Tommy Lee Jones and Daniel Day-Lewis made SAG history over the weekend by become the first pair to win Lead Actor and Supporting from the same film.

Ben Affleck and the cast of Argo become the first film since Little Miss Sunshine to win the ensemble prize (and the PGA prize).

SAG ensembles to win without a director nomination – so if it wins, Argo will become the first film in PGA history and SAG history to win Best Picture without a director nod:

The Help
Little Miss Sunshine
Apollo 13
The Birdcage

Sally Field has never won a SAG award for film.
Robert De Niro has never won a SAG award for film.
Alan Arkin won ensemble with Little Miss Sunshine.

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  • Akumax

    Sasha, you mean all male pair, right? Because as far as Lead and Supporting both winning for the same film: both Reneé Zellweger and Catharine Zeta Jones won for Chicago. Both Julia Roberts and Albert Finney won for Erin Brockovich. Both Hilary Swank and Morgan Freeman won for Million Dollar Baby. Both Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer won last year for The Help.

    In fact, it’s not that big of a record to break, if one doesn’t pay too much attention to gender.
    SAG doesn’t, they call the winners Male and/or Female Actor, they don’t use the term actress. : )

  • Vin

    “Ben Affleck and the cast of Argo become the first film since Little Miss Sunshine to win the ensemble prize (and the PGA prize)”


  • Akumax


    Ensemble prize and PGA without an Oscar nom for director. I think Sasha means that.

  • Terometer


  • Bryce Forestieri

    the magnificent Tommy Lee Jones

  • representDLV

    If only the Academy would correct what the guild haven’t been able to: name Lincoln the best film of the year, as it rightly deserves.

  • helios

    What about Les Mis, terometer? Remember when it was going to break Oscar records? haha.

  • Sasha Stone

    Sasha, you mean all male pair, right?


  • Sasha Stone

    In fact, it’s not that big of a record to break, if one doesn’t pay too much attention to gender.

    It’s a pretty big deal when everyone supposedly “hates” Lincoln and when Alan Arkin would have won for Argo or De Niro for SLP — you can see it as nothing. For me, it’s a big deal. But go ahead and do what everyone else is doing. Like Bob Dylan said, you just want to be on the side that’s winning.

  • Ellen

    Jennifer Lawrence break SAG record too > Youngest winner for Leading Actress 🙂

  • representDLV

    Ryan or Sasha, why did my comment get changed? I didn’t write that.

    You know what will happen if you act like that so why do you do it?

  • rufussondheim

    Lincoln may have completed this amazingly rare difecta, but it sure as hell didn’t inspire a You Tube video as amazing as this one!

    (For the record, I have nothing to do with this video, but it’s likely someone who did posted it on the SAG results thread. I think it’s worthy enough to SPAM it exactly once on this thread.)

  • Akumax

    “you just want to be on the side that’s winning”

    not at all. And I don’t understand why you say something like that. My side (the films I would award as the best of the year are Zero Dark Thirty, Life of Pi, Amour). For me Argo winning or Lincoln winning is the same: I liked both I don’t think they are masterpieces.

    That said, I would be happier than you, to see Tommy Lee Jones winning his second Oscar, In Lincoln I loved every scene he is in.
    I was surprised when he won last night at SAG. And I like nice surprises like that one.

    What I like and what I think will win are two separate things. I think Arkin has a chance because all the comedy in Argo is on his shoulders and that comedy part happens to be the Hollywood segment of the movie. If Argo wins BP Arkin could very well take the Oscar home.

    I also think De Niro is deserving. Right now I don’t see him winning.

    All that as nothing to do with the record break at Sag. I just think it is not that big of a deal because in every shape and form it has already happened in the past.

    It seems to me that you would like to make everybody read the Sag Awards like they were a big long standing ovation for Lincoln, with a minor upset by Argo: they weren’t.
    Two deserving actors won for their performances in a great movie, but the movie is lacking passionate support… so far… if that changes in the future I’ll be happy, but I’m skeptical about that.

  • Zach

    Alec Baldwin ties Julianna Margulies for the most SAG awards now – 8.

    Mystic River was supposed to do what Lincoln did, but Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack swooped in and beat Sean Penn. Tim Robbins still won.

    Tommy Lee Jones’s win is all the more impressive since (1) everyone says Lincoln is just the DDL show and (2) no one in Hollywood seems to LIKE Tommy Lee Jones.

    Sally Field’s double loss makes me think they just don’t like her, they don’t really like her.

    Lincoln also joins Erin Brockovich, Million Dollar Baby, and The Fighter as the only films to win two acting trophies but not ensemble. Each of those films lost ensemble to a film that won no more than one acting award. Traffic was a huge cast, with Benicio Del Toro winning in Lead. Sideways and The King’s Speech were true ensemble films. A Beautiful Mind might have won two SAGs but not ensemble (Gosford Park would have still won), but Jennifer Connelly was placed in lead and lost to Halle Berry. And Mystic River lost for Sean Penn, and ensemble went to ROTK.

