Heartbroken about Emmanuelle Riva. This Oscar is an error. But it’s pretty hard not to love Lawrence. (full size after the cut.)


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  • Dominik

    I think that´s too harsh. I´ll admit that Riva would have been a great choices, but Jennifer Lawrence was pretty great too. She´s clearly not in the league of the “what did the Academy think”-winners. At least I enjoyed her work very much – but I know it´s unpopular to say here at AD.. 😉

  • Mike b

    What is she thinking? She’s a great and outspoken gal, but doesn’t she understand that the industry will look for ANY REASON to backlash against her, especially since she’s now at the top of her game?

  • Jade Fox

    I don’t buy your Jennifer love Sasha. I see those guns you have in the corner of your room. You’re about to pop a cap in Jennifer when she’s not looking aren’t you?

    Okay jk! That is a funny picture though I hate to admit it, Mike’s right. Actresses in Hollywood are on such wobbly pedalstals and all it takes is a nontroversey to knock them off.

    Look at the hate Kristen Stewart got last night when she presented. You think she was flipping everyone off the way the Twitterverse and other media were going even though she was on stage for less than a minute and Daniel Radcliffe wasn’t all smiles either.

    Or Anne Hathaway getting crap simply for wanting to win and giving speeches that she rehearsed. Nothing wrong with practicing for the moment. Everyone knew she was going to win. And I liked her speech.

  • mel

    This girl is white trash and her Hunger Games money will never buy her way out of it.

  • The J Viewer

    What was the context?

    Like, Eat it svckaaa…………..I ruuuule…………… ?! XD

    Anyhoo, you’ve got to love her. : )

    On sidenote, I am glad that Ang Lee took BD prize as well. (One of my correct predictions.)

  • Ryan Adams

    Ha, Jade Fox. twas I who posted this pic. Although if I had not run across it first, I feel pretty sure Sasha would have posted it too.

  • Stay classy, mel. Stay classy.

  • mel

    LOL, Stephen. There is a picture of Jennifer flipping the bird and you tell ME to stay classy? Please.

    The good thing is that she is peaking too early so we will not see a lot of her.

  • Heather

    I’d say the reason she flipped off the press room is because out of the questions she was asked, there were several about her falling and one about whether or not she had peaked too soon. They were dicks to her.

  • Rebecca

    What does Jennifer Lawrence thinks she is? She is an actress. Not more not less. Even the “old” Hollywood legends wouldn´t things like that! And that´s why I don´t like her. She´s too young for an Oscar, in my opinion.
    After seeing this picture I know that Riva would have more deserved it. Riva would have more appreciate it.

  • mel

    @Heather that picture was taken before the questions began though.

    Besides, if she keeps presenting herself as an air head, those are the questions she will receive

  • DCKE

    They awarded her for a movie in which her character got fired who having sex with every single one of her co-workers but her flipping the bird is somehow inappropriate and unbecoming of her?

    Also, stop acting like an Oscar is a Nobel Peace Prize. Lighten UP! Had this been Riva, everyone would be eating this up.

  • phantom

    Poor Jennifer Lawrence, she is such a great actress with so many strong roles and excellent performances in her future and now she probably won’t win for any of them because the Academy played their hand early and gave her the Lead Oscar for a questionably written supporting role that will be a footnote in her filmography in 20 years. She was spectacular, sure, but I honestly don’t think this film will age well, hell, I barely remember it now and I watched it TWICE to make sure that it wasn’t me who missed the supposed brilliance.

  • steve50

    Classy! Not knowing the circumstances at the time, she may regret this photo when it’s realized that she received her Oscar prematurely.

    Between this and the face plant in the steps….Li’l Q showed more maturity and grace.

  • mel

    @steve50 Little Q was so great during the night like she knew she wasn’t winning yet she was having SO much fun!

  • PaulinJapan

    J-Law is a great talent, despite the haters out there. Still, this role was lightweight and it’s early in her career.

    Lots of Riva love, like she was due an award because of her age, but only a few cineastes would have heard of her a few months ago. She was good in Amour but it was hardly a performance for the ages.

    The sad thing is that the wonderful Chastain was relegated to 3rd place in the race for most people, despite giving the best performance of the year and hitting what should have been the Academy sweet spot in terms of age, ability, pedigree, etc. ZD30 being taken down by politics did her chances in.

    Of course, we all have out favorites that screwed by the Academy.

  • Sonja

    Jennifer Lawrence had the right timing.
    She’s young, yes but…. that’s life. She was lucky to have Weinstein, because he just knows how to sell.

    It’s not really a situation like last year, where Davis was very close, the only actress in her line up with a BP nom, but lost to Harvey’s Golden Lady in the end.

    I seriously don’t think Riva mourns much about this loss.
    She has won some critic awards, the BAFTA and even more important, the César-the french Oscar.
    What a GREAT archievement for a woman like her.

    Jessica Chastain hopefully will have that moment.
    Naomi Watts could be up there next year, if not the Diana film as whole but her performance as her is raved.
    What little Wallis will become…. well, we’ll se.

    And though I’m not a fan of J-Law, nor do I have anything against her, I don’t hope there’ll be a “backlash” against her. I don’t wish that any actress/actor, no matter if I think her/his win was undeserved.
    (that includes even SaBu)

  • PaulH

    May I remind the moderators of this site of a little something called the First Amendment. So censor this post again, why don’t you.

    [May I remind uneducated readers that the first amendment does not apply in this case. You don’t have a right to put any of your comments on this site unless we approve them. Do you understand the concept of that? Free speech applies to the government and its citizens. Not a private website. – Sasha]

  • Holden

    So… She’s flipping someone off…? It’s clearly not serious, so what the hell is the issue? OH SHIT!! HER MIDDLE FINGER’S UP!! THAT GIRL IS CUH-RAAAAAAAAY-Z!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael

    Although I thought Riva was absolutely amazing in Amour and she broke my heart throughout the entire movie (my favourite scene was her listening attentively to her husband tell the story about being so overcome with emotion after seeing a film) Now, if she had won, I would have been perfectly happy. However, I was rooting for Lawrence, and her win made me the most happy of the night. In my opinion, she deserved it hands down and I think the criticism and judgement she is receiving isn’t fair.

    Best Actress isn’t about the longest career, the most movies made, or winning the Oscar at the peak of your career. It’s about a spark, an energy, emotion and talent that makes you forget about the actress you are watching on screen. Lawrence did exactly that in a role where most actresses would have faded to the background and existed solely as a male lead’s love interest. Jennifer Lawrence brought a fire, sex appeal, and a realness to Tiffany that deserves being called one of the best performances of the year. Say what you want about Lawrence and whether or not she deserved the awards she received this awards season, but I think everyone knows she is going to have a very long and successful career.

  • phantom

    What might be an interesting turn of events, that we could have Jennifer Lawrence (Serena), Jessica Chastain (The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby) and Naomi Watts (Diana) back together in Best Actress next year and now that Harvey acquired Grace of Monaco and we all know that 1. Kidman will nail the role even if the film sucks and 2. Harvey can secure a Best Actress Oscar even if the film sucks (The Iron Lady), Kidman will be a strong contender, as well. Here, I think they will be the contenders of the next season :

  • JJ

    Honestly, not to sound like a tea partier but its kind of nice to see some American movies and actors win, especially after last years frenchie bullshit, the artist. A-riva-derci, baby.

  • Scott

    She was sending a clear message to the AMPAS:

    I fucked my way up to the podium. I sold my boobs and ass to get the Oscar and now it’s time that I take the revenge on all those who voted for me after taking advantage of me.

  • Leni

    Remember: we don’t judge Oscar, Oscar judges us. There is no “should have won”, because Jennifer won, and therefore she should have. I know the argument can be made for movies and performances that we thought were better or more deserving, but it’s not about our opinion, it’s the Academy’s. Whatever their reasons, whatever can be said about “the game”, it’s the academy’s choice. If it was the universal choice for what people thought then it would be the people’s choice awards. Or the top of the box office. And then where would we be??

  • Leni

    JJ, I hope you’re a troll. “Arrivederci” is Italian. The Artist was fantastic. You are a nitwit.

  • Rebecca

    @JJ: Have you noticed that two of the actor wins are european? US-Americans have enough award shows. So, don´t be afraid, we europeans won´t “annex” you!

  • Dan

    Wow. I love Jennifer Lawrence and think she’s the real deal, and she certainly doesn’t deserve to be insulted for winning over the clearly superior performance of Emmanuelle Riva. The industry favoured her, but that is hardly her fault – I believe her charm is genuine. I hate that a generalized misogyny is creeping into these comments, and that is actually disgusting to me, and far more egregious than Emmanuelle not winning. Take a step back from the misogyny, people.

  • PaulH

    Ryan, I want the name of Awards Daily’s ISP as I will file a written complaint against your site for censoring my discussion of a legitimate topic.

  • Rebecca

    @Dan: Well, it´s her own “fault”, if she acts like this! Not every one loves it, if she handles like this on award shows.

  • PaulH

    “Wow. I love Jennifer Lawrence and think she’s the real deal, and she certainly doesn’t deserve to be insulted for winning over the clearly superior performance of Emmanuelle Riva. The industry favoured her, but that is hardly her fault – I believe her charm is genuine. I hate that a generalized misogyny is creeping into these comments, and that is actually disgusting to me, and far more egregious than Emmanuelle not winning. Take a step back from the misogyny, people.”

    Here here. Its getting completely out of hand. It’s just an awards show, everyone. It’s not like she’s responsible for Friday’s sequester cuts. Please, grow the eff up.

  • Sam

    You say it’s hard not to love Lawrence…actually, I’m having no difficulty at all. Weinstein purchased this Oscar. It’s appalling. The industry favors the young women….look at the picture accompanying this article. Two old guys and two 20 somethings. Rarely do they break from this tradition.

  • Rebecca

    Sadly, I think most of the young actresses will be forgotten in the future. It´s difficult to stay in this business, if you have success so early in you´re career.

  • SallyinChicago

    I’ll write it again — that is TOO MUCH GOWN. I hope she changes designers.

  • SallyinChicago

    She’s young, she’s “today” and this is how the younger generation thinks and acts. Anything and everything is out there. As she ages, it will get better for her and she’ll learn how to treat the press. But she’s fodder now — everywhere she goes there will be cameras and someone trying to “gotcha”.

    I watch AI and it amazes me how classless Nicki Minaj is, but her “audience” likes her. I find her remarks refreshing, but off the set, she is crass and nasty. But that’s the celeb generation today.

  • Sasha Stone

    Ryan, I want the name of Awards Daily’s ISP as I will file a written complaint against your site for censoring my discussion of a legitimate topic.

    Dude, you’ve got to be kidding. AwardsDaily is run on my own dedicated server. I am my own ISP. You’re lucky we post any of your comments at all. It isn’t censorship, it’s comment moderation and you are given full warning. I will probably just delete your comments from here on out but you can report me to me if you want to.

  • PaulH
  • nadia

    i love jennifer.she is very good actress and she is funny,down to earth but i still think emmanuelle riva much more deserved to is very cruel:)

  • PaulH

    And what did I do that was so wrong? Name one thing in my post this morning that was removed that was false. Did not this site institute a double secret probation on any post that was interpreted as being against Riva after she lost? Did not this website go all-in on Riva? Did I not get a ‘fuck you’ reply in the Oscar thread from somebody and they weren’t kicked off? And are you that thin-skinned that something along the lines of ‘ah-Riva-derci, Emmanuelle’ can set Mr. Adams off? That’s hardly a ban-able offense.

  • Sasha Stone

    Sadly, I think most of the young actresses will be forgotten in the future. It´s difficult to stay in this business, if you have success so early in you´re career.

    Yep. Flavor of the month lasts as long as it takes to finish an ice cream cone in Hollywood. Always another one knocking at the door.

  • SallyinChicago

    @ Sam are you nuts? Streep and Mirren have won in the last few years. It does not “favor” younger women. The senior crowd is always being nominated.

    What little Wallis will become…. well, we’ll se.
    ^^ Little Wallis has made 4 movies already (where does she find the time) and is cast as Annie. She wants to be a dentist. Let’s hope she doesn’t go “Hollywood” and keeps her head screwed on right.

  • Sasha Stone

    And what did I do that was so wrong? Name one thing in my post this morning that was removed that was false. Did not this site institute a double secret probation on any post that was interpreted as being against Riva after she lost? Did not this website go all-in on Riva? Did I not get a ‘fuck you’ reply in the Oscar thread from somebody and they weren’t kicked off? And are you that thin-skinned that something along the lines of ‘ah-Riva-derci, Emmanuelle’ can set Mr. Adams off? That’s hardly a ban-able offense.

    I can’t believe I have to waste my time this morning addressing this but since you asked, no. If you want to know whom we probably posted the most about? Jessica Chastain. But I think we covered all five of the actresses pretty well this year – Riva and Watts at the bottom of that list. What the hell is a “double secret probation”? We don’t like nor accept the kind of shit they do on Tumblr or any of the other dumb sites that allow their commenters to sling monkey shit on a daily basis so yeah, if we don’t like the uncivilized comment you’re making we will delete it without a thought. So think about it next time. And might I ask what kind of a soulless creep would write something about Riva like THAT? What are you, like, 12? My own daughter who is 14 was heartbroken watching Riva lose not because she even saw Amour but because she has compassion and intelligence. Get your fucking priorities straight, pal.

  • PaulH


  • Robin Write

    Jennifer Lawrence is not too young to win an Oscar, what a stupid thing to say or think. She is clearly a movie star who can act. And she is having a laugh and enjoying herself, let’s not take that photo too seriously and forget that we have a sense of humor…

  • Eric P.


    for every Streep and Mirren there are dozens of Lawrences, Paltrows, Witherspoons, Portmans, Berrys, Cotillards, and Therons. Not to mention Cruzs, Weizs, Zellwegers, Connellys, Jolies, Sorvinos, Tomeis, Basingers, and Binoches. Its very rare for them to give to a woman of a certain age. I hope this changes.

  • Sasha Stone

    Jennifer Lawrence is not too young to win an Oscar, what a stupid thing to say or think.

    Ya, she is. It’s a prom tiara at this point. Not an Oscar.

  • JP

    I don’t really believe 22 year old actresses shouldn’t be given an Oscar because we all have a dozen of examples that an Oscar can cause a lot more of pain than gain to actors who win it so young or so soon. Lawrence is a great actress and I hope she has a very long career. She’s more talented then Gwyneth Paltrow and I hope she doesn’t follow her steps although Paltrow was older then.

    Fact is Riva, Fernanda Montenegro and Liv Ullmann just don’t need to win Oscars. They are MUCH bigger than it.

  • JP

    shouln’t so. SHOULD. I don’t believe they should be given.

  • tomincmh

    I don’t know. I really liked Lawrence in Winter’s Bone and was really rooting for her to succeed, but this is just too much too soon. It’s really starting to feel like theres a major league ego developing in her that I’m just not a fan of and being an Oscar winner for Best Actress before the age of 25 isn’t going to help with that. I hope I’m wrong on that though.

  • PaulH

    “Double secret probation” was a classic line from ‘Animal House’ when the dean of the college put a fraternity on an undisclosed secondary probation. I just looked at the picture of Lawrence with the finger, and rightly or wrongly, I came to the conclusion that your site were trying to stoke some dislike of her. Why show THAT pic? Why not show the fall? Why not show her accepting the Oscar?

    At any rate, I’m done arguing. I’ve already stated my reasons why I think Riva was getting a fast-track to the award. I’m truly sorry the result didn’t work out for you and your daughter. Everybody has blowups and then gets past them. Life’s too short to harbor ill will toward anyone. I’m moving on and would like to continue discussion of movies without a ‘your comment is awaiting moderation’ over my head.

  • Sasha Stone

    Just don’t be an asshole, Paul, and your comments won’t get moderated. It isn’t rocket science.

  • Robin Write

    If you think the Oscars are such a joke then and not for rewarding young people then you really have to stop taking it all too seriously.

  • PaulH

    [you have to stop referring to it as censure. If you want to participate here Paul you have to not be aggressive towards the site’s hosts. If you can do that, great, if not there are other sites that might be more suited to your tastes]

  • Eric P.

    As an actor, who respects my craft immensely, I find it kind of a slap in the face that 22 year old girl who doesn’t memorize her lines or prepare for her role prior to shooting can win an Oscar. I understand instinct and spontaneity, but you need a core base to build that on. Rehearsal and preparation is the best way to build that base. I think it really shows in Lawrence’s performances that she doesn’t prepare. You can see it in her eyes. Everything seems to fall into place, but look into her eyes the next time you watch her. There is something that is not connected there. It is still Jennifer saying the lines she has barely memorized behind those eyes, not Tiffany, or Katniss.

  • Mbruno

    TPTB obviously want to turn Jennifer Lawrence into Hollywood’s new superstar. Jennifer’s behavior yesterday confirms though she’s not star material.

  • Sam

    @sallyinchicago Actually, I am not crazy…and you can actually look it up because I am not the first one to say this. This is from a statistical report on Oscar winners.

    “While the Academy tends to favour younger women, for men the same does not hold true. Younger actors are under-represented, with Adrien Brody being the ONLY leading male winner aged under 30 – he was 29 when he picked up his Oscar for The Pianist.”

    I also agree with @ericP…as an actor as well, I find Jennifer Lawrence still green and without nuance. Of the top 50 young actresses….50 could have been just as good in the role.

  • Winston


  • phantom

    Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep and to a lesser extent Sandra Bullock are the EXCEPTIONS in Best Actress since they are the only winners in the last 15 years over 36 (!) and Bullock – 45 at the time of her victory – was a youthful movie star, meanwhile the Mirren-Streep duo were in their VERY early sixties when they won recently. This is how it usually goes down :

    1997 – Helen Hunt (34) vs. Judi Dench (63)
    1998 – Gwyneth Paltrow (26) vs. Cate Blanchett (29) (twentysomething top2)
    1999 – Hilary Swank (25) vs. Annette Bening (41)
    2000 – Julia Roberts (33) vs. Ellen Burstyn (68)
    2001 – Halle Berry (35) vs. Sissy Spacek (52) vs. Judi Dench (67)
    2003 – Charlize Theron (28) vs. Diane Keaton (58)
    2004 – Hilary Swank (30) vs. Annette Bening (46)
    2005 – Reese Witherspoon (29) vs. Felicity Huffman (43)
    2007 – Marion Cotillard (32) vs. Julie Christie (66)
    2008 – Kate Winslet (33) vs. Meryl Streep (59)
    2009 – Sandra Bullock (45) vs. Meryl Streep (60)
    2010 – Natalie Portman (29) vs. Annette Bening (52)

    Long story short, in the last 15 years it has NEVER happened that from the supposedly top2 Best Actress contenders, the ‘babe’ lost to the veteran actress. When Mirren won, Streep (Prada) seemed to be her runner-up, when Streep won, 45 year old acting vet Viola Davis was the obvious second choice and when 45 year old youthful movie star Sandra Bullock won, she beat 60 year old acting giant Meryl Streep.

    Precedent was tragically against Emmanuelle Riva, just think about it, the age gap between her (86) and the oldest Best Actress winner of the last 15 years (Streep at 62) is more (24 years) than Jennifer Lawrence’s age.

    With the exceptions of two widely acclaimed acting giants and the biggest female movie star of that time, no actress over 36 won Best Actress in the last 15 years, so nobody else in their forties, definitely none in their fifties or sixties (and even the sixtysomething-exceptions were in their EARLY sixties (61,62)…so imagine what 86 year old Emmanuelle Riva had to face here AND with a foreign language performance nonetheless.

  • Sam

    @phantom Thank you! It’s funny too because as Sanford Meisner pointed out, it takes 30 years to make a great actor. But, I guess in Hollywood, it takes fuck-a-bility to make a great actress. Sorry to be so blunt.

  • Elizabeth

    Completely heartbroken Emmanuelle Riva was not honored last evening. Difficult to understand, even as inexplicable as the voting academy can sometimes be.

  • Naruse

    It’s understandable that younger actresses are more favored to win Oscars. Just look at the leading men in the 50s like Redford, Ford etc and they were constantly paired with actresses in their 20s and 30s. That’s just the way things go in Hollywood. Unless your name is Streep, you are pretty much finished as an actress over 40.

  • Robert

    I don’t hate Jennifer Lawrence, but she’s not much of an actress, and her winning an Oscar for Silver Linings Playbook is simply ridiculous. Although I thought the movie was dreadful, the real acting in it was done by Bradley Cooper, Jacki Weaver and especially Robert De Niro (lovely performance).

    Eric P: you clarified for me what bothers me about her work: she doesn’t prepare, and you CAN see it in the eyes. Watching Jennifer Lawrence makes me feel like I’m watching someone at a first read-through, not a final performance.

    What a lot of mediocrity awarded last night.

  • Eric P.


    Exactly. It definitely comes across as a first read through. Probably because, for her, it is. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate her. I think she is a fine starlet, and a nice actress, but Best Actress winner, she is not.

  • Cyrus

    Honestly, it isn’t that Jennifer Lawrence is too young, its about the performance.

    Emmanuelle Riva is not even in the same category of acting as Jennifer Lawrence. It is like comparing a fruit and a vegetable. Riva is seasoned, brilliant and more than anyone deserved that Oscar.

    But can we expect any more of the Oscars who award youth, popularity, money?

    With time, Amour and Madame Riva’s performance will age even more beautifully like a great wine. This we all know is true. I was very heartbroken that she did not win, but then again, it is just the Oscars, we cannot expect more.

    Madame Riva has had an amazing career, not only as an actress but as a poet. Her groundbreaking performance in Hiroshima Mon Amour has stood the time, and that film by Resnais continues to be taught and talked about in film schools across the country. Could we say that about Jennifer Lawrence ? I think not! It is wonderful to see Madame Riva’s career come full circle so to speak with Amour. She gave the best performance of the year, and we all know that in our hearts, and that is all that matters.

    Viva Riva !

  • So… She’s flipping someone off…? It’s clearly not serious, so what the hell is the issue?

    I didn’t post this because it’s a issue. I posted it because I think it’s refreshing and adorable and kinda sexy.

    Looks like you’re the one flipping out. Not me.

  • PaulH


    She simply didn’t have the support in the end that almost everyone thought she had. In hindsight, Sony Pictures Classics miscalculated things. They mainly pushed Cotillard for Rust and Bone. By the time they realized Cotillard was getting no traction in the states, they shifted gears. I guess they didn’t want her to lose to Lawrence at the Globes of SAG.

    The best laid plans…

  • May I remind the moderators of this site of a little something called the First Amendment.

    PaulH, here’s a link to the ACLU. Get yourself a lawyer and see what he tells you about your childish grasp of what the First Amendment protects.

    I’d say, “See you in court,” but I know that’s not gonna happen because I’m not dumb enough to think we’re violating the Constitution by deleting a comment.

  • Reno

    You can give me that finger anytime Jennifer! Alicia Keys’ Girl on Fire is on the radio for like every friggin hour and it’s Jennifer I have visions of. And why not? Look at lyrics:

    She’s just a girl and she’s on fire
    Hotter than a fantasy, lonely like a highway
    She’s living in a world and it’s on fire
    Feeling with catastrophe, but she knows she can fly away

    Ohhhh oh oh oh oh
    She got both feet on the ground
    And she’s burning it down
    Ohhhh oh oh oh oh
    She got her head in the clouds
    And she’s not backing down

    This girl is on fire…
    This girl is on fire…
    She’s walking on fire…
    This girl is on fire…

    Looks like a girl, but she’s a flame
    So bright, she can burn your eyes
    Better look the other way
    You can try but you’ll never forget her name
    She’s on top of the world
    Hottest of the hottest girls say

    Ohhhh oh oh oh

    We got our feet on the ground
    And we’re burning it down
    Ohhhh oh oh oh oh
    Got our head in the clouds
    And we’re not coming down

    This girl is on fire…
    This girl is on fire…
    She’s walking on fire…
    This girl is on fire…

    Everybody stares, as she goes by
    ‘Cause they can see the flame that’s in her eyes
    Watch her when she’s lighting up the night
    Nobody knows that she’s a lonely girl
    And it’s a lonely world
    But she gon’ let it burn, baby, burn, baby

    This girl is on fire…
    This girl is on fire…
    She’s walking on fire…
    This girl is on fire…

    Oh, oh, oh, oh ohhhhh oh oh oh ohhh oh oh oh ohhhh… [4x]

    She’s just a girl and she’s on fire

    And you really have to try to understand the mindset of voters on why they didn’t go for Riva. Something like: “We just gave the Oscar to Jadujadu last year and now we’ll give it again to !”

  • Did I not get a ‘fuck you’ reply in the Oscar thread from somebody and they weren’t kicked off? And are you that thin-skinned that something along the lines of ‘ah-Riva-derci, Emmanuelle’ can set Mr. Adams off? That’s hardly a ban-able offense.

    It bugged me because you’re quoting Jennifer Lawrence in that ill-advised SNL skit that was written to make J-Law behave like a snotty bitch — which she isn’t. But you don’t even get the fact that the dumb SNL monologue was supposed to be a joke that showed Jennifer with an imaginary personality as an insensitive catty little cunt.

    Instead you adopt the catty little cunt phrase and speak it yourself, without irony, without humor — you behave like a catty little cunt yourself out of meanness and spite. Not joking like Lawrence was. But feeling it and meaning it with all your bitchy heart.

    So while Lawrence was only pretending to be a catty little cunt, you PaulH, were behaving like a genuine catty little cunt and thinking you were being cute. Your attitude bugged me, and I didn’t want to look at it, I didn’t want it trashing up the page.

    Get it now, numbskull?

  • Jerry Grant

    I was rooting for Emmanuelle Riva, but I think Jennifer Lawrence is awesome, and has a unique amount of natural talent. I also loved “Silver Linings Playbook.” I just hope this only increases the chances of Lawrence having a spectacular acting future. I do think she has great things ahead of her, and I do not think this Oscar decreases those chances. If she loses Oscars in the future because she’s already won, so be it, it won’t matter. But she’ll make movies better.

  • Just let’s move past this PaulH.

    There are hundreds and thousands of Jennifer Lawrence fans visiting the site today, but you’re the only person mocking Emmanuelle Riva. I got sick of it.

    Why aren’t you mocking Little Q and Naomi Watts? Do you need a link to the Jennifer Lawrence clip where she’s pretending to be a bitch toward them, so you can borrow a few more bitchy ‘zingers’ to throw in the face of a 9-yr-old girl?

    Or is Riva the one you’re happiest to see lose?

    Do you not see how strange that is, Paul? Just please stop it.

  • Pierre de Plume

    Besides, if [JLaw] keeps presenting herself as an air head, those are the questions she will receive

    I don’t believe JLaw’s presenting herself as an air head. In fact, I don’t believe she’s presenting herself at all — she’s just doing what she does as a self-possessed 22-year-old with natural talent.

    @Paul: Write a complaint letter if you want but you’re wasting time that would be better spent educating yourself and addressing whatever personal issues drive you to tangle with the moderators of this site, who have every right to ignore you but are going out of their way to accommodate you. I mean, get it together for pete’s sake and bring your best to the table, not the other stuff we’ve been seeing too much of.

  • Eduardo Sato

    I was rooting for Riva.

    She now enters a list of overdue actress along with Julianne Moore, Joan Allen, Laura Linney, Naomi Watts.

    On The other Hand, Jennifer is a sympathetic actress. Talented, but in My humble opinion, her performance didn’t even come close to what Riva or Naomi Watts did.

  • keifer

    Politics aside, I thought it was going to be Jessica Chastain’s year, since she was bested last year by her co-star in “The Help”.

    Chastain’s performance, in retrospect of the Oscars last night, again proved that this beautiful woman can act her head off. She’s a great actress.

    I’m sure Chastain will win an Oscar very, very soon. She’s made a deep impression on the Academy. I think she just needs the right role now to clinch the Oscar.

