According to Oscar/DGA history, no director has ever won the DGA, lost an Oscar nomination for directing, then won Best Picture.  It’s not happened ever, going back to 1949. So if this is a crazy year, as everyone keeps saying, you will see something happen that has never happened.   On the other hand, it’s possible that (I don’t know for sure) the DGA has never announced after Oscar ballots were turned in before. There is no precedent I know of for that either.  Only once in DGA/Oscar history did only two directors from the DGA’s list get Oscar nominations and of course, the one who won the DGA also won the Directing Oscar and Best Picture, Robert Wise and The Sound of Music.

The theory: Argo is just good enough to pull it off.

But if you stick to the rational in what is an irrational situation,  the two most likely to win tonight would have to be Ang Lee for Life of Pi or Steven Spielberg for Lincoln, as these are the only two who have also been nominated for the Oscar.  But twice two directors have won the DGA without an Oscar nomination, Ron Howard and Steven Spielberg, neither of their films won Best Picture.

At any rate, my No Guts, No Glory for once happens to be my actual prediction: Steven Spielberg, Lincoln

Most everyone else believes this will be Ben Affleck’s Big Mo. And that’s entirely possible. Hey, don’t listen to me.  As Bob Dylan would say, “when you ain’t got nothing you got nothing to lose.”

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  • robert L

    In order for Argo to win “Best Picture” it has to win additional catagories, according to academy history (shy of Grand Hotel). What are the other Argo wins. If you look over the catogories, Argo is weak in all. The academy will not pick a one (Best Picture) horse wonder.

  • Akumax

    NGNG: K. Bigelow
    Prediction: Ben Affleck

    One question: will there be any sort of video web streaming or telecast of the DGA awards ceremony?

  • PJ

    Sasha, Where does The King’s Speech vote come into play? Lincoln is a better film, but both movies are flicks about middle aged male political leaders. Both movies involve a lot of talking. Both movies were made to appeal older, more elite audiences. If The King’s Speech can win, so can Lincoln…

    Sasha, at what point do you think we’ll see a backlash against Argo within the industry. At some point in the process will people in Hollywood start to think, “sure it was good, I felt bad for it when the nominations came out, but come on, it’s not as good as the attention it’s getting.”

    With that logic in mind, I think Ang Lee winning tonight actually helps Argo, helps it keep the underdog status. If Lincoln win tonight, obviously it becomes a two horse match race, which I think helps Lincoln.

  • “But if you stick to the rational in what is an irrational situation, the two most likely to win tonight would have to be Ang Lee for Life of Pi or Steven Spielberg for Lincoln.”

    So, if one were to predict Ben Affleck, that would be IRRATIONAL, and, by definition, would require guts. So, I’m going with Affleck, NG/NG.

  • Mohammed

    I love Argo and I’m rooting it to win. But lets be honest; It’s wins has been nice surprises. Not because it isn’t good enough or better than the other nominees in my opinion, but because it’s Spielberg – making a film called Lincoln. There are more talented directors living on this planet, but when it comes to the Academy they love his films and him.

    Betting for it to win is like betting that your average sex worker isn’t a virgin.

    NGNG: Argo
    PREDICTION: Lincoln

  • Astarisborn

    I hope Afflect does win so it can make the oscars Director between, Speilberg and Lee an exciting race.
    NGNG-anyone but Affleck. But I think he’s going to nab it.

  • Watermelons

    NGNG: successful write-in campaign for the Oscar-winning legend of cinema Kate Winslet (Titanic, Flushed Away)

  • Larry

    I agree with Robert L – Argo would have to win in some other categories. But it’s not weak in Screenplay. It could possibly win both the Sound awards, but not likely at this point. It could possibly win Original Score but also not likely at this point. That leaves Editing, where it’s a close race between Argo and Zero Dark Thirty. I’m predicting (as of now) Argo to win BP with Screenplay and Editing for a total of 3 Oscars only. Lincoln could actually win more Oscars but not BP. It’s a weird year, y’all.

  • Pierre de Plume

    I think one of the main factors that makes Affleck such an attractive choice is the surprise one experiences upon discovering he’s a good director. Starting with Gone Baby Gone, then The Town and now Argo, his mastery of the nuts and bolts of filmmaking seem to put a smile on peoples’ faces. He may or may not have an overabundance of imagination, but he knows how to run a set and come up with a more-than-competent end result. What’s also impressive is that, in Argo – not to mention The Town – he has directed himself into creating a compelling, effective character.

    My NGNG: Spielberg

  • Sasha Stone

    but because it’s Spielberg – making a film called Lincoln. There are more talented directors living on this planet, but when it comes to the Academy they love his films and him.

    You have that exactly backwards. That’s the reason it ISN’T winning. This isn’t an Oscar race. It’s American Idol.

  • Sasha Stone

    Sasha, at what point do you think we’ll see a backlash against Argo within the industry.

    Instantly. Winning will be one of the worst things to happen to Affleck’s career. But that won’t stop people from doing it. He and the movie deserve better. The only movie in this situation in modern times: Driving Miss Daisy, now considered one of the worst Best Picture winners ever. Not good to win without a director nod – after all, the directors are the ones who will have to nominate you next time you want to win an Oscar.

  • rAr

    Spielberg is going to win it. “Argo” is good but a bit overrated; would have been better with a different actor in Affleck’s role–maybe John Ortiz?

  • mecid

    What do you think: if Argo wins BP will Affleck win BD in future?

  • CJ

    Speilberg: NGNG
    Affleck = winner

    I still say Adapted Screenplay is the race though. Argo has to take a major other than BP. I can’t see it winning BP with just Editing, or a sound award. It’s gotta be able to pull another top 8 category. It’s been since 1940 that a movie won BP with no directing, writing, or acting awards.

  • Simone Fabriziani

    When will they announce? telecast? TBA? Live feed?

  • Hawkeye

    Prediction: Ben Affleck, Argo
    NGNG: Steven Spielberg, Lincoln
    Would love to see win it: Tom Hooper, Les Misérables

    I have nothing against Affleck, but I’d much rather see Lincoln be the big winner tonight and on Oscar night over the forgettable Argo, and it’s quite possible. As I stated on another thread, Argo only seems to be in the lead for Best Picture at the moment. Adapted Screenplay could swing its way if Argo is the favorite film of the evening, but I don’t see it being able to beat Lincoln at the moment (the WGA and Scripters awards will help us see if any change will happen). It might take editing, but as of right now, ZDT seems more likely to take it given its success throughout awards season. As for its other noms, it doesn’t seem to have much of a chance.