    The best argument for Lincoln is that it’s following Million Dollar Baby’s track. Sideways was the critical darling that won BFCA and the Comedy Globe while M$B lost the Drama Globe to The Aviator. SAG recognized its two strongest performances, but nominated Sideways’s Paul Giamatti in the place of Eastwood, which the Academy reversed (no parallel to Lincoln), and the Sideways ensemble won. Sideways also won WGA, which it was expected to take and did take at the Oscars anyway. The Aviator came back strong to win at the PGA and at BAFTA, where M$B and Sideways, quintessentially American films, were not even nominated for Best Picture. Nor was Eastwood up for Director (compare Spielberg). But Eastwood won the DGA.

    The difference here in Argo’s favor is that it’s winning everything! There’s no Sideways-Aviator split. Argo isn’t a film that’s leaving people cold in the way that The Aviator did. And though M$B went into Oscar night with fewer big wins than either Aviator or Sideways, the latter never looked like a legitimate pick for Best Picture. M$B also benefited from a late release which might have cost it some earlier, more political awards like the Globes but paid off with the Academy.

    Finally, in 2004 you just had to be the most popular film to win the Oscar and the PGA. Today you have to be the least polarizing. Even though the PGA and the Academy have frequently diverged in the past, we won’t know until after this year to what extent a difference is possible where both use a preferential ballot–and where the frontrunner has won every precursor.

  • Robert A.

    Here’s another interesting stat, courtesy of Scott Feinberg’s blog: No movie that has won BFCA/Globe/PGA/SAG Ensemble has lost BP at the Oscars. If Argo loses BP, it will become the first film in history to lose having won all four of those prizes.

    Of course, to be fair, SAG Ensemble didn’t start until 1995, so this is a stat that covers only about 18 years. In these years, I believe, only four films have managed to win all four: American Beauty, Chicago, The Return of the King, and Slumdog M. All went on to win BP Oscar. (Of course, they all had a director nomination as well).

    We’ll see. But it’s become clear that no matter what happens or who wins, some historical “stat” is going to get pummeled into the dust.

  • representDLV

    I don’t know what I did

  • Pierre de Plume

    Thanks for the link, Rufus. That Hathaway parody is priceless!

    Although all the signs are present for Argo to win the best picture Oscar, I’m not going to call it until we see what happens with WGA and DGA. This years precursors are skewed because the timing of nominations among the various awards bodies has been all mixed up. During the AMPAS voting period, if all the attention Argo/Affleck is getting generates enough sympathy for Spielberg/Lincoln — and there’s enough time for such a thing to happen — we could see the tide shift. The thing that’s been working against Spielberg in recent years is that he’s been “too successful,” thus creating room for others to be acknowledged. But that could change.

  • Sijmen

    You forgot The Help, Sasha. (best ensemble at SAG and not nominated for director at the Oscars). It happens quite frequently…

  • Sasha Stone

    Oh thanks Sijmen!

  • keifer

    Here is a supposition to ponder:

    If Robert de Niro wins the BSA Oscar, he will have won three Oscars.
    If Sally Field wins the BSA Oscar, she will have won three Oscars.
    If Daniel Day Lewis wins the BA Oscar, he will have won three Oscars.

    Now THAT would be a record-breaker in one evening!

    There are so very few performers (six only that I’m aware of) who have won three or more Oscars in cinema history: Walter Brennan, Elizabeth Taylor and Gary Cooper (I’m counting their honorary awards as well as their competitive Oscars), Ingrid Bergman, Meryl Streep and Katharine Hepburn.

    I’m pretty confident that Daniel Day Lewis will be added to this list come Oscar night.

  • Zach

    If you’re counting honorary, you should add Paul Newman to that list.

  • keifer

    Wow! Thanks, Zach. How could I overlook Paul Newman?

    His total should be four because he was robbed of the Best Actor Oscar in 1963 for “Hud”. To me, that is his very best performance on film.

  • rufussondheim

    “Hud” is probably my favorite pre-1980 film.

    I pick that year because I was 12. And, I’m no historian, I rarely go back and look at the old stuff. But Hud, well that’s amazing and I love it to death.

  • Oh, one more trivia about Lincoln…

    By the way, I didn’t even see one single photo of Argo’s victory on this site?
    I think would be nice one photo of the great winner. Don’t you? 🙂

  • Fabinho Flapp

    Guys, I agree. Hud is brilliant.and I wasn’t born on 1963… 🙂

  • rufussondheim

    Here ya go Fabinho, here’s a shot of Ben Affleck working out so he can carry home all of his trophies!

  • eclipse22

    totally off topic

    but i’m watching a bradley cooper interview in french , on canal+ its called “rencontres de cinema” and just impressive how well he speaks french, it just flows he could play in a french film even with his slight accent ,he hardly stops to pause( thinking the words in his head first) just beautiful , i had seen him in a short interview on the french news for the hangover 2!

    i guess it does pay off total immersion in a foreign country, i don’t know why but i’m always pleasantly surprised when an american makes the effort to speak french or any other foreign language!

  • akumax


    also Jack Nicholson won 3 Oscars

  • helios

    Can somebody please lead Fabinho Flopp to the Ben Affleck fan club web page if such a thing exists?

