Jessica Chastain’s Three-Legged Dog Makes Surprise Appearance on Stage


On the BAFTA red carpet Jessica Chastain talks about a time when her three-legged doggie was let out backstage and “hopped” towards the sound of her voice. If you haven’t yet fallen in love with Jessica Chastain you soon will.



  • Jerry

    Her dog is adorable. Good on her for adopting a pet with a physical disability instead of going for the “perfect” one.

  • Sparks Meridian

    I’ve got some damage if she wants to adopt me. Well, issues, more than damage.

  • Who among us hasn’t adopted a 3-legged dog for a night or two?

  • Pinky

    Read how she handled the situation without breaking character:

  • Pierre de Plume

    Chastain always seems to be enjoying herself. I love that.

  • Reno

    “Been there, done that (and it worked)” — Jean Dujardin

  • rufussondheim

    What a cute dog (in that yahoo story you see a close up of him/her)

  • GoOnNow

    Chastain interviews always make me feel good.

  • Jay

    I really want her to win the Oscar but given the so-called Oscar curse maybe it’ll be to her benefit if she doesn’t.

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