  • Scott

    Spielberg will be golden at the Oscars if he wins the DGA. If Affleck wins the DGA, Spielberg still has a decent shot at nabbing the Oscar. If however Ang Lee wins tonight, I think it becomes very problematic for Lincoln’s director. Very.

    Spielberg makes the most sense. Ang Lee would be my NGNG.

  • julian the emperor

    The worst thing to happen to Affleck’s career? I don’t think so. That is a skewed perspective. Of course, Affleck would love to win the Oscar as a producer of Argo. People won’t look at Argo as a bad choice for bp, because it is simply to good to be ridiculed. As you have said over and over again during this season: Argo is the consensus pick, It’s not a movie you hate. It is likable and skillful and dynamic filmmaking. I don’t think that perception is about to change.

    The Director’s branch equals 6% of the Academy. A majority of the remaining 94% are perfectly entitled to think the directors were wrong in leaving Affleck off the list.

    Affleck won’t suffer from this. Quite the contrary.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    NGNG: Ben Affleck, becuase I don’t see how the directors reward one of the most vulgar use of cinemascope in recent years. And no, it’s not the cinematographer’s fault. Affleack should see Michael Mann’s COLLATERAL. A true director with command of the goddamn frame.

  • Sasha Stone

    Of course, Affleck would love to win the Oscar as a producer of Argo. People won’t look at Argo as a bad choice for bp, because it is simply to good to be ridiculed.

    You would be surprised how fast the worm can turn. I remember how much people loved Crash.

  • Dan

    NGNG: Bigelow

    My pick: Anyone but Affleck

  • Bryce Forestieri

    “I remember how much people loved Crash”

    Yuuup. This is true.

  • NGNG: Kathryn Bigelow

  • Brett McNeill

    *Quick Note: I hate how everyone now hates Crash. It’s a great movie although it didn’t deserve to win over Brokeback Mountain. The homophobia of the Academy not only didnt acknowledge the best movie of 2005 (which, let’s face it, wasn’t the best year for cinema to begin with) but also tarnished a great film.

    My peace is said!

    Finally: NGNG Ang Lee. Of what I’ve seen, which is everything except Lincoln, how did the best job and not only that but he was INNOVATIVE! Something directors of today should really strive to do!

  • PJ

    My NGNG has been Bigelow for a while. I mean she does have best directed film of the year and she too was egregiously snubbed, so it is possible that they may go to bat for her and throw this whole Oscar game into a bigger loop.

  • The J Viewer

    The answer my friend is blowin’ in the wind. The answer is blowin’ in the wind. . . . Yeehaaaaaw. . . .

    My prediction: Ang Lee
    My NGNG pick: Spielberg

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Lee, Spielberg, Affleck or Bigelow turns out to be the DGA winner. [Sorry, Mr. Hooper.]

    (Having picked Ang Lee, I can’t help feeling like a rolling stone, a complete unknown, Mr. Lonely who went to the finest school only to have picked Ang Lee instead of the majority pick a la Mr. Affleck. . . . Well, we’ll see xD)

  • Jim

    @Robert L…yes….very good you have pointed out that Argo wining is against Oscar history. Again…my point being made how anyone can pull out any stat to fit what they believe. How many times does the PGA match Best Picture winner? Lets look at that history? Ok…here is where everyone quotes Apollo 13.

  • Mohammed

    @Sasha: After witnessing the nomination of War Horse I have no doubt that the Academy will nominate whatever drama Spielberg makes, even when it s****.

    In a normal world a movie that’s lost this much credibility on the way to the Oscar should be disqualified on the merits. At this point ZD30 should be more in the conversation, and it’s not.

    If this was Idol Lincoln would be the one eliminated in Las Vegas.

  • jlu

    same here.
    if only to REALLY shake up this race!
    THAT would be bigger than ANY of the affleck wins thus far…!

  • After witnessing the nomination of War Horse I have no doubt that the Academy will nominate whatever drama Spielberg makes

    hey, while you’re at it, don’t just pick on the Academy. The AFI chose War Horse too, and it earned dozens of other honors.

    Just be clear about what you’re being pissy about and piss on everyone whose taste doesn’t match your own.

  • No Guts, No Glory pick: Ang Lee

    But something tells me Ben Affleck might win the whole thing so where does this leave us with Oscar? I have no clue.

  • SAG Actor


  • SAG Actor

    Sorry. NGNG: Ang Lee

  • Jerry

    Prediction: Ang Lee
    NGNG: Bigelow

  • Jerry Grant

    NGNG: Spielberg
    Prediction: Spielberg
    Should be: Spielberg

    unfortunately I’m probably totally wrong

  • Zach

    This really is like Idol. Even the trajectory of the race. No clear frontrunner. Lincoln was in the bottom 2 on BAFTA morning, despite leading the nods. Lincoln surged on Oscar nominations morning, with Argo in a shock bottom 2, which was just what it needed to mobilize its supporters and propel it to frontrunner status for the rest of the season. If the Oscars really play out like a reality show, and so often they do, then if Life of Pi truly is “unwinnable,” then Argo is our winner unless the DGA voted with the Academy or feels the guilds have given Argo too much already.

    Prediction: Affleck
    Alternate: Spielberg
    NGNG: Lee

    If Affleck wins: then Argo is probably winning, but it still doesn’t seem easy.
    If Spielberg wins: then the buck stops here and Spielberg wins the Oscar, and Lincoln most likely wins Picture.
    If Lee wins: then Lee wins the Oscar, but all bets are off on Picture.

    At this point, it would be weird for Argo to lose tonight.
    But it was weird that Argo won the SAG.
    And it was weird that Affleck was snubbed in the first place.

  • The Zach

    I never liked “Crash.”

    This year’s Oscar race reminds of the 82nd Oscar season — “Avatar” vs. “The Hurt Locker.”

    There were prognosticators sticking with James Cameron and “Avatar” to win — despite no acting or screenplay nominations.

    Granted, “Argo” has picked up a bit more hardware than “Avatar” (at least more important hardware), but the fact still remains that history indicates the AMPAS is one of the most traditional awards groups around. It seems to like giving Picture and Director to the same film. And yes, the voting system is different, but as has been pointed out, with a similar (or the same?) procedure in place during the late ’30s and early ’40s, splits were rare — and no Best Picture won without a director nomination behind it.

