65th Annual Directors Guild Of America Awards - President's Breakfast


65th Annual Directors Guild Of America Awards - President's Breakfast


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  • Cameron

    Say what you want about Tom Hooper and The King’s Speech…after seeing Les Miserables a second time I’m convinced that he deserved a nomination as much as any other. It’s an incredibly challenging work and he pulled it off with finesse and grace.

  • TB

    Ryan, here’s what we talk about on twitter about the introduction of LINCOLN outside the US.

    After the title, with beautiful music, these words appear over the divided US map.


    fade to black (or title dissolve).

    OVER THE QUESTION OF HUMAN SLAVERY. (fade in on the background a photo of black slaves)

    fade to black.

    HALF-SLAVE AND HALF-FREE? (fade in on the background a couple of pictures which i believed where of the union army and of people outside the white house)

    fade to black.


    fade to black.


    fade to black.

    fade in to the war.

    Hope you understand and get the idea of these extra element they decided to include outside the US. Which in my opinion, they should have left it for the original theatrical release in the US because most of my american friends didn’t know much about the civil war. Weird that I and many foreigners now more about your civil war as many americans. At least many people went to see it in the US. Could it be the Spielberg factor?

  • KT

    Wonderful picture of Ang and Spielberg!!!

  • Akumax

    Cameron, I completely agree with you. Le Miserables is a challenging work and Hooper stands with the other four directors deservingly.

  • Sean

    Three of the greatest directors ever and then two who have absolutely no business standing next to them. Hooper has no knowledge, understanding, or care for the visual language of film and Affleck is an effective by the numbers hollywood man with no vision. and yet he keeps getting his ass pity kissed, but i dont really know what the excuse for hooper is.

  • Christophe

    These pictures say it all Ang Lee and Spielberg are not-so-secret lovers (that or they just have itchy backs) and Tom Hooper towers over the competition, though Ben Affleck’s scruffy hair gives him a run for his money.

  • Akumax

    1st picture: “I wish I knew how to quit you”
    2nd picture: “I’m not that girl that fucks”

  • rodrigo jp

    what character is this sitting on Death Proof car, next to Lucy Liu?


  • Jerry

    Les Miserables is as graceful as a bull in a china shop. It was a hot mess of a film. I think Hooper deserved the win for The King’s Speech for sure, sorry Social Networker lovers, but hell no he doesn’t deserve a nomination for that abomination of a film called Les Miserables.

    They are probably lined up according to height but it’s still funny that the three not nominated by the academy are all together to the side. Maybe the academy hates tall people? LOL.

  • matt

    Er… Ben Affleck seems thrilled to be there…

  • Danemychal

    Will AD be doing a preview or NGNG for the Art Directors Guild Awards (also tonight)? Mentioned this to you on Twitter but not sure if you saw it.

  • Zac

    Affleck looks off-kilter like he doesn’t belong.

    What time does the DGA announce?????

  • LaQuifa Wadley

    One of these directors is not like the others, which one?
    All 5 have Oscars
    All 5 have films that may lose best picture to Harvey Weinstein
    4 have won best director
    4 are caucasian
    4 are men
    2 have won best director and best picture Oscars
    2 have made history by winning their director Oscar
    2 have won best director while an inferior film went to win “best” picture
    2 were nominated for best director this year
    3 have been shafted by the Academy (2 this year and 1 before)
    3 have won best director Oscars for films centered during war
    1 has beat James Cameron
    1 looks like James Cameron
    1 was married to James Cameron
    1 is a woman
    1 is asian
    1 has won 2 directing Oscars for films set during WW2
    1 has won adapted screenplay Oscar
    1 has won multiple Razzies
    1 has acted in something Harvey shoved down the throat of Academy members
    1 has beaten David Fincher
    1 directed a film that beat the far superior Social Network
    1 dated J.Lo
    1 is wearing glasses

  • Johnoliver46

    The winner tonight could end the guessing game about which film wins the best picture Oscar.

