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Oscar Bits and Bites…Yet More

Oscar Podcast episode 20 with Craig Kennedy and Ryan Adams — we talk about our Oscar predictions, such as they are.

Vulture offers up Four Oscar tactics that work:

Oscar Tactic No. 3: Act humble — even if you’re not. (Especially if you’re not.)
Humility — even false humility, given the outsize egos of so many male Academy members — is essential. Says our first consultant, “I was working with an Oscar-nominated actress recently, and she told me she went to the Sorbonne … I was like, ‘Wow! That’s a great nugget — we should use that in interviews and press materials,’ and she was immediately like, ‘Whatever you do, do not tell people I went to the Sorbonne!’ And she was right: This is a town that doesn’t appreciate or reward smart women … It probably hurt Sharon Stone’s career immeasurably when she claimed she was in MENSA.”

Dick Gordon of The Story talks to one of the people who hid away with Canadians during the real Argo story. It’s interesting to see just how far from the truth Argo really is – as in, the real hero was probably Ken Taylor. Nonetheless, the movie is a celebration of that time, of Hollywood.

Oh, and His Royal Highness will be attending the ceremony: