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Oscar bits and bites


Leon Panetta, portrayed by James Gandolfini in Zero Dark Thirty, talks about the film and says he thinks it was an accurate portrayal of those events. Though he wasn’t around for the interrogations he knows that the way they ultimately found Bin Laden was from many different ways of gathering information over a long period. Watch the interview with Martha Raddatz.

Ever wonder about those crabby snacks and homemades from Silver Linings? Here is a recipe for crabby snack and here is a recipe for homemades! via  Huffpo food.

Speaking of Silver Linings, it recently won best film at the second inaugural Australian Academy Awards.

Meanwhile, The Frisky looks into the notion of slut shaming and Silver Linings, writing, “Is Lawrence receiving buzz for playing Tiffany because it’s truly her best performance, or is it because, for the first time in her career, she’s playing a strong woman who compromises a part of herself for a man? Tiffany is a great character and Lawrence plays her wonderfully. But Tiffany does not exist in a vacuum, and the way she is treated by Pat matters. Tiffany doesn’t strike me as a person who is necessarily meant to be monogamous, but if she is, she’s certainly not meant to be with a man who judges her for her past. That’s not in keeping with Tiffany as a character, or with the other characters Lawrence has played throughout her career. I’m glad that “Silver Linings Playbook” features a woman who is unapologetic about her sexual history – I just wish that her love interest could share in her comfort with it.”

Sally Field telling Ellen Degeneres on Lincoln bringing tears to Obama’s eyes:

“Then afterward… Jimmy Spader said, ‘I saw him (Obama) toward the end lean down and wipe his eye’. We were all really, really moved. He then came around to us all and thanked us… Caught in the headlights of his face, coming at me, I said – and I wish I hadn’t, because I feel a great deal of loyalty towards (character, Lincoln’s wife) Mary – ‘Aren’t you glad you’re not married to her?’ I didn’t want to say that, it just came out like that.

“He recovered for Mary and said, ‘No, no, not at all, I thought she was really amazing’. And I did too.”