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50 Psychics Predict Lincoln to win Best Picture

Since it’s such a wide open Oscar race, since nothing like this has happened quite this way … ever … theories keep popping up everywhere. Moreover, there doesn’t appear to be a very strong consensus forming. The only thing pundits seem absolutely certain about is Argo winning Best Picture.

The psychics know this and yet:

In a survey of 50 Hollywood Psychics professionals, more predicted an Oscar win for Lincoln than for any other film, with most of the remaining forecasts split almost evenly between Argo and Les Misérables.

They also have Daniel Day-Lewis and Jennifer Lawrence to pick up the acting prizes, and for Spielberg to pick up his third Best Director Oscar.

The Huffington Post has also come up with an odd kind of way of calculating things, using an eccentricities method of known networks. In that paradigm, Daniel Day-Lewis, Naomi Watts, Sally Field and Robert De Niro are the winners.