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The Oscar Preparations …


So far, the winners from last year are the most recent presenters announced: Meryl Streep, Jean DuJardin, Octavia Spencer and Christopher Plummer.  Now, you can download recipes from the governor’s ball for your Oscar night. But in case you might want to have some movie themed recipes, here are a few suggestions.

Lincoln’s second inaugural ball menu has been posted online, with such items as oyster stew, terrapin, quail and pheasant.

You could go middle eastern with hummus Zero Dark Thirty style.
For Les Mis, well, let them eat cake! (I know, wrong war) maybe french onion soup?
For Life of Pi you could eat raw fish or you could make a traditional curry.
For Argo, chicken tacos.
For Silver Linings Playbook crabbycakes and homemades.
For Beasts of the Southern Wild try crawfish boil.
Amour – cooked pigeon.  Well?
Django Unchained – why, white cake of course.

The Oscars recipes can be found here.