BAFTA Contest Winners

The two highest scoring participants, with 18 out of 21:
RJ Silk
Kjartan Atli Óskarsson

And with 17 out of 21:
José R. Ortega
Simone Fabriziani
Elton Almeida

  • ‘Argo’ is surely locked now for best picture. The only thing that might stop it is if the Academy has a re-think. Lincoln got just one Bafta win with the most nominations. Is that a first for Bafta?

    The best director Oscar is wide open. But only Spielberg and Lee got DGA nominations. Commonsense dictates that one of those two should win. But this year has so far been strange. It is disappointing that Fox is not campaigning for ‘Life of Pi’.

  • José R. Ortega

    Yay!!! At last I can see myself in the winners circle! Hahaha.

  • Karl

    Please Academy, give the Oscar to Emmanuelle Riva, don’t reward the asshole david o russell with his stupid faces

  • AnthonyP

    Are we officially ruling out Jessica Chastain? I still think she can the win the Oscar.

  • Gregoire

    Unfortunately, I think Argo’s only competition now is Silver Linings Playbook.

    Compare Silver’s mid-February, pre-Oscar box office performance with another Weinstein product, The Kings Speech. It’s uniquely positioned in the mainstream right as Oscar voting wraps up. And like King’s, Silver has all its actors hoofing it on the talk shows.

    Russell also has a director’s nod.

  • KT

    I don’t remember from last year…Do you set up a prize for the best predictor for the Oscars?

  • Pierre de Plume

    Congrats to the predictors! It’s hard enough predicting the Oscars, but BAFTA bafftles me.

  • Elton Almeida

    I agree with Gregorie. I think the real threat to “Argo” is “Silver Linings Playbook”

  • Sacheen Littlefeather

    Is BAFTA going to air on American TV this year, and if so, what station?

  • Astarisborn

    “I agree with Gregorie. I think the real threat to “Argo” is “Silver Linings Playbook”

    Please no. Good acting but terrible screenplay. Shame on BAFTA. After seeing it, I left feeling cheated.

  • Sacheen Littlefeather

    Just found out it aired twice on BBC America. Missed it.

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