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  • Aragorn

    Ok this is turning to be stupid and ridiculous….and not funny.

  • Antoinette

    So many beards on the red carpet this year.

    And facial hair.

  • Oh, really?
    But that’s great.
    They deserve it.
    I’m wondering turn a bearded guy too.
    It’s cool!


  • Beard

    And that is why Steven “Made a Crappy Biopic” Spielberg is not walking away with best picture? Because, you know, he has never sported a beard?

    Lincoln sucked. Case. Point.

    Daniel Day-Lewis reminded me of Jim Carey’s Scrooge.

    Sorry Sasha.

  • pymcoy

    What a bunch of assholes. How dare they have the audacity to make an accessible, competent, loved film in the same year as Lincoln!

  • Steven s

    Seriously. Lincoln. Sucked.

    Seriously, when they pulled that stunt with Clinton at the Globes, I lost so much respect for Clinton.

  • Victor Barreto

    Trick not minding? Clooney has a better motto.


  • Well, Clooney is quite hot, Affleck is on its way of being (just beef up a bit, Ben).

    Their film is stupid, but well, that’s Hollywood folks! Crash, Slumdog Millionaire, Million Dollar Baby, A Beautiful Mind… and now Argo.

  • AnthonyP

    Maybe, just maybe, Argo has gotten all its accolades and the academy will now award Lincoln BP out of sympathy.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    Even if you like LINCOLN, LIFE OF PI or even god forbid SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK better than ARGO. After a private audience with writer-producer-director-movie-star Ben Affleck and writer-producer-director-movie-star George Clooney (they are having these with almost every single member of this voting bodies, they have admitted it and it’s been widely reported) and they shake your hand and rub your shoulder with the other, smile and say to your face “can we count on your support?”, then you say to yourself feeling good about life “fuck LINCOLN, I’m voting for these guys!”

  • Yvette

    I’m really starting to believe this anti-Lincoln shit is disturbing. I mean, what is this world coming to when they can’t appreciate an intelligent film about Abraham F*** Lincoln?
    If you’re bored, that’s your problem (seriously, it may be an IQ issue), but those who actively despise it….I’m just flabbergasted. It’s a film about our greatest president and yet, it’s getting mocked and sneered at. Is it a generational thing? Are younger film goers just too stupid, impatient or apathetic and shallow to savor it or what?
    It’s doing gangbusters at he box office so the public is not rejecting it. And critics loved it.
    Where is the disconnect with its shut out among the industry?
    I’m just not getting it.

  • Bryce… you nailed it. But with me, they would need to do “something else” than a handshake and a tap in the back, for getting my vote. They would really have to prostitute themselves, literally.

    Then, after, I would just consider it.

  • Mr. Pricklepants

    Argo and Lincoln are both good movies, but it looks like they like Argo the most. Or maybe it’s the power of Ben and George. Are they the new Ben and Matt?

    It’s almost certainly winning Best Picture, and it would probably have won Best Director as well if Ben Affleck had been nominated. But he wasn’t, so someone else will. My money is on Ang Lee.

  • Christopher

    One would have to think it must be Clooney’s influence. Argo is a decent film, but even my friends who loved Argo don’t believe it comes close to being the best pic of the year.
    For those posting childish “Lincoln sucks!” comments-it’s not flattering and doesn’t make the case for Argo winning. If anyone can look at Lincoln and surmise that “it sucks” then they have no comprehension of film making.
    I am not exactly a huge Spielberg fan, I certainly wasn’t expecting the film that became Lincoln, but I had to eat crow and give it kudos where kudos is deserved.
    If Kushner doesn’t win the Oscar, this will be a crime on the scale of the “Driving Miss Daisy” win or “Shakespeare in Love.”

  • eclipse22

    yvette what i’m really wondering is why is it so hard to accept (i say accept not agree with) that people can love/like lincoln well enough but love/enjoy argo more
    i don’t understand why if you’re rooting for argo it means you’re stupid, you’re IQ is low, you like fast food and are shallow etc…
    i don’t agree with people who as you say actively despise lincoln or argo !
    the fact of the matter is people liked these 9 films the best out of a bunch , now they have to pick one and that’s all it is A CHOICE its neither right nor wrong

    and just maybe if they enjoy a film more then they consider that a feat worthy of winning the prize, i like to believe all nominees feel just getting nominated and being admitted into that short list per category is a feat in itself and a great honor , to be among the few considered !

    in france we truly believe in the whole “the importance is participating , might explain why we don’t win much in sports because we don’t have that culture of winning and its the end of the world if you don’t! as a bi-cultural person that is a trait i wish we’d get rid of , but in some cases it truly comes in handy in taking a step back to see things clearly

  • Watermelons

    I think I’m onto something……. http://www.beards.org/images/thumbnails.php?album=36

  • TJ

    Apparently Lincoln is doing well in theaters, historically this has not always been the case.

    Yvette, Lincoln our greatest president? Ha! He was an irresponsible stubborn biggot, who gambled on the lives of thousands of young Americans, resulting in the bloodiest conflict in US history. He was known for his racist jokes, and his real goal for the war was to uphold the union, freeing slaves was not his number one goal. The Emancipation Proclomation was a joke… It freed slaves in the states in the Confederacy. That is like FDR signing something in 1942 telling all the Jews in Nazi-occupied Europe they are free and can return home. Disliking Lincoln has nothing to do with havin a low IQ, it is a matter of preference. It was an overdrawn film, with melodramatic performances, and crappy wigs.

  • lenka73

    I’m not an ARGO fan but they look great bearded indeed

  • Doddi

    This is like a fight between kids in a sandbox or on a playground … personally, I have never understood the love for ZDT. I have always loved Argo and rooted for it… I have also said I would be okay with Lincoln or Silver Linings Playbook winning.

    If Kusner doesn’t win though … it is not a crime. Far from it. There are other worthy winners.

    One simple question: If Argo wins, can anybody say for sure (back it up please) that it was for any other reasons than the film indeed simply being the best film of the year (according to most academy members)?

  • Saw Silver Linings Playbook today, and even if I only have seen 3 out of the 9 nominees for Best Picture, Argo is still the worst. The Best out of the 3? Django.

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