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Just a Reminder of 2012’s Best Picture Contenders

It’s so easy to get caught up in the hype of awards season. Most people vote with their emotions, I totally get it. But someday people will look back on this year with astonishment.  And much of that will have to do with this:



And when you further add on 12 Oscar nominations for Lincoln, 10 BAFTA nominations, and 13 Critics Choice nominations – it is inexplicable – but perhaps that’s the juicy part of it for voters, seeing a movie like this, so well reviewed, having made so much money take a tumble. We build them up, we tear them down. Most right now will be tempted to look upon this as Lincoln’s failure to win the vote. But I look at it more as the way the wind blows. Lick your finger and you can feel the direction of it. But no one is any position to judge this film’s quality. Not with the evidence we have before us. It’s how the awards race “works” but it doesn’t mean anything and should never be used to judge the worth of a film. Fight that instinct, Oscar watchers. Remember.