Remember when Nightline was Nightline? Well, with this interesting interview with Jennifer Lawrence they seem like they want to entertain their lonely male viewers laying in bed at night in the best way they know how.

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  • Bryce Forestieri

    The whole thing is distasteful from the bitchy look at Riva’s BAFTA win to this…just reeks, but she is hot shit right now

  • Jerry

    What bitchy look did Jennifer Lawrence give? I watched the whole show including Riva’s win but don’t remember any bitchy look. You are projecting feelings unto her. She has the right to appear on any TV show that will have her. Lincoln doesn’t have a monopoly on “serious shows”. Probably time to step away from the Lawrence hate and catch a breathe.

  • CB

    Sasha, your entry here is extremely misandrist. I’m a 26-year-old straight male who loved SLP and her performance – not because it was attractive but because she was nuanced, manic, and moving. And to reduce my appreciation of Lawrence’s work (or anyone’s) to the fact that she’s attractive is senseless.

  • CB

    Oh, and your entry is also insulting of Lawrence – it presupposes that she is only appreciated for her looks and not her talent.

  • helios

    She is more desperate than Anne Hathaway.

  • Sasha Stone

    CB, I was NOT making a comment against Lawrence but merely the producers of Nightline who had to keep showing her body in various states of undress. What the hell was that? Yeah, I thought the piece was not as respectful as it might have been, put it that way.

  • Ellen

    Lawrence’s interview was recorded BEFORE the Bafta…

  • Zach

    I think we’ve forgotten what real talent is. I like her a lot, I still do. But what she has in spades is not talent so much as looks (especially a unique look, and piercing blue eyes) and a charismatic personality. A distinctive voice. She was excellent in Winter’s Bone, but she isn’t reinventing the wheel. Everything about her that was right for SLP had little to do with her talent.

  • CB

    Sasha, I see – apologies for the heated comment then. I think we’re on the same side when it comes to the way she was depicted. The odd thing is I wasn’t at all attracted to her in the movie – her character was so disturbed and odd, and that’s a testament to how powerful I feel her performance was.

  • It was David O. Russell who gave the bitchy look when Emmanuelle Riva won. Jennifer Lawrence looked mildly disappointed but respectful. And that’s fair enough.

  • Morgan

    The piece is fine.

  • James

    Talented and beautiful girl, but I really don’t want her overexposed. I don’t want to be sighing at the sight of her on a late night show. Sometimes I think impressionable viewers think she’s like the greatest thing to come to Hollywood. I don’t want to say the release of Silver Linings Playbook was calculated, but the timing couldn’t be better given it came out the same year Hunger Games made her a movie star. Her best work…still Winter’s Bone.

    The interviewer is wrong. She is the rom com stock character. The manic pixie dream girl. Usually I love that kind of character seeing as how she is a perfect match for the lead, but in this case neither of those two deserve one another. None can be the rock in the relationship.

    If she is the male fantasy character which in some cases she is, I’d like to think my fantasy character wouldn’t berate me in front of my entire family. She wouldn’t lie to get what she wants. She wouldn’t be so controlling that she can’t let me have some therapeutic with my dad who cried his eyes out. She wouldn’t be hypocrite. She wouldn’t make me feel like shit for even thinking about not upholding my end of the bargain by changing the football subject and giving me a letter from my wife which turned out to be fake. She wouldn’t just take all the mental abuse I give her in the first hour and still chase me.

    Tiffany: I can’t let him have half a day with his dad because then I’ll be losing my control over him. I’m hoping the more time I spend with him the more he can’t get me out of his head. I’m that insecure and I honestly don’t believe in breathing room from the ones you love. You should be together always. At least according to this romantic novel I read.

  • keifer

    AMPAS has surprised us in the past recently in the Best Actress category.

    In particular:

    Haley Barry’s win for “Monster’s Ball” – everyone thought Sissy Spacek was going to win for “In the Bedroom”.

    Marion Cotillard’s win for “La vie en Rose” – everyone thought Julie Christie was going to win for “Away From Her”.

    Given this crazy year (for Oscar watchers, that is)and the wealth being spread around this category, it has made it a most interesting Best Actress race indeed.

    It could go to Chastain, Lawrence or Riva this year. And when the lucky winner is announced, it will be a surprise because there are three so very strong front runners and they have all been lauded before by various organizations.

    I really don’t know whose name is going to be called out this year. But I’ll be on pins and needles until they do.

    Don’t you love it when a category isn’t so ghastly predictable?

    Best Supporting Actor is also one that promises to be a nail biter.

    Best Actor and Supporting Actress – Daniel and Anne better dress to the nines since they are going home with the trophies this year.

    But Best Actress? It’s nuts!

  • The interviewer is wrong. She is the rom com stock character. The manic pixie dream girl.

    manic pixie dream girl, meet manic-depressive dream boy

    old trope: boy gets girl, boy loses girl, boy finds girl again.
    new trope: boy get mad, boy loses mind, boy finds out girl is a pathological liar but wow what an ass.

  • daveinprogress

    She is great talent and has wonderful screen presence. Imagine what she could do in a really good film with a really good script and a really good director? Winter’s Bone notwithstanding, let’s see what comes.

  • Selma

    I don’t like seeing her get overexposed. Media is just dragging her down. And I saw BAFTA and while she did look disappointed the only one that looked like an idiot was David O.Russell; Jessica Chastain was sporting a fake smile too when the camera shot her. Oh well, at least you see how they really feel instead of fake smiles all the time.

    I hope to God that Riva wins this year. She’s not getting the accolades she truly deserves. Hollywood is so obsessed with stars that they don’t see the talent, although Chastain and Lawrence are indeed talented.

    People need to stop hating on a young girl. I agree with Sasha, that was so low to show the Esquire shoot. So not necessary.

  • AnthonyP

    I thought her look at the BAFTAs was bitchy also.
    Will it help Jessica Chastain?

  • daveinprogress

    Is this what the awards race and the Oscar have come down to? A sour puss face from Tommy Lee Jones and a scornful one from ‘papa can you hear me’ David ‘O’ Russell to sway a voter’s mind on who to vote for an award?

    Maybe it should be turned into the Miss Universe pageant and Mr and Mrs Congeniality contest. The swimsuit part of the contest could be interesting:


  • James

    That shouldn’t hurt David O Russell. David O Russell’s film should hurt David O Russell. Still it wasn’t the classiest move. He seemed like he became a guy of humility when The Fighter came around, but now I couldn’t be more tired of him this season. He’s actually trying too hard. It seems kind of disingenuous. I wish he would let the work speak for itself……lol okay so the work isn’t that good, but you get what I mean.

  • AnthonyP

    “Is this what the awards race and the Oscar have come down to? A sour puss face from Tommy Lee Jones and a scornful one from ‘papa can you hear me’ David ‘O’ Russell to sway a voter’s mind on who to vote for an award? ”

    Unfortunately it does come down to stupid stuff like that. Just like De Niro crying on Couric or Jennifer Lawrence showing up on Nightline.

    BTW, is SLP the only movie promoting itself on all these talk shows?
    I have some big prize Oscar pools I’m in, and I would to pick TLJ and Jessica Chastain still, but, damn, if it isn’t getting to be a pain.

  • Luke

    I love all the shades thrown toward Jennifer Lawrence on her way to the Oscar podium. She will win and none of this snarkiness can stop it.

  • AnthonyP

    I think Jessica Chastain plays a too assertive character for the Academy to vote for her.
    Cute Jennifer is the safe bet.

  • Danemychal

    Lawrence’s campaign is feeling the heat, especially now post-BAFTA. I know of at least one Oscar voter who picked Riva and said he thinks she will surprise this year. Could be interesting or could not be. You never know til the envelope is opened.

  • mel

    Can WE campaign for the lovely Riva?

    Here is a wonderful interview

    She is even more charming that Lawrence.

  • PaulH

    Wow, aren’t we catty, Sasha…I guess we know who this site is going all-in on. 😮

  • Astarisborn

    I liked her performance in Hunger Games 100% better than SLP. The script in HG fit her like a glove and SLP fit her like the glass slipper that one of cinderella’s evil sisters had to squeeze into. Can’t imagine her winning over Riva or Chastain.

  • kdslfk

    People saying Jennifer Lawrence is campaigning hard don’t know what campaigning is. There are actors who have staged pap shots everyday, randomnly show up to charity events during awards season, etc. We rarely see pap shots of Jennifer and we rarely see her giving interviews. In fact she refused to do Inside the Actor’s Studio. If she’s doing interviews like Nightline about her career then good for her. However, I don’t see her doing any hardcore campaigning.

  • The great thing about Lawrence is not only is she not just a piece of meat, but she “gets it” without being jaded. I wish I had been as smart at her age and didn’t have to learn things the hard way.

    GO JLAW!!! 😀

  • JLaw!

    Inside the Actor’s Studio?

    She refused to do it because she can’t offer any insight to her acting. She just shows up without any prep, does her schtick (where she’s oh so cool with her dead eyes and screaming scenes when she’s called to do them) and the horny fanboys eat it up. Wait in a year or two or three…the tide will turn against her and some other hot actress will take her place despite 2 or 3 more Hunger Games franchises come out.

    Wake me up when she doesn’t play an oh-so-cool character that’s smart-mouthed or just too cool for her environment. Yes, Winter’s Bone fits that bill somewhat. She was just so much better than her surroundings (idiot mother, useless siblings, dead father, loser uncle, evil sheriff, bad drug lords, hideous women beating her up, etc.). Or at least wake me up when she can bring some emotion behind her soulless eyes.

    She’s the hipster Kristen Stewart.

  • JLaw!

    Very telling that the very best scene for her in Winter’s Bone was when she had no lines what-so-ever. Her line delivery is atrocious. The less lines she has to speak the better for her.

  • dalovely

    It’s amazing how vicious people are against young actresses today. Is it envy or jealousy that these females are in the spotlight that only a few will ever experience. this past summer until fall Kristen Stewart was vilified and called talentless even though she was the lead actress of two major franchises. now this girl is being torn apart because she received an Oscar nod and it’s her job to promote the film she and so many others worked on. Where is the crime in that? Yet no one criticizes men in HW for promoting their movies.

  • James

    Leaving Lawrence out of this, I do think Tiffany is a strike against feminism. Maybe not as bad as Bella, but close.

    Tiffany: You are afraid to live life PAT!!!!
    Me: Wait…..what is this movie about? Is it him getting control over his illness or learning to deal with it? Or is like about Pat learning to be more open to life experiences or something? To be more in tune with his emotions? This movie seems like a mish mash of ideas that don’t entirely click and none of it is thought out. It’s like Russell threw in ideas of whatever sounded good from other redemptive/getting better stories regardless if it was ever clear or not.

  • Gregoire

    Emmanuelle Riva is going to win and I”m going to leap out of skin in happiness. Remember how much the Oscars LOVE the French. And, on top of that, she deserves it. Think Marian Cotillard, Jean DuJardin. A French actor has not been left in their seat since Juliette Binoche in 2000. (Excepting Berenice Bejo last year, but she could not stop the Help train.)

  • PaulH

    dalovely, Stewart was ripped a new one because she had an affair with the director of Snow White and The Huntsman. It doesn’t help she doesn’t have a whiff of talent…which leads to this whopper from someone else:

    “She’s the hipster Kristen Stewart.”

    This is the Awards Derby forum contributor police! Step away from the crack pipe! 😉

    That’s so many levels of wrong they haven’t invented the integer to come up with a number high enough.

  • Denni

    If winning Best actress should go to the one whose paid their dues, then the Oscar should go to Naomi Watts! I rooting for Lawrence though, you can’t deny the girl is talented!

  • Jade Fox

    Yeah that interview was dumb. Oooh she did a sexy photoshoot for a magazine! Like no other actress has ever done that. Luckily Jennifer wasn’t fazed and did a good job in the interview.

