Life of Pi wins two big ones, Les Miserables and Skyfall win one a piece.

Feature Film Category

Directed by: Ang Lee
Produced by: Gil Netter, Ang Lee, David Womark

Music Editor: Erich Stratmann
Additional Music Editor: Mitch Bederman

Directed by: Tom Hooper
Produced by: Eric Fellner, Tim Bevan, Debra Hayward, Cameron Mackintosh

Supervising Music Editor: Gerard McCann
Co-Supervising/Vocals Editor: John Warhurst
Music Editors: Rob Houston, James Bellamy, Rael Jones
Vocals Editors: Tim Hands, Alastair Sirkett

Directed by: Ang Lee
Produced by: Gil Netter, Ang Lee, David Womark

Supervising Sound Editors: Eugene Gearty, Philip Stockton, M.P.S.E.
Supervising ADR Editor: Kenton Jakub

Directed by: Sam Mendes
Produced by: Barbara Broccoli, Michael G. Wilson

Supervising Sound Editors: Per Hallberg, M.P.S.E., Karen Baker Landers
Sound Designers: Peter Staubli, M.P.S.E.,
Christopher Assells, M.P.S.E.
Supervising Foley Editor: Craig S. Jaeger, M.P.S.E.
Foley Artists: Dan O’Connell, John Cucci
Sound Effects Editors: Dino R. DiMuro, M.P.S.E., Daniel Hegeman,
Bill R. Dean, M.P.S.E., Piero Mura

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  • Sally-n-Chicago

    Can you say Upset at the Oscars?

  • argo fan

    Can we get another xxxx analysis that without technical awards and best director..argo cannot win…and without winning any major award this this that that movie would win….also post all the irrelevant excels and abuse your commentors.

  • Pierre de Plume

    I think the real surprise here, Oscarwise, may be Skyfall, whose editing mastery impressed me throughout that film. What with the Bond hoopla this year, great box office, a better-than-usual screenplay, great acting/cinematography/music/etc plus a BAFTA win for British film, I think Skyfall can outdo Argo in the sound editing category.

    And I still think Les Mis has sound mixing — the film’s widely known narrative (live recording of vocals) is too tempting for the Oscar voters to ignore.

  • Zooey

    The thing is I feel an Oscar voter would feel more inclined to check the LIFE OF PI box in sound editing rather than the SKYFALL box. Yes, Skyfall is a terrific film and the Academy obviously likes it much more than the average James Bond film and it’s bound to win at least one Oscar (and it’s a huge contender in cinematography, where I hope it gets its due!), BUT in sound editing I believe Life of Pi will take it in the end. It’s simply the film they like more generally and it usually means a lot in these categories unless a film emerges as the big technical contender and there is no such film this year.

  • Castle Wilson


    Has AwardsDaily posted anything about this yet? The Top 10 shots of 2012

    You guys introduced this list to me last year, thanks!

  • The Jack

    Life Of Pi won big, but the Oscar-equivalent category here is ‘Sound Effects and Foley’, which Skyfall won.

  • Zooey

    True, Skyfall won it. But last year the category had 8 nominees and War Horse won it. And actual Oscar winner HUGO wasn’t even nominated.
    Avatar won in 2009 but THE HURT LOCKER was more popular with voters.
    War of the Worlds won in 2005 but KING KONG had overall more nods and wins.
    The Aviator won in 2004 and wasn’t even nominated.
    Road to Perdition won in 2002 and lost to The Lord of the Rings – the more popular movie.
    Black Hawk Down won in 2001, but wasn’t even an Oscar nominee.
    Gladiator won in 2000 and wasn’t even an Oscar nominee.

    It’s quite different. The Academy will go with Life of Pi.

  • steve50

    Well, at least Pi isn’t going into the last day of voting with empty pockets.

    Well-deserved wins for all three films.