  • Elton

    Holy crap, I never realized how hobbit Spielberg is.

  • LaQuifa Wadley

    5 have directed a film whose actors went on to get an acting nomination
    4 have actors nominated for the film they directed this year
    4 are over 60
    3 have serious contenders in the acting category this year
    3 have won Oscars in the past decade
    2 directed actors who are almost guaranteed to win this year
    2 directed films that were early favorites but later tainted by controversy
    1 directed a film that swept the critics awards, won GG for drama, PGA, DGA, WGA, and BAFTA but was stopped from winning best picture by homophobes
    1 directed a film that was an early favorite but later totally ignored thanks to idiots that stated the film promoted torture
    1 has directed an actor to a lead actor win
    1 is a billionaire
    1 is being investigated by congress
    1 may run for US senate
    1 has directed some of the most iconic films of all time
    1 keeps John Williams employed
    1 has tackled aliens, sharks, the holocaust, racism, WW1, WW2, the American Civil War, and Oprah

    Did I miss anything?

  • sonia

    Seeing lee and spielberg embracing is akin to seeing Kurosawa and Hitchcock together!

  • Jack Traven II

    (I didn’t know where to put the following it so I put it in here.)

    Wow, what a day. I have FI-NAL-LY seen Lincoln. In a town 40 km far from where I live where it was fortunately played. The whole trip took six hours. And in short: it was absolutely worth the effort, even the long walk home (after having missed the connecting bus). It made me think all that way.

    But to begin from the start. After having arrived at the town by train I was – among other things – walking along a John-F.-Kennedy-Circle (!) and going past a construction site where the sign of the company was attached to a fence. The sign said “Bauunternehmen (Building Company) ABE”. What do you know about that, huh! Nice omen, I hoped. And as I know now, it came true.

    Now getting on to Lincoln. I found it to be an amazing film. In so many ways. The film’s not just about the 13th amendment and the abolishment of slavery it also mirrors today’s politics which haven’t changed much since. And since racism unfortunately doesn’t seem to vanish from the earth and since politicians (all over the world) seem to become more and more selfish, narrow-minded and disunited about whatever a film couldn’t be any more zeitgeisty. Or inspiring. Or encouraging. Everything about Steven Spielberg’s film was drawn so well. The characters (played by an equally amazing cast), the dialogues and the overall plot itself, with its highs and lows, with its melancholic, tragic and sometimes even funny moments. For me the film was never boring or too talky. The things in the film (most of all the important ones) had to be said. And rightly so.

    After having seen the film and already being back in my city I was going past a shop whose door shutter had a huge Oscar statuette on it. Another nice omen, I thought. Well, we’ll see about that, right? I personally wouldn’t mind if Lincoln really didn’t win tonight’s DGA Award or the Best Picture Oscar. As with my national soccer team not winning the World Cup 2006 at home it would still be my winner of hearts (for now, since it’s only based on one viewing).

    Conclusively I’d like to say the following: before the screen we’re all equal, whether we agree with one another regarding a particular film or not. In the end we’re all film lovers.

    (Sorry for having written so much, but I was just too lazy to stop. ;-))

  • Yvette

    Thanks Jack Tavern.!
    That was a joy to read.
    This is what great films are: an event and experience.

  • WTF Tom Hooper is doing in this picture?

  • LaQuifa Wadley,

    You forgote anything

    2 are fuckable! 🙂 (one not for me)


  • LaQuifa Wadley

    Nope. Not going allow you to flounce in and start insulting our friends here.

  • Does anybody really care that Jerry continues to trash LES MISERABLES? Certainly I don’t nor many that I know.

    Instead of being pompous why not say:

    “It didn’t work for me”, rather than transcribing taste and opinion to fact. You know what you can do with your negative energy, right?

  • There is no one more deserving in this picture than Kathryn Bigelow.

    Time will sort it all out.

  • deniz

    @vince couldn’t agree more. Bigelow was the best director this year.

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