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Petition Started for Ben Affleck to Run as Senator in Kennedy’s Place

He still has an Oscar race to finish first but hey, if he can withstand that he can withstand anything.

This press release was paid for by Raw News is in no way affiliated with Ben Affleck. This release is intended to encourage Ben Affleck to run for U.S. Senate.

Although Ben Affleck has not officially announced a Senate run, recent interviews indicate an increased likelihood that a campaign could already be in the stages of initial campaign planning. Matt Foster went on to note, “Our petition aims to garner support for Ben Affleck should he decide to run. This includes not only Massachusetts residents, but anybody else who wants to stay informed of campaign updates. We hope to generate some additional buzz if Ben Affleck does decide to run for Senate and should he decide to announce his candidacy, we’re sure he’ll win.”

Raw News Media has started an online petition to draft Ben Affleck to run for the U.S. Senate. Following his confirmation for U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry’s Senate seat will be vacant which will allow for a special election in Massachusetts. Raw News has officially endorsed Ben Affleck as the favorite to replace Senator John Kerry.

The Petition to Nominate Ben Affleck for Senate can be signed online at Raw News has also set up a sample voting booth where users can vote yes or no for Ben Affleck for Senate.

Raw News editor Matt Foster stated, “Ben Affleck has expressed an interest in politics and has garnered the endorsement of hundreds of thousands of Massachusetts residents, and millions of fans worldwide. We’re big fans of Ben Affleck, and we anticipate a landslide victory if he decides to run for Senate. We hope our petition will help convince him to do so. Please help us support him by signing the petition online at”