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Box Office Check-in – Six Best Picture Nominees Over $100 million

Lincoln – $176 million – 12 Oscar nominations
Django Unchained – $156 million – 5 Oscar nominations
Les Miserables – $145 million – 8 Oscar nominations
Argo – $126 million – 7 Oscar nominations
Life of Pi – $109 million (but half a billion internationally) — 11 Oscar nominations
Silver Linings Playbook – $98 million (will hit $100 soon enough) — 8 Oscar nominations

Can anyone remember an Oscar year with that many $100 million dollar babies?  Not last year, not the year before or the year before that.  Why do you think they’re making this kind of coin? Could it be the studios gave up on “adult” audiences prematurely? Or could it be that good movies will always draw crowds of any age or demographic?

And if you stretch it beyond just the Best Picture race you have Skyfall, The Avengers and The Hobbit.  It’s a good year for Hollywood.