  • The Sound Effects and Foley award is the one to look out for, as that’s what the Academy honours. Then again, this is sound editors voting on sound editing, whereas the Oscars will be anybody and his aunt, so it may be that the most popular film wins. Skyfall’s big win here puts it in good shape, ditto Life of Pi’s two wins, and I’ve been considering them the two frontrunners for a while. But Argo could add this one to its tally, and even Django Unchained or Zero Dark Thirty could pull off an upset, like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo did last year in Film Editing. We all know that’s an easier category to vote on, though, and Sound Editing is famously the one which most of the Academy is apparently clueless about.

    You’ve missed three awards, btw:
    Wreck-It Ralph won the Animated award
    Last Call at the Oasis won the Documentary award
    Rust and Bone won the Foreign award

  • steve50

    (Comments aren’t posting on the Ang Lee – Filmmaker of the year post. I tried twice)

  • John

    I am literally 50/50 on Pi or Skyfall winning this at Oscars. So frustrating. Predicting this year is quite difficult. Will be fun to see what the Academy actually does. Pi is more liked (and is a sweeper type of movie). But Skyfall got 5 noms and is the type of movie that normally wins sound awards. No idea.

  • Zach

    Yeah, so never bet against the technical heavy-hitters in the tech categories. I will be changing my prediction to my original pick, Pi. It’s such a visual film that I don’t remember the sound standing out, but I’m not sure Skyfall was on the level of a Bourne film.

    Then again, I don’t remember much sound in Pi outside of the shipwreck and Richard Parker. And there were a lot of explosions in Skyfall!

    It looks like Pi’s MPSE wins were more for the integration of music and dialogue, of which Skyfall obviously had less. Skyfall still won the MPSE category for actual sound effects, and the Oscar usually goes to the film with the most noise.

    OK, I’ll stick with Skyfall!

    But there’s no technical category that Pi could win that would surprise me except Production Design.

  • Zach

    Interesting to note that the Pi duo won last year for Hugo, while one of the Skyfall sound editors won for Braveheart and Bourne Ultimatum and got a nomination for Face/Off.

  • Bill M

    Kind of missing the boat that SKYALL won the major award of the night. Life of Pi will split cinematography and Sound Editing with Skyfall no doubt

  • Lucas Prata

    Sasha, do you think there really is a chance to happen a big twist by Life of Pi winning sound and Skyfall cinematography?

    Because for me the opposite are sure locks. :B

  • Off topic, yesterday were the spanish Goyas, with Blancanieves (the most nominated film) winning 10 out of its 18 noms, including Best Picture, Best Actress (the always great Maribel Verdú) and oddly enough, Best Original Screenplay even if being obviously a new retale of the classic Snow White tale. (!).

    The Impossible came second in wins, including Best Director, who inmediately got the award, said “this is the first and last chance I’m going to touch and see this award, I’m going to hand it now to their legit owners”, walked off stage, went to the real family whose life is shown in the film, came back to stage empty handed and then gave a heartfelt speech dedicating the film to the hundred thousands victims of the tsunami itself and vindicating the lack of complex when making a movie, big, medium or small budget.

    But the two other really stand out of the nights where the speeches of Maribel Verdú, who finished with a “time to change a system who robs the poor to feed the rich” and Candela Peña (Supp. Actres, for “La Pistola de Mi Hermano”) who simply said something as heartbreaking as this: “I’ve been 3 years unemployed, in this time, I saw my father died in a public hospital where they didn’t have blankets for him, where they didn’t have water for him. In these 3 years, I gave birth to a child whose right for a public health service is disappearing, whose right to a public educational system is disappearing. It’s been 3 years unemployed and this is a shout out that I want to work, ’cause I have a child to raise”.

    The Goyas are BIG in the spanish media right now. The Minister of Culture was there, and first he kept smiling. One hour into the ceremony, live TV showed him trying to bend over so his face couldn’t be seen (given the continuous attacks by the people climbing to accept awards) and right after that, public TV stopped showing him at all.

    Oscar nominee for Les Miserables, Paco Delgado, won for “Blancanieves” and showed that the Goya was more significant to him than the Oscar, which he hinted that obviously doesn’t expect to win, ’cause it is spanish industry which actually gave him his chance. The superb cast of The Impossible, as usual with the Goyas, left emptyhanded (Watts and McGregor didn’t attend, but Tom Holland DID, and stood all the ceremony in his seat, despite losing his award, that was the very first handed out). Goya’s host, Eva Hache had a really nice nod to Tom, as did Maribel Verdú to Naomi Watts (“she’s great, she’s enormous, I sincerily hope she wins the Oscar next week”).