    This interview only reinforces how few people take actresses seriously even ones who are considered talented. Male actors can stick to talking about acting and their characters. Yeah a few actors talk about their personal life(Hi Ben Affleck) but they don’t have to. They can be like Daniel Day Lewis and solely talk about their craft and people don’t hate them for it. But actresses don’t have that luxury. Too many times I read an interview about an actress and I wonder, “What the hell does who is she dating have anything to do with her current movie?” And don’t get me started on how actresses are expected to be “style icons” now. And if you don’t play the game perfectly, Lawd Have Mercy. You will get rip to shreds like Kristen Stewart(who was getting blasted long before her cheating scandal) and get called “ungrateful” if you even hint that there’s a dark underbelly beneath all the glamour, even though many know in their hearts that it is true.

    And PaulH, you do realize that Sasha has been one of Jennifer’s biggest cheerleaders in the past three years right? She doesn’t hate Jennifer at all. She just wasn’t crazy about her SLP performance. You can like a person and not always like their work. I’m in the same boat really. And I do have to wonder: If Jennifer turned down The Hunger Games and Xmen would you be still as supportive? By her own admission she could’ve stayed on the indie route where she was getting praise for her acting and doing well.

  • Zooey

    @ Paddy, come on! Take a look! SHE WAS FURIOUS.
    In terms of acting – I simply blame O. Russell’s really mediocre script for what feels wrong and forced in her performance. And by the way, her scene in the diner was really way too forced and it felt fake and too unrealistic. But I liked her in the following scene. It was an uneven performance, but still an enjoyable one and the only good thing about the whole mess of a film.

    But I hope Riva will take this. This will make the year good even with bad winners across the board in other categories. My dream scenario:

    Phoenix, Riva, TLJ and Amy Adams win acting
    Haneke wins directing
    Lincoln and Moonrise Kingdom for writing
    Skyfall for cinematography and song

  • mel

    @Zooey you cannot blame Russell for what felt forced on her performance since no other actor had problems delivering the lines. Jennifer does not know how to deliver a line and her performance wasn’t good. Just because she screams a lot and bounces her boobs up and down does not mean she was good. The movie was terrible, there was too much explaining with dialogue instead of emotion. In movies, you have the privilege to not have to resort to dialogue a lot since you can show that with subtle writing that Russell does not have.

    All of Jennifer’s performances seem forced and she says she works with instinct and what she has at the moment but she looks dead in the eyes and has zero emotion inside, that is why she looks forced, because she doesn’t know what she is doing but the over adulation the public has with her dumb public image is what makes people believe she is talented. She shouldn’t be nominated. Actually, that movie should have never been made.

  • mel

    @Zooey I want Amy to win too! I think she gives the best performance of the bunch. I still don’t know how Harvey got Weaver nominated, she has nothing to work with in that movie.
    And Joaquin DOES give the best performance but he will never get an Oscar, sadly.

    My dream scenario would be:
    Lincoln/ Life of Pi
    Lincoln and Moonrise

  • Ellen

    Jennifer’s face is absolutely normal. People invent stories… I don’t speak about David, of course!
    “Jessica’s fake smile” is not better…

  • Zach

    Say what you will about her Oscar merits for SLP or the focus of that interview, but she is so charming and down-to-earth. It’s undeniable.

    Too bad the politics of the Oscar season have her winning awards for SLP, which isn’t even good enough to win Emmys. She was so much stronger in The Hunger Games, let alone Winter’s Bone, it’s a shame the campaigning makes it easy to forget.

  • Corvo

    The feminist hate towards Jennifer Lawrence is so funny! We like Jennifer, ladies, deal with it!

  • TOM

    I can understand the reasoning behind showing all of those cheesecake/swimsuit photos of Jennifer. It just shows that her management team was probably freaked that this newbie would be categorized under the ‘backwood hick’ file. Who knew that an about-face was in order (after Winter’s Bone) and that a va-va-voom body was underneath all of that apparel. (I sensed the same type of image switch about the time Hilary Swank appeared in Boy’s Don’t Cry.)

    Haven’t been watching the talk shows, but this girl seems like the only BActress nominee hitting the trail. Has there been even more than 1 appearance by Watts, Riva, QWallis or Chastain anywhere?

    SLPlaybook side note – I watched the president’s State of the Union address last night. There was not one mention of the urgent needs of our nation’s mental health crisis. Surely, I believe, the Vice President had to of passed forward the calamity and underfunding of this delicate topic. For Gosh sakes, he just had 2 nominated guests there who were the (supposedly) advocates of this disease!

  • Lynn

    People go on and on about Jennifer Lawrence’s great personality. I find her to be vulgar, inarticulate, and undisciplined. She’s made homophobic comments (calling herself a “dyke” because she played sports as a young girl), sexist comments, and has displayed great insensitivity toward people with mental disorders (ridiculing Jesse Eisenberg for his OCD).

    Plus, she actually said in an interview at TIFF that she doesn’t bother to learn her lines. She goes on set and asks the director how she should play the part. That’s not acting.

  • The J Viewer

    Thanks for embedding, Sasha. I really enjoyed every min. of it.

    I love her for both her look and talent.

    [But I won’t get into their way if anyone basically just fancies her physical attractiveness, or oddly enough, only her talent…. BUT please be true to your heart, folks….]

  • The J Viewer


    Sometimes she just needs to think before talking.

    One thing I spotted during some interviews especially in Winter’s Bone year was that, joking aside there were at least a few occasions more or less […] she has made too much light of the film being indie in a sense that she (sort of jokingly) (*said that she) was afraid only a few people would show up to see it [*not out of the blue; but in response to some questions – I, however, for now couldn’t remember exactly what they were all about]. I mean, we get the point that it’s an indie film and while I love jokes, to me that was inappropriate, especially to the producers, the director, as well as the cast – to begin with.

    (I love her so) I am hoping she’ll be more careful with it.

  • therealmike

    Daniel Day-Lewis won his first Oscar the same year Jessica Tandy won for “Driving Miss Daisy”. That made her the oldest actress to win an Oscar. When Daniel Day-Lewis won his second Oscar Marion Cotillard became the first french actress winning an Oscar in a french movie. So when Day-Lewis wins his third Oscar this year Riva will win.She is old and french and it´s also her birthday. #YOLO

  • Danny

    JLaw, from your comments, I don’t think you know much about acting.

  • Charlotte

    The Nightline segment on Jennifer Lawrence was fine…nothing really relavatory but I am a big fan of Lawrence and enjoy her interviews. I am really looking forward to Serena and according to IMDB the release date for that film is September 27, 2013. I know IMDB isn’t always reliable but damn, I hope that is the actual date!. I really enjoyed the book and this is a role that Lawrence will hit out of the fucking park. The role of Serena could land Lawrence right back in the Oscar conversation AGAIN next year.

  • PaulH

    Charlotte, and she’ll be knocked right back to the bench the next time a 60 or 70-something winds up getting a BAFTA and the same cycle will happen again. She’s too young, she hasn’t paid her dues. What makes you think Lawrence would win for Serena after being the favorite this year? I mean, she’ll only be one year older. That’s why AMPAS…I don’t want to say discriminates against young nominees, but punishes them for being so good so soon. Wait your turn, you’re not good enough for us at the moment.

    That’s a whacked way to hand out such a prestigious award. It’s been over 20 years, I think since we’ve had a 20-something winner. If you’re world-beating, you should be honored for it no matter the age.

  • Thomas

    Jennifer Lawrence is going to win without a doubt. People need to remember age factor works both ways. Those that where initially critical of Lawrence for being too young, than Riva is too old. The Academy does not like to give out an award too often to someone that is at the end of there movie career. Streep only won last year because of the ridiculous amount of nominations she had receiced over three decades. It really was nothing more than special achievement award for her years of acting on last winning 30 years ago. Lawrence on the other hand is exactly what the Academy loves to honor, and with her wins with the crtics, globes and sags she has the odds of winning and will take it home.

  • Joseph

    As strong as Lawrence and Chastain are (and I love them both), I feel like Riva could win for the performance. Sometimes they does happen (like Monique).

    I hope Actor is presented first. Keep us in suspense more.

    Though I think supporting actor will foretell Actress. If Lee Jones wins, then Lawrence is winning. If Deniro wins, Riva could win.

  • Winston

    I want Lawrence to win just to see the reaction of the haters. Would be a thing of beauty. I want her to win on the merits too, but the Academy awards are pretty hostile to young actresses.

  • PaulH

    Let’s hope this holds: Huffington Post: Lawrence has 73% chance of winning Best Actress Oscar:

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