    So while I can see Affleck winning the DGA, I think tonight is when the “Argo” train pulls into the station.

    As for NGNG — I’ll say Bigelow, just to make the next three weeks more interesting.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    Say what you will about past “mistakes” of awarding a lesser nominee in Best Picture but still ARGO will rank as one of the worst:


    *1980: No, I don’t give a rat’s ass about REDS. Nominee ATLANTIC CITY, THE SHINING and THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK were by far the best of 1980. Hell even better than REDS and CHARIOTS was THE BLUE LAGOON with the luscious imagery from the legendary Nestor Almendros. Honorary mention to one of the most re-watchable: CADDYSHACK <3

  • Eric

    NGNG: Bigelow
    Prediction: Spielberg
    It’d-be-mega-boring-if: Affleck

  • Caddie

    NGNG: Bigelow
    Prediction: Spielberg

    The Bigelow choice is the one that gives the DGA the most power. “Don’t tell us what to vote for. Don’t try to steamroller us. Don’t even think of interfering with our directorial freedoms”.

  • Mark F.

    Prediction: Affleck, Argo
    NGNG: Spielberg, Lincoln

  • Mohammed does indeed have everything twisted, doesn’t he. Since when is or was Spielberg ever been treated with the red carpet by AMPAS? His 1987 EMPIRE OF THE SUN was reprehensibly snubbed in both major categories (it’s one of his very best films)he was roundly repudiated after THE COLOR PURPLE won so many nods, he couldn’t win BEST PICTURE for SAVING PRIVATE RYAN after he had won Best Director, and nothing of consequence ever developed Oscar-wise for JAWS, CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, RAIDERS, AMISTAD, CATCH ME IF YOU CAN and a few others that were big critical hits. If anything Spielberg has been severely under-represented at the Oscars.

    Incidentally, as DRIVING MISS DAISY often comes up in discussion because of the prospective parallel for this year’s awards, I would like to say that I love the film, have always found it beautiful and moving, and by any barometer of measurement it is one of the best films of 1989 along with CINEMA PARADISO, HENRY V, DEAD POETS SOCIETY, GLORY, FIELD OF DREAMS, DO THE RIGHT THING, BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY and DRUGSTORE COWBOY. Tandy, Freeman and Akroyd are all wonderful, and Bruse Beresford’s delicate direction maintains the focused intimacy of Alfred Uhry’s stage play. Particularly his sublime use of Dvorak’s piercing area “Hymn to the Moon” from RUSALKA as he caresses over the postcard memories and pictorial elegance of Peach Country achieves real tone poem territory.

    Is DRIVING MISS DAISY the very best movie of 1989? I’m not sure, as there are a few others that I have mentioned that are in the mix for that designation.

    But it’s a lovely cinematic ode, that in my view well-earned it’s 1989 win. Happy to see it’s rare statistic will apparently always bring it in discussions and keep the flaming burning well into the future.

  • NG NG: Spielberg. alt. Lee

  • Sammy

    One thing is clear. Spielberg will not win the DGA. This is not rocket science. Just look at the precursor awards.

    This will be between Lee and Affleck. Hard to choose one but they will end up with Lee I think.

  • Sammy

    If we look at the pure directorial efforts Bigelow will have the edge here so should win the DGA. But all the controversy around the film can hurt her chances today.

  • Zach

    Quick trivia (according to Wikipedia):
    PGA membership: 4,700
    DGA membership: 14,500

    (From AD):
    Academy membership, Producers Branch: 450
    Academy membership, Directors Branch: 369

    And yet, where they diverge, Best Picture is more likely the DGA winner. What does this tell us? There is inevitably less overlap between DGA and the Academy than between PGA and the Academy, and there are more producers than directors in the Academy, yet DGA is our predictor of choice. I guess when you have 14,500 people mass-voting, they’re more likely to pick the “right one”? Actually, it doesn’t make sense.

    (And I always think of there being more producers than directors, but I guess anybody can be a director.)

    Since many directors are also producers, but not necessarily Academy members, what is the overlap between DGA and PGA?

    PGA has matched DGA 17 times in 23 years.

    In the 6 times PGA and DGA split, in 4 of those years, the Oscar Best Picture and Director matched. Only in 2 of those split-PGA-DGA years did the Oscars actually split between two films. And guess what? In 1 of those 2 split Oscar years, Oscar’s Best Director, Soderbergh for Traffic, won neither the DGA nor PGA!

    And remember how PGA and DGA matched 17 times in 23 years? Well, 1 of those times, the film won neither Best Picture nor Best Director (Apollo 13). Another 2 times, the film won only Best Director (Spielberg for Saving Private Ryan, Lee for Brokeback Mountain). And 1 time, the film won only Best Picture (Chicago).

    To put it one more way: Since 1989, there have been 5 Picture-Director Oscar splits. Of those 5, only 2 times did the DGA and PGA split. The other 3 times, the PGA and DGA agreed (Chicago, Brokeback, Saving). So Pianist won Director and Crash and Shakespeare in Love won Picture without winning EITHER top guild award, both of which a SINGLE other film won, every time.

    So winning both PGA and DGA means you’re likely to win both top Oscars, but nothing is impossible. Even if you don’t win both DGA and PGA, and another movie does sweep, you can still win Picture OR Director OR both.

    Overall, it’s slightly more likely that the PGA and DGA will differ than Picture and Director. But since PGA and DGA, like the Oscars, match so often, when the Oscars DO split, it’s still slightly more likely that the PGA and DGA agreed.

    Hope you enjoy. You can rationalize anything.

  • Pierre de Plume

    Since the quality of Crash and Driving Miss Daisy have (once again) come into question, I’d like to add my 2 cents worth: I liked both films. Were they the best of their respective years? No. I bemoan the “either/or” trend we’re seeing our culture, notably reflected by George W. Bush’s call to action, “Either you’re for us . . . or against us.” I mean, phew!

  • mecid

    If isn’t rocket science, Sammy, then how would Lee win but not Spielberg? Lee has probably 1 or 2 more awards than him. But Lincoln has more more BP and other critics awards than Life of Pi.

  • Sammy

    @Mohammed – I agree completely. We should not be taking Lincoln as a serious contender or as the frontrunner if there was no Spielberg and Lincoln (historical figure) influence in it. Lincoln has lost almost everything up until now, it will probably lose BAFTA to Argo as well and here we are still keeping it as our number one. Hard to understand.

