Anna Karenina

Contemporary: Jany Temime (“Skyfall”)
Period: Jacqueline Durran (“Anna Karenina”)
Fantasy: Eiko Ishioka (“Mirror Mirror”)

Anna Karenina still looks to be the favorite for Oscar time, though the Costume Guild has a hit and miss record with Oscar.

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  • Matt

    Happy for Jany Temime and Skyfall. She also did the costumes for Harry Potter 3 to 8.

  • Mike

    I’m still predicting Anna Karenina will take the Oscar for Costume Design, but there could be a posthumous win for Eiko Ishioka for Mirror, Mirror.

  • g

    So happy for these winners! Especially mirror mirror, I’m so bummed he died because those costumes were stunning!

  • Joe

    Anna Karenina is a period piece and looked beautiful.

  • * she, g. Eiko Ishioka was female. And so very talented.

    Anna Karenina ftw!

  • The J Viewer

    Congratulations to all winners, especially the late Japanese artist Eiko ISHIOKA. [R.I.P]

    I am also supporting Ishioka come Oscars morning (night) as well. However, Atwood and Durran are the ones to watch, too.

  • keifer

    This is one of my favorite categories, especially because AMPAS gets this one right so often. Okay. Okay. “Ghandi” shouldn’t have won in 1982 (one of the biggest surprises of that film’s win).

    Jacqueline Durran’s costumes are exquisite in “Anna Karenina”, and she’s never won before, so I think she’s the sentimental favorite.

    I loved Colleen Atwood’s creations in “Snow White and Huntsman” and Ishioka’s imaginative costumes in “Mirror, Mirror”, but Ishioka’s already won an Oscar (for “Bram Stoker’s Dracula”) and that film is kind of a financial bomb, and Atwood has won two Oscars (“Chicago” and “Alice in Wonderland”) already.

    So it feels like Durran’s time. And she deserves the Oscar for her work on this film. I’ll be very surprised if she doesn’t win.

    God Bless Eiko Ishioka. I have a book of her designs which I bought in an antique store a few years back. She was amazing.

  • g

    @Paddy- I had no idea, found out after reading on here she died. Her picture on imdb sure didn’t help. It was far away, she was in profile, and she was wearing a hat. I had never heard of her before this nomination. I love her costumes in mirror mirror, I honestly think the pink and blue dress is one of the most beautiful dresses ever in movie history.

  • keifer

    G – Check out Eioka’s costumes for which she won the Academy Award in Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Astounding.

    Also, people may not know this, but her work on a really bad movie, “The Cell”, was also really very good.

    She added a lot to films that weren’t so very good. “Mirror, Mirror” for example.

    I wish Hollywood would have embraced her more and given her more work!

    I guess that’s what I like about the Academy Awards. They can, and do, bring an artist to the forefront of the industry. It’s the industry that suffers if they don’t pay attention.

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