    I’m fine with Lawrence winning. She seems very natural, genuinely surprised that she won, and to me she’s got a great sense of humor about herself and doesn’t take herself so seriously (unlike some of those other Hollywood phony hags).

    I think that Riva really should have won the award, though. Lawrence’s win was also a way for AMPAS to recognize Silver Linings Playbook – which got all those nominations. It was the one category where they could clearly vote with a good conscience and get away with it. So be it.

  • keifer

    On a more fun fashion note, did anyone else think Selma Hayak looked absolutely stunning? Her black and gold dress dress, hair and jewelry were so classy.

    Hands down, she got my “best dressed” award.

  • PaulH
    If you want to have a private fight with me then let’s do it by email. Nobody wants to see you spout off but you.

  • phantom


    You heard it here first : Jessica Chastain will pull off the rare feat of 4 (!) Oscar nominations in consecutive years and though this year’s bid (The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby) might be too edgy, bluevalentinesque brilliance for the Academy, they will probably give her the Oscar for the fourth time for the title role in Liv Ullman’s Miss Julie. Long story short : she will win an Oscar in February, 2015, the latest, even though there is a good chance that there will be a lot of iconic female roles in both 2013 (Naomi Watts as Princess Di, Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly, Emma Thompson as P.L. Travers, Meryl Streep as Violet Weston) and 2014 (Anne Hathaway as Judy Garland, Lily Rabe as Mary Pickford, Amy Adams as Janis Joplin, Viola Davis as Barbara Jordan, Cynthia Nixon as Emily Dickinson etc.)

  • daveinprogress

    I’m not convinced we will see Jennifer Lawrence again at Oscar time (other than being a presenter). History shows that the Academy often has a case of buyer’s remorse – with actors, film makers, etc. Anybody they build up, they then seem to bring down, either by finding a shinier toy to play with, or feeling guilty over not recognising somebody’s work (away from all the saturating campaigning) once the fog and mist clear, the truly great cinematic works and performances are still there – Oscar-bestowed or not.

    The number of ‘make up’ Oscars and snubs followed by nominations and wins is so much about who they love right now. I have no remorse in predicting Emmanuelle Riva, sure all things pointed to Jennifer Lawrence – for all things skin deep and for much sound and fury. Am I proud of predicting Argo and Hathaway? It was a case of join the dots. At year’s end, Jennifer’s performance will be nowhere on my best list. The only positive surprise for me from SLP was Bradley Cooper. I didn;t know he had such a powerful performance in him.

    There will be another 5 actresses’ narratives to wax lyrical about this December/next January. More bio-pics, more ‘she’s overdue’….Blah blah.
    Will we ever see Julia Roberts or Sandy Botox or Reece PLayyourspoons or Natalie Portman in a category of 5 again? I think not. My crystal balls are back from the shop. Academy Award Winner Jennifer Lawrence. Pinnacle of a career. Congrats to her. Now the real hard work begins. Making it stick.
    Living up to that exalted honour. I’ll just keep on loving Amy Adams and Laura Linney and Julianne Moore. The body of work is what counts. Ask Susan Sarandon, Diane Keaton, Glenn Close, Annette Bening and many others – actresses who are defined by the range and depth of their work across their career.

  • Elizabeth

    Cyrus, I love your note about Madame Riva / Hiroshima Mon Amour / the Oscars; you express everything I wish to, only in a far more beautiful way. Thank you for sharing such an uplifting perspective on everything… “She gave the best performance of the year, and we all know that in our hearts, and that is all that matters,” how very true Cyrus, thank you!

  • Coldy

    So J. Law has won an Oscar. Voila. And the following actresses haven’t :
    Julianne Moore, Annette Bening,Viola Davis,Michelle Williams, and Naomi Watts.

    There might be some years that the best performance by an actress in the leading role was not rewarded. But this is the year in which none of the best performances was rewarded. We all know that Jennifer Lawrence is something special, in fact she proved it even better in Winter’s Bone. But, well, if SLP is the performance of her lifetime, then her career will really not be brilliant at all. Let’s hope she will sometime get nominated again in the next ten years.

    Another thing that disturbed me more is that…this year, there are no major winners coming from a “real” independent films. Really, the worst thing happened in the whole award season is independent spirit awards. Such an independent spirit by sending all the awards to a film produced by Harvey Weinstein. And that would have been a chance to recognize someone like Corinealdi or Wallis. Instead it’s still Jennifer Lawrence. And then the Oscars.

  • Kelly

    Wow, there are a lot of bitter people here…

  • timmy

    I find it very funny that praise Jennifer Lawrence for being too real . It is never cool to give a middle finger at the Oscars-never. The only reason Lawrence won her Oscar, because many of the old men of the Academy want to sleep with her. It is ridiculous she won the Oscar over Naomi Watts and Emmanuelle Riva.

  • Sato

    She know’s for a fact that the only reason why she got that award is because of HARVEY WEINSTEIN… Yet she forgot to thank him on her speech I guess… Well good luck to her Hunger Games sequels, Academy Award Winner Jennifer Lawrence…

    I really feel for Emmanuelle Riva, a would-have-been really deserving winner… In 2010, when Sandra Bullock won over Meryl Streep, it was easy to accept for I know Streep will be back for more… But this time it’s hard for God only knows when will the Academy nominate Riva again?!

  • Sammy

    Time will tell but Riva’s lost is one of the biggest scandals in the Oscars history. No doubt about it. She literally lost to a chick flick performance. Amazing.

  • What’s the point of wearing a Dior dress and dozens of diamonds when one has no class?