  • mecid

    wish there was edit button. 🙂

  • Bryce Forestieri

    “if there was no Spielberg and Lincoln (historical figure) influence in it”

    Are you really that stupid? How about if the movie didn’t exist? maybe then it wouldn’t be such a serious front-runner in people’s mind. [deleted].

  • Jj

    Dear Hindu and Roman Catholic Gods, please let Ang Lee or Ben Zeitlan win.

  • Denni

    Sasha, do you think the outcome of the guilds (SAG, PGA) and Golden Globes would’ve been different if Affleck wasn’t snubbed by the Axademy? Just curious what you think if Affleck actually been nominated, then would “Lincoln” win instead?

  • John Oliver

    Again, how do you get your picture next to your name when making a comment.

  • mecid, John Oliver.

  • Mattoc

    Agreed. Without a director and a story, Lincoln would not be a frontrunner.

  • Sammy

    @Bryce – Lincoln is an important American historical figure and Spielberg is one of the legends of this ındustry. How would you see these people? Do you think these are ordinary people – just like you and me?

    If you have a movie about a very important American character made by an industry legend you will end up being the favorite until the last moment. That is what we see.

  • mecid

    Except it has and it is masterpiece. So go on.

  • Greg

    I am going to go with Argo. It won the PGA and SAG Ensemble, and took home the most BP and BD prizes. Life of Pi and Lincoln are strong alternatives, seeing as how they are the only two nominees with Best Director Oscar nods.

  • helios

    Are you really that stupid? How about if the movie didn’t exist? maybe then it wouldn’t be such a serious front-runner in people’s mind. Retard.

    Ahahahaha I was just going to say the same thing. And look at the contender tracker, Argo is at the top. So what are you whining about?

  • Patryk

    Should win: Bigelow

    Could win: Affleck

    Will win: Spielberg

    NGNG: Hooper

  • “if there was no Spielberg and Lincoln (historical figure) influence in it”

    Agreed, all this enthusiasm for the movie Lincoln would dissolve away if Abraham Lincoln had never been born.


  • PaulH

    NGNG: Hooper. This is Affleck’s to lose.

  • Roberto P.

    Dear Sasha, you always say as if they were matters of fact:
    – Lincoln is the better film… the best of the year.
    – Argo wasn’t nominated for best director at the Oscars because, evidently, it’s not well directed enough…
    – Argo has a momentum only because of the “poor Ben” factor…

    As for the first point, how do you explain that both Argo and Lincoln have a score of 86 on Metacritics and Argo (96%) has a better score than Lincoln (90%) on Rotten Tomatoes? How do you explain, then, that Lincoln hasn’t won a single (important) critics award for BP/BD, while Argo won several…? While you suggest that Argo could win because it is more “liked” while Lincoln is clearly “better”, isn’t it possible that YOU simply like Lincoln better, while Argo is the overall considered better (and by many THE best)…?

    As for the second point, Affleck is likely to make a sort of Best-Director-Grand-Slam, winning Critics’ choice, Golden Globe, Dga and Bafta… Though, it wasn’t nominated by the Academy, and you seem sure that this happened because they, the director branch, clearly didn’t like Argo, or liked other films better… You also often refer to history and stats. Has it ever happened that a director winning Critics’ Choice, GG, DGA and Bafta wasn’t nominated for Oscar? Isn’t it possible that a director winning CC, GG, DGA and Bafta wasn’t nominated by the Academy simply by… mistake? Because they were sure he was in and wanted to give a chance to someone else, like Zeitlin or Haneke? You say: the day after it wins BP Oscar, Argo will immediately become (in people’s mind) one the worst Best Picture ever… because it didn’t have a BD nomination? Winning CC, GG, DGA and Bafta, having 86 at Metacritics and 96% on Rotten Tomatoes isn’t enough to say that ARGO is a very well directed movie? Despite the lack of an Oscar nomination for BD… ?

    As for the third point… ARGO won BP and BD at Critics’ Choice and GG (and several other), whose ballots were due before the Oscar nominations were announced, and way before the whole “poor Ben” theory… How do you explain those wins? BFCA and HFPA are the same critics associations thinking The Social Network was way better than The King’s Speech…

    Sorry for my poor English… I’m Italian. But I hope I made myself clear… Cheers, Roberto.

  • unlikely hood

    As Bob Dylan would say, “when you ain’t got nothing you got nothing to lose.”

    Yeah, Dylan ripped that off of Jack Dawson. 🙂

  • mecid

    On my own, Roberto, I can answer that best films don’t have always best Metacritic, RT scores.

  • Roberto P.


  • KT

    WILL WIN DGA Award: Ben Affleck, Argo – because it’s his time.

    NGNG/SHOULD WIN DGA, Best-Directed Movie of the Year: Kathryn Bigelow, Zero Dark Thirty – an extraordinary film, the product of a great director’s vision. Bigelow proves for the doubters that she is the real deal, one of the great filmmakers of our time. Extraordinary all around: acting, sound design, scoring, cinematography, screenplay. Very inspiring work, and resonates with Bigelow’s personal journey as a great auteur-driven work should. The finale is a tremendous moment of both uncertainty and emotional catharsis.

    Most Surprising Direction of the Year: Steven Spielberg, Lincoln – for turning in a film of extraordinary intimacy unlike any other film he has ever directed, focusing on interior spaces and putting the actors on center stage–I would argue perhaps his most personal work since E.T. Incredible mise-en-scene, recreating the atmosphere of the 1860s. A wonderful passion project and Spielberg is the vessel through which all emanated.

    SPOILER (Runner-Up to Affleck)/Most Visionary Direction of the Year: Ang Lee, Life Of Pi – I include what I wrote for the Thanksgiving contest:

    It was many years since I’d watched Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, but when I decided to sit down and see it again, I was astounded by how emotional it was for me. There’s a shot when Michelle Yeoh rides into Beijing where the camera tilts upward to reveal the vast city, and it reminded me how special this experience would be. And it certainly was. I absolutely love the bamboo forest scene, especially how Mu Bai and Jen pass each other along the bending tree. The sojourn in the desert, the legend of Wudan mountain, the final scene between the leads as they finally give in to emotion…this was a powerful film that could only be told by one person. I found myself similarly moved when I saw Life of Pi, by the combination of gorgeous cinematography and terrific storytelling. I think it is very clear. I am thankful for Ang Lee for his singular direction and inspiring films.

  • Roberto P.

    @mecid… But then, how do you decide the difference between “liked” and “better”… I’m not a movie critic, so I can only say that I liked Argo more… Also critics say they liked it more… “Only” Sasha says thay Lincoln is surely BETTER… I think she simply likes it more. But she says it’s better as if it was objective…

  • mecid

    Roberto, I think Sasha considers all aspects of filmmaking and future of 2 films. Lincoln is probably future classic but I think not many can say it about Argo.

  • BlueFox94

    Predicted: AFFLECK
    Runner-Up: SPIELBERG
    Spoiler: LEE

  • Pierre de Plume

    The Bigelow choice is the one that gives the DGA the most power.

    That does it. I’m switching my vote to NGNG Bigelow. Now that choice would really stir the pot — the Gurus of Gold would be messing in their pants.

  • Robert A.

    I don’t really think we can compare if Argo wins to Crash winning. I understand that many people back in 2005 liked and admired Crash. But Brokeback Mountain won a vast majority of the critical BP and Best Director prizes, as well as BFCA, Globe, PGA, DGA, and on and on we go. So when Crash won with the Academy, there was almost instantly the stink of homophobia surrounding Brokeback’s defeat. That’s why I think Crash has suffered so much as a result–it’s seen as a moment when the Academy’s homophobia was openly exposed, and it becomes difficult for many people to judge Crash outside of that. Whether fairly or unfairly, Crash is now viewed as the movie AMPAS went to when they didn’t want to give the top award to “the gay cowboy movie.”

    So far, Lincoln has won no major critical BP or Best Director prizes. No BFCA, no Globes, no PGA, no SAG Ensemble. If Argo wins over Lincoln, I don’t think it will be viewed in the same harsh light as Crash winning over Brokeback, because it won’t have the same homophobia angle, not to mention that Lincoln hasn’t won enough to make Argo’s win even look like that much of an upset.

    Plus, there’s this: Argo is a better movie than Crash, in my humble opinion. And frankly, I would vote Argo over Lincoln if I were an AMPAS member, although I would vote Amour and Beasts of the Southern Wild over Argo, and I STILL haven’t seen ZD30 yet.

  • mecid

    And I am sure many academy members think and act like you, Robert A. 🙂 That’s why we get true BP winners so rarely.

  • Sammy

    @Robert A. – I agree. Crash came from nowhere in 2006. Brokeback has been crushing everywhere and all of a sudden a hidden hand gave the oscar to Crash. I do not think it is just homophobia. Crash’s true American story made it the safe bet in the members’ mind.

    Argo has a good story in it but lacks some directorial touches here and there. That is why Affleck lost his position to Zeitlin.

  • Robert A.

    Well, mecid, if you read my full comment, I have Amour and Beasts of the Southern Wild over Argo. If we’re talking about “true” BP winners, I would say Amour should win (unless ZD30 really rocks ass…as I said, I haven’t seen it yet).

    But I understand, mecid, that you can’t grasp that people can have differing opinions about what is best. The fact that you can even think there’s such a thing as a “true” BP winner makes me laugh. True according to who, exactly? You, who was screaming about Lincoln back a year ago before Lincoln was even released or seen by anyone? Are you sure it’s Lincoln you love so much, or just Speilberg?

  • Affleck will be the winner.
    Does anybody really doubts?

    By the way, Ang Lee is my second choice.

    And will win Oscar.

  • Sammy

    @Robert A. – Yes, Amour is the best film, at least better than Argo.

  • mecid

    At least you said it will be War Horse 2 but it turned out to be major contender (Affleck wins DGA or not we couldn’t know BP winner until they announce it) and I am sure you would choose Argo over Lincoln because you are Spielberg detractor.

    Coming to my love, yes, I love Spielberg and Lincoln. At least my love is reasonable since Lincoln turned out to be masterpiece. 🙂

  • mecid

    My post was response to Robert A.

  • Roberto

    My NGNG: I have the feeling that after tonight we will see:

    1. Dave Karger breaking his own record of changing of opinion more than underwear.
    2. how that scene from Scent of a Woman, where Lt. Frank Slade sends warm regards to those fellas messing up with Charlie, applies to Jeff Wells.

  • Niles

    Ben Affleck will win.

    Why? Because everyone besides Ben Affleck has never won before. (Lee, 2005; Spielberg 3; 85, 93, 98. Bigelow 2009; and Hooper 2010) So its obvious he’s going to win.

    However, if the DGA decides to give it to someone else, I’d pick Spielberg as the upset.

  • Aragorn

    Interesting read. Making a good point. It may explain why Argo is favorite because it has Ben Affleck’s picture next to its title. And how Lincoln could still win at the end…

  • Mohammed

    @Sam Juliano: The fact that he has more Oscar nominations than Scorsese – a filmmaker far bolder than he should tell you something.

    Regarding EMPIRE OF THE SUN: It was nominated for SIX Oscar, four more than Au Revoir les enfants that had won more acclaim. It’s as worthy of winning best picture as FATAL ATTRACTION, a much more successful film (box office wise, and almost as well critically acclaimed).

    AMISTAD can’t stand in the shadow of THE SWEET HEREAFTER (100% on RT), TASTE OF CHERRY , HAPPY TOGETHER etc.

    All the other films except SPR I consider namedropping. By that standard James Cameron was snubbed for TERMINATOR 2, AVATAR and ALIENS.

    CATCH ME IF YOU CAN is competing with CITY OF GOD(not nominated). MUNICH was nominated, even though A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE ( better reviewed film) didn’t make the cut. Haneke was also snubbed that year.

    The Oscar is a sandbox. Once you are in it’s very easy to get away with sh**.

    I understand that the Oscar is mainly about american filmmakers and filmmaking and not like Cannes or other prestigious international award.

    Scorsese should’ve won much earlier instead of 2006 when he didn’t even make the best film of that year (when THE LIVES OF OTHERS was snubbed).

  • Bryce Forestieri

    Question: Is ARGO in any aspect better than THE DARK KNIGHT RISES? Any aspect at all??

  • Zach

    Please. TDKR was mediocre, but no question Nolan is overdue in much the same way Spielberg once was. Let’s postpone that debate until a future year when Nolan is back in the race.

  • Mohammed

    @Sammy: Lol. It’s almost become a heracy to put Spielberg as a filmmaker and Lincoln as a film here. Too many broken hearts who can’t understand why Lincoln keeps losing.

    I hope LINCOLN wins so that it the guilds don’t continue embarassing Spielberg like this. It’s 4-0 at this point. It’d be great fun to have LINCOLN get one on the board.

    I’m predicting that the pitty party for Spielberg starts tonight. REMEMBER, you heard it here first!

  • Bill F

    I really think Affleck has this in the bag. But if I had to pick a NGNG pick, it wouldn’t be Speilberg, it’d be Bigelow.

  • Robert A.

    “At least you said it will be War Horse 2 but it turned out to be major contender…”

    I never said that, for the record.

  • NGNG: Kathryn Bigelow… who else? 🙁

  • MauiJim

    NGNG: Spiel … wait a minute – Affleck is the new Spielberg. Well, the Spielberg who won for The Color Purple. I think the DGA will say enough Spielberg, on to Ben.

    If the Argo sweep continues, all the way to winning Oscars for BP, editing AND adapt. screenplay … what a slap in the face to Lincoln! And I’ll throw in the seeming likelihood that Spielberg loses director b/c AMPAS doesn’t want to give him #3.

    God, I hope I’m wrong.

  • steve50

    “Crash’s true American story made it the safe bet in the members’ mind.”

    hmmmm. As opposed to Brokeback’s alien fantasy, I guess? Never thought of it that way.

  • steve50

    NGNG – Bigelow

  • Freddy Ardanza

    How can we be sure that Spielberg has been a real contender this season?…Let’s remember that when the first critic group made their choice (NYFC i think) Spielberg didn’t get to the second ballot, after that he lost every important directing award and then the Bafta snubbed him. This race is between Affleck and Lee.

    Prediction: Ben Affleck (Argo)
    NGNG: Tom Hooper (Les Miserables) / Kathryn Bigelow (Zero Dark Thirty)

  • Zach

    What time do they announce??

  • Chris

    Argo is not weak in all categories or the weakest. It could still win Editing and Sound Editing.

  • daveinprogress

    DGA predix:

    Hooper: No (epic yes, ambitious yep, but not this year, not this film)
    Bigelow: No (imho a bigger achievement than Hurt Locker, not this year)

    Lee: NGNG prediction. This win would alter this race. So i’m predicting it.

    Affleck: Maybe, if the same love is there for this movie as with PGA,SAG

    Spielberg: Epic, Americana, Iconic filmmaker, ambitious and challenging.

    Who will win? Steven Spielberg
    NGNG: Ang Lee

  • Morgan

    Can we have any word on:

    1) When they will announce. I can’t find a time for the ceremony.
    2) How they will annouce. ie Live stream, twitter etc

  • Someone

    Prediction: Ang Lee
    NGNG: Tom Hooper

  • The Dude

    I don’t think Spielberg will win- he is the only one to have 3 DGA wins, and I don’t think he’ll get a FOURTH before anyone has 3.

    My money is on Lee, which could either mean a Life of Pi surprise at the Oscars, or an Argo/Lee ticket being formed.

    Of course, it’s possible Affleck takes this one too, but that would be boring.

  • PaullH

    Last years winner wasn’t announced until 1:30AM Eastern time; there’s a half dozen awards to go through, presentations of each movie director nominee, career achievement award or 2. It adds up.

  • Bondisteve

    Prediction: Spielberg
    NGNG: Ang Lee

  • robert L

    All the background awards do not always pray on the Oscar voters minds. What they are aware of is there limited eighty some odd history. If you study there history, many ingredients pop out – far too many to list on a comments column.
    Are actors nominated in corresponding Best Picture film
    Release date
    Production studio
    Corresponding nominations for director, screenplay and editing – especially editing
    Opportunity for multiple wins
    How film will be viewed in the immediate present – not concerned with future

  • Henry Z.

    “Lincoln” is so boring, oh my god. Can it really win Best Picture? Will it be considered as good as Spielberg’s other winning works? I think NO.

    “Argo” doesn’t have a directing nod, so can it win Best Picture? Oh my god. It’s impossible – the history never turns back! It’s too much of a risk.

    If “Argo” can’t win Best Picture, and “Lincoln” has reached too many detractors…then “Life of Pi” will most likely win.

  • Astarisborn

    All this talk about Affleck,Lee and Spielberg may disparate if Hooper wins. God help us.

  • nixon


    1) Ang Lee
    2) Kathyrin Bigelow
    3) Hooper
    4) Affleck
    5) Spielberg

    1) Life of Pi
    2) Lincoln
    3) Amour
    4) BOTS
    5) SLP

  • The fact that he has more Oscar nominations than Scorsese – a filmmaker far bolder than he should tell you something.

    Both have the same amount of best Director nominations. Seven. Thus, you are wrong.

    Being bolder doesn’t necessarily mean being better. It’s a matter of approach.

    They didn’t always compete in the same years, thus your comparision is moot.

    Regarding EMPIRE OF THE SUN: It was nominated for SIX Oscar, four more than Au Revoir les enfants that had won more acclaim. It’s as worthy of winning best picture as FATAL ATTRACTION, a much more successful film (box office wise, and almost as well critically acclaimed).

    AMISTAD can’t stand in the shadow of THE SWEET HEREAFTER (100% on RT), TASTE OF CHERRY , HAPPY TOGETHER etc.

    All the other films except SPR I consider namedropping. By that standard James Cameron was snubbed for TERMINATOR 2, AVATAR and ALIENS.

    CATCH ME IF YOU CAN is competing with CITY OF GOD(not nominated). MUNICH was nominated, even though A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE ( better reviewed film) didn’t make the cut. Haneke was also snubbed that year.

    Yadda, yadda, yadda.

    The point that is (was) being discussed is that AMPAS is a Spielberg ass-kisser when it comes to drama features.

    You keep mentioning those other films, but it’s impossible to understand why.

    Regarding AMISTAD, which you compared to THE SWEET HEREAFTER: Spielberg’s film was not nominated for Best Picture or Best Director. Egoyan’s film was among the contenders for Directing and Writing. What is your point?

    Regarding EMPIRE OF THE SUN: it received 6 “below the line” nominations. Not Best Picture, not Best Director, not Best Screenplay. Why bring up AU REVOIR, LES ENFANTS? Do you even know?

    CATCH ME IF YOU CAN was not competing with CITY OF GOD. In 2002 Meirelles’ film was eligible only for best Foreign Film and it didn’t make the cut. And Spielberg’s film was not nominated for Picture, Director, Screenplay etc. Again, what is your point?

  • steve50

    “…if Hooper wins. God help us.”

    There’s a cream pie nobody’s ready for.

  • Film Fatale

    Never in my wildest dreams did I think someone would invoke the name of one of my absolute favorite movies (not films, mind you) at Awards Daily — THE BLUE LAGOON.

    Bryce hit the nail on the head about its cinematography — there has never been, nor likely will be, a movie that so evocatively captured the lushness of the south seas as did Nestor Almendros with his magnificent cinematography. Now, the screenplay and acting are another story altogether LOL — but the film looks like a masterpiece and sounds, courtesy of Basil Poledouris’ romantic score, just gorgeous.

    Gotta love THE BLUE LAGOON, sorry.

  • Natasha

    @PaullH–thanks for the heads up on how long this will might all take tonight!


    Prediction: ANG LEE!

  • Bette

    I wish the moderators would omit comments like Bryce’s when he calls someone a “[deleted]”. That’s just nasty, and an unacceptable word.

    I also disliked “Crash” way before the Oscars. The hatred for Crash isn’t just because it beat deserving winner Brokeback. Its not Crash’s fault that the Academy contains way too many openly neo-conservative bigots. Its that Crash was a very divisive film, even upon its release. Some loved it, like Ebert & Oprah. But most major critics did not like it, it even made worst film lists. Its 69 at metacritic is a lucky score considering its detractors, its that the supporters like Ebert put it at the top. All I know is that if you search the web, Crash has solidly replaced Greatest Show on Earth as the film considered the worst to win Best Picture at the Oscars. Also, other upset Best Picture winners, like Miss Daisy, Chariots and Shakespeare are not nearly as reviled, even though few feel they deserved their (dubious) prize. Few non-upset winners deserved their dubious prize too.

    As for Spielberg, its easy to say those who dislike him are jealous. Some, no doubt, for his mega-success is a fact. Notice that other revered directors of the past 40 years or so are not as controversial. Scorsese, Ang, the Coen Brothers, Altman, Lumet, Kubrick, etc….none with so many detractors, none so divisive, not even David Lynch.But I for one tend to dislike many of his films because he uses over-wrought scores and sentimental, manipulative tricks to persuade his audience. He doesn’t show, he TELLS. Now Lincoln was a very happy exception. He allowed the screenplay to guide, and the actors to shine, he’ll almost certainly finally have directed someone to a Best Director Oscar. Restraint just isn’t usually a word in his vocabulary.

    As for Muhammad’s War Horse point that Ryan and others snarkily dismiss, I agree. It was a bad film of a great play. So what that some other groups embraced it? Most didn’t, and it took the place of far more deserving films that could have been nominated instead, like Drive, Melancholia and masterpiece A Separation, among others. And, in my opinion, the Academy got it right in denying him a nomination for Color Purple and Empire of the Sun. Loud, manipulative direction, the worst element of otherwise terrific work (yes, I understand the director is at the helm, but sorry, the Spielberg “touch” (more like a hammer) diminished the work of his team).

    You say the Academy has underrated Spielberg? Nonsense. Munich was NOT expected to be nominated in 2005. Well, no, it certainly was before the awards season began. But then begin it did, and not only was it steam-rolled by Brokeback, but often it wasn’t even a Best Picture competitor, and by the time the nominations were announced, most thought Walk the Line would take its place for pic, and that David Cronenberg would finally get a director nod for History of Violence (or even Michael Haneke for Cache). But again, the Academy – which I strongly dislike – got it right, Munich was riveting, and mostly extremely well directed, except for the very unfortunate scene where he cut between the sex and the murders (can anyone imagine Scorsese or Fincher or Nolan or Ang or Milos Forman or so many others directing it that way??).

    So, with Spielberg, I think its a mixed bag. Sure he’s in the pantheon, but I think its telling that not one of his films made the Sight & Sound Top 101 films at the critics poll last August (please don’t snicker that I mention Sight & Sound, if people here truly love movies, then they’ll look to that list way more than the Oscars for what to watch and learn from). On the other hand, a Spielberg film did make the director’s top 100, that was Jaws. Shame on the Academy for snubbing him in 1975? Not really. Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon, Altman’s Nashville, Forman’s Cuckoo’s Nest and Fellini’s Amarcord all rank as high or higher at the pantheon. That leaves Lumet’s Dog Day Afternoon, ranked on par with Jaws (and a film I feel is a lot more complex). It was just a tough year. So stop playing violins for Spielberg, his 7 nods puts him in the top 10 ever at the Oscars, his 8 Best Picture nods make him #2 in that category behind William Wyler, and his 2 victories for director are also pretty darn good, with a 3rd likely around the corner (alas…I said I liked Lincoln, but I don’t think he deserves an Oscar for it, against Amour, Argo, ZDT, Life of Pi and Beasts).

    I’m in the Beasts camp, though it has no chance.

    And thanks for the great posts, Robert A and Muhammad! I love listening to a foreign take on all this nonsense.

  • Nic V

    There is some credence to what Sasha says when she says this could be the worst thing to happen to Ben Affleck at this point. Suddenly the awards season really isn’t about the Best Director it’s about being snubbed, or as I prefer it; not included in the Best Director category for the 2012 Oscars. The talk isn’t so much about the achievements of Spielberg, Bigelow, Lee, Hanke, and others as it is the fact that Affleck didn’t get a nomination and is now winning awards because he didn’t get a nomination. The whole thing is beginning to play out like the days of Ben and J Lo. That’s not a good thing.

  • Vu Dinh

    Can someone tell me what time (EST) is DGA gonna begin?

  • Bette, thanks. Would have deleted it already if we had noticed it.

    Bryce, the R-word isn’t allowed around here. Please use your head and consider that some words that are hurtful to people you’re not even addressing.

  • Nic V

    Munich was riveting, and mostly extremely well directed, except for the very unfortunate scene where he cut between the sex and the murders (can anyone imagine Scorsese or Fincher or Nolan or Ang or Milos Forman or so many others directing it that way??).

    Well if they had directed it that way would they be called Scorsese or Fincher or Nolan or Ang or Milos? Or would they all be called Steven? I mean that’s a ridiculous comparison.

  • rufussondheim

    OK, Affleck should win because Argo is winning every major award right now.

    But Spielberg should win because his film has the most Oscar nominations.

    And Lee should win because his film is easily the most ambitious.

    But then shouldn’t Bigelow win because it was the critical champion of the year.

    That means the only possible NGNG pick is Tom Hooper!

    Bette, please write a book on the history of film.

