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Argo expected to plow through last remaining guild awards before Taking Best Picture Oscar

This upcoming weekend will be the Writers Guild, the Editors Guild, the Cinema Audio Society and the Motion Picture Sound Editing.  At this point, we’re just going through the motions — it’s all over but the enthusiastic speech at the end.

I expect that Argo will win the Writers Guild award as the ballots were turned in the same time as the PGA and SAG, just as the gasoline hit the flame and Argo became the unstoppable frontrunner.  I also expect (it’s a no-brainer actually) Argo to win the Ace Eddie. There probably isn’t an easier prediction to make this year.

Finally, Argo ISN’T nominated for the Cinema Audio Society award so perhaps voters can do a write-in vote?  The nominees are Les Mis, Skyfall, Zero Dark Thirty, Lincoln and The Hobbit.  Probably Les Miserables wins that, right? Or Skyfall.

We have a contest! Test your abilities predicting all three of these after the cut: