality. Been fanboying her lately; also hoping she’s having some decent roles like in Winter Bones besides the big-name franchises’s to come my way in future.

    Another family filled with love…. (Thanks for the ups, Sasha.)

    Singing: I feel in my finger I feel it my toe…. Love is all around me and everywhere I gooo…. : )

  • Helen


    That reminds me of something she said in one of her TV interviews. She was expressing distaste(although, jokily)about the fact her face will be on every magazine and the fact that people will get sick of seeing her everywhere.


  • SallyinChicago

    Jen looks like dad.

  • Helen

    I think it so cute how uncomfortable she gets when she thinks about the Oscars. It’s almost as if she doesn’t even want to win it. Haha.

  • phantom


    Come on now, it is not a speculation when it is obvious. She didn’t have pneumonia. PERIOD.

  • Aaron

    @ Phantom.

    I agree. I had pneumonia for the first time ever back in August and I literally felt like death. One of the worst sicknesses I’ve ever had, knock on wood. Unless J. Lawrence is super human, I don’t know how she could walk the red carpet, do copious amounts of press afterwards and look and sound as if nothing is wrong. Must have had strong, STRONG antibiotics to make that work!

  • Glenn UK

    She is amazing – so young and yet so grounded and not changed by the business ….. yet! Let’s see how she is in 20 years time. But she deserves everything that is thrown at her and more! I hope that she always stays this grounded and fresh.

  • phantom


    Although it’s obvious it was a badly executed publicity stunt, I won’t hold it against her, it was probably not her doing, she might not have even known about it. As I said, she seems like a cool, grounded girl who is clearly remarkably talented, especially because she could elevate such a poorly written role as Tiffany. GREAT performance. I don’t think it was the best in the category, I don’t necessarily think she should have been nominated in lead for it, but nonetheless, great performance.

  • PaulH

    How was Lawrence not the lead actress in SLP? Jackk Weaver was clearly supporting. I hate when this happens. Same deal w/Hathaway as the female lead in TDKR. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar and 1+1=2. 🙂

  • The J Viewer


    One of our (my) local cables is now showing Signs, starring Gibson and, of course, Phoenix*. The funny thing is, during the awards season, for some reason you tend to see flicks with a handful of hopeful key player nominees* in certain Awards co-starring – very often. I think I just saw Madame Riva* last night in one of her French films on cable, too, lol. Of course, I am not complaining.

    Anyway, now I’ve settled with one of the irrelevant but entertaining, Rush (an Australian series) instead.


  • Charlotte

    Wow, I got choked up!…Mrs. L reminds me of my mom (she was also very proud of her kids and a big crier, too LOL!). Very sweet family and Jennifer is simply awesome. Thanks for this, Sasha.

  • Charlotte

    Jennifer Lawrence seemed sick as a dog at the Globes, and then at the SAG Foundation gathering with Robert DeNiro and David O. Russell (she was very subdued and coughing through most of it). Lawrence was diagnosed with walking pnuemonia. When I was 21, I came down with walking pnuemonia and was still able to be a bridesmaid at my sisters wedding a week later. I remember taking a shitload of medication, but there you have it, it pulled me through.

  • Jim

    Jennifer Lawrence seems like a sweetheart and her parents seem adorable. But, I didn’t care for her overrated performance in Silver Linings Playbook ( also didn’t like the movie ) . I hated her horrid accent and the awkwardness she brought to her performance. Jennifer was too young for the role, and she was trying too hard. She brought very little comedy and drama to her character, and Lawrence never fully inhabited the character. Her role had to call for an actress to be bitchy, have a dirty sexiness, abrasiveness, trashiness, and be unbelievably funny. Jennifer just could not do it. Why didn’t they cast a more experience actress -like Marisa Tomei, Juliette Lewis, or Lucy Punch. These actresses would have easily nailed the part. Also, Lawrence had very little chemistry with Bradley Cooper, and it was more evident when they both presented at the Sag Awards.

  • danemychal

    I like Lawrence because Hollywood hasn’t ruined her yet. It might eventually; there’s plenty of time for that. But for now, she’s real. Nothing phony about her — sometimes acts like a tomboy, not overly concerned with looking glamourous, and seems to say what’s on her mind regardless of what that might be! About as far from the Liz Taylor type of movie star as you can get. Though I personally would vote for Riva and Chastain first, a Lawrence win would not be a bad thing at all. It would actually be good for their ratings!

  • Winston

    @Phantom-You are like a truther. She clearly had the flu in the run up to the Globes (even talked about it on the red carpet) and there are videos of her coughing and seeming sick. She was still coughing/congested on Letterman.

  • phantom


    The flu and pneumonia are two vastly different illnesses, but if she had ‘walking’ pneumonia, now that’s an argument I can accept. Too bad you weren’t the one who came up with it.

  • Sam

    I’m sorry, Jennifer Lawrence may be a nice girl, but as an actress, she has not earned this. This performance is nothing special. Every young actress in Hollywood could have pulled the role off. This is a campaigning coup. It bothers me.

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