  • Leni

    Why are people so worried that Jennifer is going to become a flavor of the month and forgotten? What makes anyone think that? Looking back (at the perhaps “too young”) we have Natalie Portman, Reese Witherspoon, Charlize, Kate Winslet, Marion, Hilary, Gwyneth… none of these women have disappeared, they’re all still highly respected. This isn’t a one and done category. Looking further back, almost all of the winners are still around in some capacity. And focusing on this one picture is absurd – I watched all the backstage interviews I could find and didn’t see this, so it was obviously in a moment when she didn’t think the spotlight was on her.

  • g

    I was so upset Riva lost, I just think it’s a travesty. I enjoyed Lawrence in SLP, but come on academy. They were light years apart in terms of performance!

  • I respectfully disagree with DaveInProgress. J.Law will be back, and she will win another Oscar ala Jane Fonda, Meryl Streep, Jodie Foster. Steep had to top Sophie’s Choice to get her third (which, some may say she didn’t accomplish), but, for Lawrence, the bar is set pretty low. She will (and already has: Winter’s Bone) give us something to top SLP and she will be rewarded for it before she is 30. She is no Gwyneth Paltrow. She is a Jodie Foster.

  • I also agree with what Kelly said. Indeed.

    Can’t wait to see what J.Law does next (Serena, I guess). She’s fantastic on screen and off. No one like her. It’s hard to believe she’s only 22. Love watching her evolve.

  • Sammy

    The Academy made history again by awarding the chick flick performance of Lawrence!