    Overall, I must say, and surprisingly enough – Goyas usually suck – it’s been a more interesting and unforgettable ceremony than 95% of the Oscar ceremonies I’ve seen (and I have seen everyone since 1985′)

  • To illustrate…

    Best Picture Blancanieves trailer…

    Candela Peña’s extremely emotional and hard speech…

    Maribel Verdú’s lovely speech that finishes with a bang!

    Bayona’s surprise act when winning and speech…

    And I forgot about the big scandal of the night… TWO envelopes with TWO winners at Best Original Song. And only one was for “good”. They read the wrong one first and corrected when the named artist were starting to walk downstairs to the stage… a huge LOL, and a lot of questions, as, as we all know, there should only be ONE envelope with the winners… the explanations are unsatisfying, so far.

  • Sasha Stone

    Sound Effects and Foley’

    I don’t think so, The Jack. I think the ADR one is the one that matches with Oscar. Actually, looking back they kind of trade off.

  • Elton

    I think The Jack is right, is the Sound effects and foley that matches with Oscar cause I remember some past Oscars editions when there were clips which show sound guys recording folleys and editing sound effects in this category.

  • Bball_Jake

    I know for a fact that TDKR sound editing is better than Skyfalls and Life of Pis!

  • Bill

    Sasha u just straight up wrong Effects and Foley match up 9/15 while Dialogue and ADR is just 4/15. Just follow the numbers Sasha

  • Zach

    Mark Wahlberg has once again revealed some of his Oscar predictions. He was not so good last year, picking Hugo for costumes, Viola over Meryl, and Transformers for Sound Mixing (even I got that right!).

    This year he seems to have only said that DDL is 110% likely to win, and Argo will definitely win. He said Argo is a great film, but the Affleck snub outraged everyone, implying that it might not have won otherwise.

    Stupid Directors’ Branch, we’ll never know.

    Just dawned on me that ROTK lost the WGA to Mystic River, so Argo and Slumdog are truly in a class to themselves as the rare films to sweep every major guild and Best Picture award.

  • Zach

    *American Splendor, not Mystic River. Well, no wonder ROTK won the Oscar. AS wasn’t going to have the juice to win, but MR might have.

  • steve50

    “I know for a fact that TDKR sound editing is better than Skyfalls and Life of Pis!”

    WOW! I have to ask – is this otherworldly gift of turning the subjective into objective (straw into gold) genetic, metaphysical, or just a sugar high?

  • Pierre de Plume

    WOW! I have to ask – is this otherworldly gift of turning the subjective into objective (straw into gold) genetic, metaphysical, or just a sugar high?

    At this point, steve50, not even the guys from PriceWaterhouseCoopers knows anything for a fact — so that leaves us with only one possibility: Bball_Jake is a member of the internet hacker cabal Anonymous!

  • Pierre de Plume

    Zooey, your reasoning is sound. At this point, though, I’m thinkin’ that, because the Bond franchise is getting some center-stage treatment this year, the voters may back this up with a bump in the competitive categories.

  • steve50

    Ha – I’d believe that Pierre if Anonymous had nothing more important on its plate than sound editing!

  • Haslyn

    Do you think that Zero Dark Thirty will go home empty handed?

  • Zooey

    @ Haslyn,

    unfortunately. It’s the best film to me, but well…

    I hope to get one single pleasure – zero wins for SLP!

  • AdamA

    You know what movie is really good at benefiting from a close race like Life of Pi vs. Skyfall for sound editing?


  • Pierre de Plume

    Good point, AdamA — especially when Argo has fewer opportunities available for wins to justify support of a best-picture Oscar.

  • “And the best picture of 2012 is… Argo! Because it had fucking ace sound editing, and fuck all else!”

    Fair enough. Still a better choice than Silver Linings Playbook.

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