Last night, Craig Kennedy, Ryan and I do the Podcast Thang for episode 19 of Oscar podcast. You can subscribe to it on itunes if you’d like, or click here to listen.  

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  • danemychal

    Take Argo to Canada! 🙂 I lol’ed.

  • Last year the Bafta screenplay winners ‘The Artist’ and ‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy’ both lose the Oscar. Both the screenplay categories are fluid though Tarantino is slightly ahead. I am wishfully hoping that Mark Boal can make a comeback. If the WGA goes for ‘Lincoln’ which I hope it will then you have a three way race for adapted screenplay.

    I think though that Bafta wanted to give ‘Silver linings Playbook’ something. Russell’s reaction when Jennifer Lawrence lost was priceless. He did not not know where to look. They should have shown Harvey Weinstein’s reaction as well.

  • Am I hallucinating or is there no podcast 18? If there is, I still want to listen to it!

  • kai

    Take Argo to Canada FTW!

  • steve50

    Thanks for cheering me up – still laughing over the Argo/Canada comment.

    If (when) it wins on the 24th, I’m considering sending a crate of maple syrup to Clooney/Affleck/Terrio.

  • AnthonyP

    Not sure where else to put this, but can anything be more depressing than watching those Oscar documentary shorts?

  • The J Viewer

    Thanks for the podcast.

    I was at the 1:01:20 spot making this comment, and still listening.

    Just being curious: *Who (one of the readers) reportedly made the comment “last night” that +rephrasing+ Spielberg needs to be taught a lesson (if something happens like losing this year’s Oscar, etc.)?

    ^Apparently, that person has a (personal) issue with Spielberg – no matter into what level of his/her remark about “the lesson” should be interpreted. To being with, Spielberg is one of the most talented working directors alive.

    I’d like to see *YOU direct a movie and show us how great you are, Ms./Mr. Lonely.

  • J Viewer

    Self-correction: “To being with, Spielberg is one of the most talented working directors alive.”

    To begin with,….

    PS: And to Mr./Ms. Lonely, how many roads must Spielberg walk down before YOU can call him DA MAN?

  • Dennis

    Ashwin Pinto: With BFCA, Globe, and the BAFTA, I would hardly say that Tarantino is only “slightly ahead” in the Original Screenplay race.

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