He still has an Oscar race to finish first but hey, if he can withstand that he can withstand anything.

This press release was paid for by RawNews.com. Raw News is in no way affiliated with Ben Affleck. This release is intended to encourage Ben Affleck to run for U.S. Senate.

Although Ben Affleck has not officially announced a Senate run, recent interviews indicate an increased likelihood that a campaign could already be in the stages of initial campaign planning. Matt Foster went on to note, “Our petition aims to garner support for Ben Affleck should he decide to run. This includes not only Massachusetts residents, but anybody else who wants to stay informed of campaign updates. We hope to generate some additional buzz if Ben Affleck does decide to run for Senate and should he decide to announce his candidacy, we’re sure he’ll win.”

Raw News Media has started an online petition to draft Ben Affleck to run for the U.S. Senate. Following his confirmation for U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry’s Senate seat will be vacant which will allow for a special election in Massachusetts. Raw News has officially endorsed Ben Affleck as the favorite to replace Senator John Kerry.

The Petition to Nominate Ben Affleck for Senate can be signed online at RawNews.com. Raw News has also set up a sample voting booth where users can vote yes or no for Ben Affleck for Senate.

Raw News editor Matt Foster stated, “Ben Affleck has expressed an interest in politics and has garnered the endorsement of hundreds of thousands of Massachusetts residents, and millions of fans worldwide. We’re big fans of Ben Affleck, and we anticipate a landslide victory if he decides to run for Senate. We hope our petition will help convince him to do so. Please help us support him by signing the petition online at RawNews.com.”


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  • representDLV

    I really like Ben Affleck, but I wish he would stuck to movies. He’s good at making movies. Politics is just dirty and turns good, well intentioned people into something else.

  • Zach

    Lordy. These people think their ability to make movies gives them the ability to enter politics and change the world.

    I like him as a writer and director–and I don’t follow his political aspirations enough to make a sound judgment–but I don’t see him making such a great politician just because he knew how to make a solid movie about Hollywood doing what politicians could not do to save the world. That’s a compelling sound bite, but Clooney is probably better suited for a political career than Affleck.

    The directors branch sure saw through him.

  • The Dude

    If he stops making movies, I’m all for it.

  • Christophe

    politicians don’t change the world, they just give people false hopes that somehow they will make their lives better, when really there isn’t much they can do. In a sense, I think Hollywood has much more levy to change the world. If only they wanted to, they could educate and enlighten the masses. The power of movies is real but few filmmakers are really conscious of what they’re doing and how their movies will affect viewers.

  • Pierre de Plume

    This idea first came up a few weeks ago and Affleck dismissed it then.

  • steve50

    “These people think their ability to make movies gives them the ability to enter politics and change the world.”

    Yeah. God knows they aren’t as smart as the rest of us. Next thing you know, they’ll give women the vote. *what? Seriously? When did that happen?*

  • cassandra

    The line between politics and film grows ever more tenuous, or between celebri-politics and film. Watching the jockeying for awards from afar last fall, I wondered what led to US senators to publicly make less than praiseworthy statements about ZD30 — something they usually don’t go out of their way to do. The critics and senators voices aligned and the “ZD30-supports-torture” meme took hold. Yet another critically-lauded film’s Oscars chances immediately began to sink. One wonders what behind the scenes lobbying/conversations make have played a role.

  • Nic V

    Actually Ben Affleck is already changing the world by his personal involvement in a project in The Democratic Republic of the Congo. He has worked hard with the local population and politicans to resurrect the defunct cocoa business in that region which benefits the Congolese people. He’s just as qualified to be a US Senator as any of the other bimbo or bimbettes already sitting in the tarnished Senate. My advice Ben stay away from the US Senate. It’s just one more poorly run defunct piece of a shambles of the American System. Barney Frank wants the seat from what I’ve seen or heard and in my opinion let Barney Frank the loudmouth who has enough dirty dealing behind him take the seat. Stick to films Ben enjoy life. Go Washington you’ll just be another cog in the wheel.

  • steve50

    I heartily agree with NicV. If you want to have a positive impact on the world, stay as far away from politics, at least the political inner circle, as possible. That’s where great intentions go to be compromised and die.

  • Erik Beck

    All right, I waited 10 comments for someone to say something. John Kerry is our Senator here in Massachusetts whose seat is coming open.

  • Gentle Benj

    I suppose he couldn’t make the Senate any worse.

  • rufussondheim

    Wasn’t there another Kennedy who was thinking of taking that spot? I’ve heard several names tossed around. Give it to Barney Frank as long as he promises not to run in the general election. He’s probably the only person that could make a difference in such a short time.

    Affleck, were he to run, would be hamstrung because other senators would be instantly jealous of his fame. He would be given low profile assignments and no one would listen to him. He would literally have to shut up for 6 years before anyone would listen.

    Al Franken does no national press, but works hard and people are starting to respect him. But it’s a long haul. And, for Affleck, it would even longer.

    He needs to make movies, he would have more of an impact, and after Argo he will quite easily have enough power in Hollywood to make any film he wants.

  • Roger Prill

    John Kerry, not Kennedy

  • If he wants, he can.
    He can do everything he wants. 🙂

  • Yvette

    I like Affleck, and he is someone who is genuinely fascinated and driven by political issues.
    But remember when they used to say the same things about Beatty?
    Beatty toyed with it for a while – because let’s face it, the suggestion just strokes these guys’ egos to the max.
    But politics is a different animal.
    When did Affleck become Warren Beatty overnight?

  • phantom

    Just get him the write-in BD Oscar and let’s get it over with ! He categorically stated he won’t run, why push someone to do something he had already declined ?

  • I don’t get this. I thought for sure that I saw Ben Affleck respond to this gossip about him running for the Senate seat and I thought he said he didn’t want it.

    So they’re going to force him into Congress against his wishes? lol Anyway Matt Damon should do it. Anything that stops him from making movies is a great idea, imo.

  • Roan Fleming

    I’m a big fan of Mr. Affleck’s movie work. However, his elitist, snotty remark about Walmart on the Bill Maher show several weeks ago reveals that he is way out of touch with the harsh realities of working class life. Whether Wal Mart sells ‘crap’ or not he’s out of line insulting people who must work and shop there. Typical Hollywood hypocrite. Pretending to advocate for ‘the people’ but really has contempt for them. He’s not qualified to represent the average person.

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