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Best Actress – Who Will Take it Home?

I don’t think we’ve had such a seemingly wide open race in a long time.  On the one hand, general consensus, and even Nate Silver, believe it will be a Jennifer Lawrence shut-out. And indeed, she seems like she has it in the bag.  Silver Linings has four acting nominations – it’s going to have to win at least one and Lawrence seems like as good a bet as any.  But they nominated Riva, they’re inviting her to their party – it’s hard for me to believe they would do that and then not award her a well deserved win.  But many of our readers and many out there are Lawrence fans who will be tuning in to the Oscars JUST to watch her.  In this category, for me personally, it’s a win/win. All five of them would be great choices. But what do you think readers?