  • PJ

    I really hope the Academy do what they did with the nominations and ignore what the precursors tried to sell them. This nonstop Argo love is nauseating. But sadly it fits the safe nonthreatening conventional BP winner of past few years.

  • Rufus, very fun… 😉

    Helious, not funny.
    One thing is one thing… an other thing is another thing.
    Is Affleck gorgeous and hot like the Sun? Yes, he is. Does he deserve an Oscar for this? No, he doesn’t.
    One more time… I’m on Oscar race since I was a precocious child… almost 20 years ago… maybe, just maybe, more time than you… certainly, more time than this site was on line…
    Please, don’t be silly and fool.

  • keifer

    Akumax. Thanks. I thought I was missing somebody else.

    That makes nine total Actors in history who have won three of more Oscars.

    I’m confident that Daniel Day Lewis will be the 10th actor on that list.

    I don’t have a problem with it. But I really loved Joaquin Phoenix’s performance in “The Master”. It would be great if AMPAS honored him.

  • PaulinJapan

    Sasha, in no universe does “everyone supposedly “hate” Lincoln”. Even it’s biggest detractors (Mr Wells!) can admit it is a well made movie. You just love the movie so much, you can’t any bear criticism of it. You’ve also talked yourself into believing TLJ winning was an upset and that Spielberg is an under dog for Director.

    However, the fact is this, TLJ was favorite before SAG, and still is, in a quite open race for Supporting, while Spielberg will definitely win Best Director, even if he doesn’t get the DGA, due to Affleck’s absence. You get too emotional!

  • Marie


  • Marie

    To Paulinjapan,

    Maybe, i am emotional too, but on, there is some hate for Lincoln. But I have to say the hate is more intense for Daniel Day-lewis. People are stating that he has no right to even try for a third Oscar, that he is winning primarily because he is playing a president and because he’s got spielberg backing. Of course, they ignore the fact that no actor has ever won for playing a president or for being in a Spielberg film. More than a few people don’t even think he should be nominated. And some think his character is completely one-note. (I can’t fathom that notion at all; Just rewatching the scene when he yells at his cabinet (with an exasperated authority) reminds me of the different nuances/sides of his Lincoln.).

  • “But I have to say the hate is more intense for Daniel Day-lewis. People are stating that he has no right to even try for a third Oscar, that he is winning primarily because he is playing a president and because he’s got spielberg backing.”

    But it´s true.

  • Marie

    To Fabinho Flapp
    I rest my case.

    BTW, don’t be arrogant. Just because you don’t like the performance, it doesn’t mean no one else can sincerely like it. LIke i said, no actor has ever won for playing a president (including the two actors who played Lincoln in feature films in the past–Fonda and Massey) And no actor has won for playing in a Spielberg film. But, people have won for playing cripples, alcoholics and the mentally ill (as well as appearing in musicals). Do those character types sound remotely similar to any characters in this years race? Also, actors in the past have won for playing roles in Russell , Hooper, PTA Anderson and Robert Zemeckis films (Bale for the Fighter, Firth for Kings Speech,DDL for There Will be Blood, Hanks for Forrest Gump).

    So, where is the surefire winning formula for winning the Oscar that DDL has come across–because playing a beloved president sure didn’t help the previous Lincoln actors or even Bill Murray (who played the most popular democratic president in American history–Franklin Delano Roosevelt.)

  • Marie,

    DDL gives a good performance.
    For me not brilliant – brilliant he was in TWWB -, but a fine performance.
    But not to break a historical record.
    Who is DDL to wint 3 Oscars, whit 5 noms, at 55? The most actor awarded in Oscar History?
    Over Nicholson, Brando, Pacino, De Niro, Olivier? Over Olivier? Olivier just won one…
    Think whit some historical perspective.

  • PaulinJapan

    DDL most definitely deserves a third Oscar and to go down in the Pantheon of the greatest actors to have graced stage and screen. Just compare Lincoln to Christy Brown. Who has done better work?

  • mecid

    Lincoln, Paul.

  • steve50

    “Olivier just won one…”

    Olivier was a great actor who made crap films, for the most part. Just like Richard Burton. They traded quality work for stardom. The work suffered and the stardom was never what it promised. As his health failed, Olivier turned in some fine character performances, but that was it.

    Kenneth Branaugh apparently thought he could do it better. Nope.

  • Michael3999

    Got another interesting tidbit: 4 films won SAG awards last weekend. Those 4 films were the only DVD screeners sent to the active membership! Looks like it paid off!

  • Steve50.

    “They traded quality work for stardom.”

    Dou you really think Olivier did it?

  • MovieFan

    DDL is deserving (though I preferred Phoenix), but Jones did absolutely nothing he couldnt do in his sleep. Hoffman and Waltz should be the frontrunners. We will have to settle for an undeserved oscar number 2 for Mr. Jones after he robbed Fiennes and DiCaprio in 94.

  • dtr

    didn’t Sally Field win a SAG award a few years ago “Brothers and Sisters”

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