Our final predictions – we slog through them category by category – a very long podcast, I’m afraid!

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  • filmboymichael

    longer the better – i love these….!

  • Pierre de Plume

    Long as it is, this discussion held my interest throughout. (On a side note, I love the sound of all your voices, and Ryan seems to be losing his accent.)

    As emotionally difficult as this season has been (for Lincoln fans), the unpredictability has been something of a consolation. Thing is, when all is said and done, Oscar always seems to make wierd sense when placed against the past.

    I’m gonna stick up for The Artist — a film that I originally wasn’t impressed with but that resonated emotionally a great deal upon subsequent viewing when I accepted the romantic angle — so the film has that going for it even though it wasn’t the best of the year.

    Your discussion of the good feelings one is left with when leaving the theater reminds me that my feelings after Lincoln were quite deep and kept me enthralled for 45 minutes. For all the wonderment of Life of Pi, though, I think we should remember that, despite its excellence, the film really takes the viewer through an emotional ringer, one that isn’t that pleasant at times; I believe this could diminish its status with more casual viewers as a “feel good” movie.

    Regarding Argo backlash — I think it’s already begun. (Not much of a shelf life.)

    In the sound editing category, I’m leaning toward Skyfall, which as I understand won the CAS awards that relate more to this category. Some are saying Pi will win because it’s the same team that won for Hugo last year. I don’t understand why this factor would necessarily lead to a repeat win. My guess is that people enjoyed Skyfall as a Bond film that’s a cut above the rest from a filmmaking standpoint. Also, with Bond getting special treatment this year (50 year anniversary), its stature among voters could give it the edge. And besides, the film’s sound editing was not only immaculate but “loud,” which seems to help with the voters.

    Sasha — didn’t you seem the Reel Geezers do their recent clip where they talk about Argo? The woman liked it and thinks it will win while the man did not care for it and is “afraid” and resigned to its inevitable win.

    Last year’s live action short, God of Love, I believe was a student film — it had the “cool” factor going for it. I think voters may prefer this year’s Curfew because it’s more of a feel-good effort and features the triple threat: writing/directing/acting. Buzhkashi Boys, though compelling in its back story, is rough around the edges and has that awful goat factor.

    I was less impressed with this year’s animated shorts, mostly because they seemed so dependent on sentiment while I tend to prefer more experimental stuff.

    Great commentary!

  • Pierre de Plume

    And by the way, Sasha, lotus root cooked briefly over high heat (wok) with chili oil is very tasty.

  • Sergiu

    So let me get this straight. Kushner worked for more than 10 years on a script and he still didn’t get things right?

    And the whole movie was about politics and how you manipulate people with money and power and dirt to vote in a certain way. And the fact that the movie loses votes in the same way is kind of a poetic justice.

    But I agree it’s a stupid contest and it’s only getting worse over the years.

  • Larry

    Oscar predictions, recipes, and Janis Joplin! What more could I ask for. Well worth the 1.5 hours of my time listening.

  • Dan

    Let us never forget, no matter how depressing this year’s race may turn out; the only meaningful race was won by the right guy in November. The Ernest Borgnine’s of America will eventually die off.

  • Cory

    Thank you for mentioning how undeserved God of Love’s win was in the Docu Shorts two years ago! I was appalled when it won– any other film would have been a better choice.

  • John

    The reelgeezers reviewed Argo. He basically thought it was garbage. And she thought it was absolutely wonderful.

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