We talk about the Argo surge, which is kind of like Viagra.  But we also talk about other things, as is our wont.

Have a listen!


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  • Al Robinson

    What happened to Episode 18?

  • James

    Haven’t rewatched the first season again yet, but I really enjoyed it. Went through it quickly in the first weekend. House of Cards is definitely not The West Wing. Very cynical.

    Solid supporting turns, but Claire’s affair with Galloway wasn’t particularly interesting to me. Still I find her an interesting character especially considering her dynamic with Spacey. Stoll is terrific. You empathize enough to hope he gets his act together. Michael Kelly is so good as Frank’s right hand man. As for Kate Mara, I knew they were sisters, but it’s this show that showed me how much they look and sound alike. I actually think Mara is given less to do in the 2nd half with few news feeds from Frank, but whatever. Can’t wait for season 2. Spacey is too good. Some of his direct to the audience dialogue/breaking the 4th wall is music to my ears.

    Side note-Yea Sasha is right. Lawrence is a little too self effacing. She is trying to dumb herself down too much probably for audiences.

  • Winston


    “and the bumper music today was ‘everyone else is an asshole’ by real big fish’

  • William

    Just so you know, Jane Wyman was married (and recently divorced) to Ronald Reagan. Jennifer Jones was married to David O. Selznick when she son for Song of Bernadette in 1943.

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