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Anne Thompson Reads the Tea Leaves at the Luncheon

I’ve heard twice now, from two separate reporters observing Ben Affleck “on the campaign trail” that  he “really wants to win this.” If Affleck ever decides to run for office, homey could be president.  He’s got it all.   Argo is doing hard core campaigning opposite David O. Russell, another one who clearly wants to win this.  Victory might then be a double edged sword. On the one hand, you can’t get it unless you campaign for it. On the other hand, how will you ever know if you really deserved it or not?

Remember John Horn’s story about the two different campaign styles where it was revealed Affleck badgered (nicely) one awards blogger about not switching over to Argo? We all knew he was talking about Anne Thompson and she confirms it:

“Argo” producer George Clooney has given Ben Affleck some campaigning tips. The tall multi-hyphenate keeps himself humble and self-deprecating in his many acceptance speeches as well as making charming and accessible conversation on his rounds. This is one of the advantages of being an actor in a tough race. People adore Affleck. And he’s open about wanting to win this one. I told him that after his PGA, SAG and DGA wins, I’ve gone over to the “Argo” side for best picture. “You’re not going to change your mind and throw us out?” he challenged me.

Meanwhile, Thompson also reports that Ang Lee got the “most applause” at the gathering for Life of Pi, which clearly is well loved by the Academy.  So many great films are dividing the votes all over the place.