  • What about DGA Cerimony?
    I can´t find anything…

  • Bryce Forestieri

    Apologies to those offended.


    Just my two cents: If you think CUCKOO’S NEST is either on par or higher than JAWS in the cinematic pantheon then you…have one silly mind.

    Now I love and respect Sight & Sound, but the list has some limitations, issues, biases, and it’s not the final word on anything film. If I have to rank the films you mentioned from that year, this is the objective order on the merits:

    3. JAWS

    ——-monumental gap———


  • JP

    Spielberg as a whole, definitely has suffered more injustices than benefits from the Academy. I’m not even going to mention the snubs but all his 3 statuettes are deserving and In a fair world, E.T. would have easily beaten Gandhi. That would make him a 5-time Academy Award winner.

    Regarding Sight & Sound’s poll… as any poll, it just has as many mistakes as a Best Picture winners list. A list that ranks Some Like it Hot, Nosferatu and Blade Runner ahead of GONE WITH THE WIND??? In which Gone With the Wind is tied with The Piano and Melancholia? That thinks that Mulholland Drive is one of the 10 best english language films ever made? That thinks that Billy Wilder’s best is not Sunset Boulevard. That includes The Texas Chainsaw Massacre but no Schindler’s List. That pretends to be international but can’t rank City of God or any Almodovar film among the top 250. Give me a break! This is list is mediocre at beast.

  • Akumax

    I have one silly mind too.

    in my opinion there is nothing before, and there is nothing later, in cinema, that resembles One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest. A film constructed on comedy scenes to deliver drama in its most profound disturbing anguishing form.

  • Bette: would you still mention the damn S&S list so much if it featured a Spielberg film in it?

    Why not mention the annual Greatest Film Lists compilation by the site They Shoot Pictures, Don’t They? It is leaps and bounds more comprehensive than S&S’s. It does feature multiple films by that “hack” you hold such a grudge against. Oh, wait, if it includes Spielberg, it ought to be worthless, right?

  • Elton


    I’m so in love with you. You just said everything I think – and hate – about Spielberg.

  • Lincoln

    Steven Spielberg wins..congrats!!!

  • Bryce Forestieri

    “profound disturbing anguishing form”

    Damn, that’s not a silly mind, youre just a fool LOL

    TOP 10 – 1975

    4. JAWS
    9. STAR WARS

    Hell even ROCKY HORROR SHOW!
    soft spot for THE MAGIC FLUTE

  • In my opinion, the 1976 line-up was all-around amazing. ONE FLEW… is the one I like the least, which doesn’t mean it is not a worthy winner. It’s a film I watched several times throughout the last 13 years and its power actually grows on me instead of diminishing.

    My rank:
    1) Nashville
    2) Jaws
    3) Dog Day Afternoon
    4) Barry Lyndon
    5) One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

  • Bryce Forestieri

    Top 3 songs from NASH anyone? 😛

  • Scott

    Bette I agree with you on The Color Purple. Quincy Jones’ sapfest of a score ruined the movie for me. At times I thought Thumper and Bambi were going to come darting across the screen.

    I like your analysis…”showing not telling”.

  • Elton

    Lena Dunham just won for Girls! So happy about it

  • Top 3 songs from NASH anyone?

    1. “I’m Easy”
    2. “200 Years”
    3. “Keep A-Goin'”

  • Bryce Forestieri

    Mannnn! The “I’m Easy” scene is heartbreaking, but gotta go with “One, I Love You”

    “200 Years” is 3rd!

  • Scott

    I’m Easy
    It Don’t Worry Me

    Best Karen Black song…Memphis

  • Top 10 – 1975

    1. Barry Lyndon (Kubrick)
    2. Traveling Players (Angelopoulos)
    3. Picnic at Hanging Rock (Weir)
    4. The Mirror (Tarkovsky)
    5. The Magic Flute (Bergman)
    6. Monty Python and the Holy Grail (Gilliam)
    7. Salo (Pasolini)
    8. Fox and His Friends (Fassbinder)
    9. The Passenger (Antonioni)
    10. The Story of Adele H. (Truffaut)

    Barely missed: La Bete (Borowczyk), Dog Day Afternoon (Lumet), Jaws (Spielberg), Star Wars (Lucas, Grey Gardens (Maysles), Sholay (Sippy)

  • Bryce Forestieri

    @Sam Juliano

    Never mind STAR WARS that was another year! LOL :”> tipsy

    I guess throw in there somewhere PROFONDO ROSSO instead. Oops 😛

  • 1. Jaws
    2. Nashville
    3. Barry Lyndon
    4. Dog Day Afternoon
    5. Picnic at Hanging Rock
    6. The Mystery of Kaspar Hauser
    7. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
    8. Fox and His Friends
    9. Grey Gardens
    10. Shampoo

  • Scott

    Yes Ryan. Nashville is number one. And I really appreciate you placing Shampoo on the list…a man with good make that great taste.

  • Ryan, I was counting Kasper Hauser for the previous year, but either way I love the film, applaud your selection of it, and love your list!!!!

  • Bryce, you make a good point there on the wrong year for Lucas’ film. Senility again. Ha!

  • I switched Jaws to #1 …sorry, had to.
    it’s been too long since I’ve seen Nashville.

    Nashville needs a Blu-ray release

    here’s how much I love Nashville
    fantastic book. highly recommended.

    after the Oscars we’re going to start doing more feature posts about past classics

  • Bryce Forestieri

    Haven’t been able to see FOX AND HIS FRIENDS. I think it’s out of print in the US? But coming from Fassbinder is it as “groundbreaking” as BROKEBACK? :O

  • Thanks, Sam. Just want to say, my ranking is so arbitrary.
    If you took the list away from me and made me do it again 2 days from now the order would be different.

    I also have to confess that I have not seen The Magic Flute

  • Is indeed out-of-print Bryce, but there are used copies of the Fox Lorber for about 20 bucks. This is the one I have:

  • Ha Ryan! I completely agree with the change that would occur if you were to do it again a day or two later. Precisely the same situation with me.

    Great idea to examine classics on feature classics on feature posts! I’ll be here with bells on.

  • oops, last submission had name cut off. sorry.

  • fixed

  • Thank you Sir.

  • Scott

    I didn’t know there was such a book. Thank you for the recommendation.

  • Gage Creed

    “You will see something happen that never happened”

    Something already did. For the first time ever, an acting category (Supporting Actor) has 5 nominees who already won before.

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