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Shocked, Shocked that Negative Campaigning is Going on Here!

courtney.img_assist_customYou don’t get into politics and not know the reprecussions of timing in an election season, I mean, an awards season. People wouldn’t campaign for Oscars if it didn’t result in wins. Campaign, you know, like politicians? Campaign, you know, like Ben Affleck did for Joe Courtney back in 2006? It’s great that Affleck did that. He’s a stand up guy who is involved in politics loosely. But no way no how is this dude coming clean completely when he plays dumb — from the Carpetbagger:

Though he credited Mr. Affleck’s speech at the University of Connecticut with helping him win the 2006 election, by just 83 votes, he and the actor-turned-filmmaker did not know each other and have not had much contact since, he said. They did meet, though, a few months ago, when Mr. Affleck testified before Congress about his charity efforts to help the Congo.

“We shook hands and reminisced about the ’06 election,” Mr. Courtney said, according to Steven Zeitchik at The Los Angeles Times. “That’s as far as sub rosa communications extended.”

A spokesperson for Warner Brothers, which released “Argo,” also denied that there was any connection between Mr. Affleck and Mr. Courtney’s letter, and added “dismay that anyone would suggest otherwise.”

Of course, that is a bit of protesting too much, as this is exactly the time when potshots at front-runners — which “Argo” has steadfastly become — are common, as any studio executive worth their contracted-trade ads knows. Whether the mini-tempests make a difference or not (exactly how many Academy members are from Connecticut?) remains to be seen, but last we checked, Academy members were not big sticklers for truth.

Protesting too much indeed, specifically since Courtney sought out Affleck to shake his hand “a few months ago.” Come on, dude.  Smart of the WB to get out a statement – but lest we forget, the congressman made a big splashy deal about it and the only two people who benefit are himself and Ben Affleck.  For that alone his motives are suspect. That’s what politicians do — find dirt, expose dirt, try to ruin the chances of another to win.  It’s naive of him to imagine he wouldn’t impact the Oscar race. He isn’t that stupid.  No, it isn’t his “job” to save Spielberg from embarrassment but at least he should be more honest about his motives.  Lincoln has been hit from all angles — ironic since the anniversary of his death is coming up next month.  Winning comes at a high price and it’s reserved only for those who want it bad enough.    Ben Affleck is a really nice guy, a beautiful man with a beautiful family — the next JFK and Jackie probably.  He’s going to win the Oscar.  Spielberg and Co. can’t compete with that, not in a million years. So don’t worry, Joe.