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  • I shell out the remainder of the winter accomplishing little elements like lights, doors, and various standard stuff. Come summertime I was able clean up the outside mess and get the many shit to your dump. Took two dump truck loads there. Received to sod the lawn and acquiring the deck this summertime is outstanding. It come an extended way, and this had been a pleasant reminder of all the work that went into this area. It in all probability relies on numerous things. I thankfully purchased in an location that form of booming. I understand at the least the value won go down, or keep precisely the same. I understand following time I extremely not like to acquire a fixer upper. So much tension and operate. Beneficial factor is I place an incredibly modest amount of money into this. Remaining thrifty with just about almost everything I purchased and never paying out any one for assistance. Executing all of it by myself with guide from a couple alot more knowledgeable pals really manufactured it really worth it in the Finish I believe. Had a residence during the community pops up just twenty grand additional an in superior shape showed up, I rather sure I rather have obtained that one. It a very good property to practice on! I can do decent clean drywall deliver the results now, but there are numerous spots from when I to start with commenced that don seem great. I am better at paint work and plumbing and electrical energy. I know what products do the job improved imo and what I like.
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  • Adam Harrel with Golf Link demonstrates ways to use a golf warm up drill. To warm up before a round of golf you’ll need two golf clubs and also a golf ball. To start with, area the golf ball within the ground about eight feet in front of you. Then, lay the golf shaft down around the green along with your feet equidistant aside from the shaft. Spot one more club over your neck and get into your golfing posture. Slowly warm up your golfing muscles by turning on the ideal plus the left. The club more than your shoulders will stage behind the golf club for the ground with the golf ball in front of you. Make certain you finish to the.
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  • NO TRADING. In order to trade video games, codes, etc, there other subs for that.
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  • shut this windowyou’ll must or register to perform thatcreate a new accountall it takes is a username and password.Not able to scan
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  • EBIT EPS (earnings before curiosity and taxes earnings per share) calculations are crucial for all publicly traded firms. This examination assists firms.Uk versus US News coverage
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  • So yeah. Will probably was terrible, terrible, awful and almost everything fell apart. Then I stomped my feet and cried for assistance and practically most people in our lives ran in to rescue us. We are establishing an remarkable network of assistance for our tiny guys and ourselves and I think it planning to be okay. We’re so exceptionally blessed to get incredible everyday people all around us, and in the world today I been content crying a whole great deal greater than the other variety.
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  • Person Merchandise and Services
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  • Inside the room of six months, without big alterations both inside the celebration (great MEPs ahead of the European elections are nonetheless in electrical power, identical leader and deputy leader) or with the donors, UKIP have gone from primarily remaining the British GOP to getting purportedly becoming supporters from the NHS and non flat taxes, moving additional in direction of being like the Tories. Do customers absolutely believe a get together policies can transform a lot in such a quick space and time, and nonetheless take that celebration at encounter value?I know. Their proposals for leaving the EU are about as arrogant as Alex Salmond proposals for Scotland leaving the Uk. “We would negotiate a bespoke trade agreement with all the EU to enable our organisations to proceed trading to mutual advantage. ” No doubt they’ve currently made a decision what that “mutual advantage” can be.
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  • Grocers recognized a require for any regular purchasing strategy for the duration of the late 19th century. To provide this traditional, supply chain specialists devised.Knowing VoIP
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  • Compact chillers that straight attach for the cup horn assembly preserve the samples current in numerous tubes cool while in sonication cycles. Operators can set the chiller to run on the sought after temperature which in turn maintains the temperature of your water from the cup horn reservoir and avoids overheating. In addition, this saves time since the operator doesnt need to manually hold the samples on an ice bath.
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  • Naturally, this can be a laymen’s view of how VoIP calls travel without the need of any reference to your real technologies behind the creation of your packets, or even the method of transmission of identical, but nevertheless, I believe it helps to supply some primary clarity. It may also guide supply explanations to organization many people that really need to make selections in regards to the age outdated question do I or don’t I as well as the decision shouldn’t be dependant on the disjointed call from Aunt Myrtle in North Dakota who just had to try her new VoIP services final weekend by talking with you for an hour an a half concerning the church bazaar ‘because it’s free’.Knowing What William Hill 100 % free Bets Is
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  • After skincare, apply a concealer around the eyes and nose Kanebo’s Sensai Triple Touch Compact is specifically fantastic (40,). A single side of the concealer the translucent cream will smooth the skin, while the cover up will disguise any redness. Then apply a primer throughout the skin to enhance the complexion. Greenwell’s personal favourite is Blanc de Chanel by Chanel (31,), which she says consistently appears better on mature skin.
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  • The most beneficial method to perform this game should be to get Fifa 14 Ultimate Team Coins that may be bou . Currently, these coins can be found at many via the internet sources where gamers are cost-free to get any sort according to their requirements. Deciding on the proper platform along with a ideal type of coins is certainly crucial considering that it can have an effect on your general game and your strategies to use in it. So, lets now know some important details about Fifa greatest tea . Because each and every players really have to start out above with zero coins inside their account when switching concerning football video games or gaming platforms, Fifa 13 gamers have taken to promoting their coins and utilising the cash paid by web based shops which will obtain them to get Fifa Greatest Crew Coins for their new accounts. This strategy of cleansing out the old game account so as to immediate . Obtaining new material to enhance your game play can also be entertaining. The fact is that, playing Fifa 14 is not ample to acquire new content more often than not as the new content is disproportionately pricey in contrast to the promoting value of outdated information.
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  • Buddy code requests. Use /r/3dsFCswap instead.
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  • Cruise ship jobs are now in large demand any candidate having a specialized certificate could get and edge more than the many others. It’s a good concept to undertake examination by browsing by way of the different cruise occupation portals as most recent task market trend is often understood from these portals.Unraveling the Procedure of Building of your Wonderful Pyramid of Giza
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  • limit my search to /r/NorthCarolinause the next search parameters to narrow your benefits:see the search faq for specifics.
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  • Variations Concerning Beneath Armour Coldgear Heatgear
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  • Yatseniuk has been slowly unveiling the outlines in the new government’s ideas for bringing the former Soviet republic’s economic system back from what he says may be the edge of an abyss.
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  • In between the 1620s and 1676, the price tag of tobacco plummeted from a shilling to a penny per pound, an about 92 percent price tag drop. Land owners tried to make up for these losses by extending indentured servitude contracts, enforcing extreme penalties for almost any servants caught deserting their plantations. Virginia’s compact landowners had been also buckling beneath improved taxes exacted by their colonial government.
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  • In case you intend on transforming some thing big within your web page, advise your current people. There’s never ever anything at all as frustrating for any customer as seeing a favored webpage merely to have to relearn just the way to navigate it. Tactic upfront for modifications, and enable your readers to do so as well.
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  • So I asked for assist! All through one of his admissions I talked to an inpatient social employee and advised her how exceptionally past my limit I had gone. I stopped smiling and saying everything was okay and acknowledged that I certainly wasn any longer. I also let my husband, as well as a group of hospital moms know where I was at.
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  • Please see Reddit principles on spam and self promotion . Particularly, “If over 10% of one’s submissions are your very own site/content/affiliate links, you virtually certainly a spammer.” Spamming will lead to your account getting banned and also the url put within the blocked record.
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  • Pop up blockers frequently are viewed as becoming useful, as they prohibit unwanted commercials from appearing on your computer screen. Pop up blockers in some cases.Up Blockers on My Home pc
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  • One more thing about it is it’s a pool of experienced and focused help staff that speaks fantastic English. The workforce is skilled to reply your questions and queries by e-mail for twenty four hrs. Thus, you dont have anything at all to get worried about because this manual will assure that even your highest demands are met.
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  • It could also induce other parts of one’s leg to really feel numb. Because there is a lot of likely brings about of sciatica its constantly finest to seek the advice of a health practitioner inside the 1st instance to recognize the cause and eradicate the possibility of any of your way more severe brings about. In the event you fit the criteria of caution, then be cautious and seek out experienced intervention. Discs would be the shock absorbers in between the vertebrae on the spine and if these discs are irritated it may possibly trigger restriction of your back to flip and bend in most cases. Juices out from potatoes and celeries could be a beneficial as being a soreness relief for sciatica just by mixing up equal proportions of potato and celery juices as well as drink regularly to expertise the results.
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  • Doing work disorders through the industrial revolution were not commonly suitable. From the . gals generally worked in unsafe and unsanitary functioning situations,.
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  • near this windowyou’ll really need to or register to perform thatcreate a fresh accountall it requires is usually a username and password.Underneath Armour Alternatives
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  • People today are forgetting with regards to the value of seeding in Champions League. Assuming United doesn even make Europa League they’re going to get 0 factors following season from the club ranking
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  • close this windowyou’ll should or register to accomplish thatcreate a whole new accountall it requires is often a username and password.umlauts feedback on Regular deal Super Meat Boy 80
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  • Ya que su origen est en los lugares de entretenimiento para adultos y clubs de strippers, abundan los mitos y conceptos errneos alrededor del pole dancing, sus entusiastas y las clases.
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  • 2 The room will have to be either your principal spot of organization or possibly a spot wherever you meet or manage individuals, consumers or people during the standard program of your enterprise. Consultants and doctors and many others who provide services at areas besides their household office, but who conduct the huge vast majority of their managerial and administrative duties at an office inside their home may well also qualify as using the house as their principal area of internet business.
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  • close this windowyou’ll need to or register to accomplish thatcreate a whole new accountall it requires is usually a username and password.unamessahmahvehrr remarks on Han Solo season has officially begun
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  • Cricket Batting warm ups prior to starting up your batting, coaching recommendations on cricket batting warm ups and how to prepare for cricket batting to perform more effective cricket.
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  • Retaining every one of the over points in thoughts, will apparently engage a buyer to try and do using the web purchasing inside a problem free way.
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  • MACLEISH DAY And ALISON LANI ARE TO STAR IN FIREFAUX Approaching INDEPENDENT Movie Once WITH MAGGIEThis would be the 2nd collaboration for these two enterprises as co producers, with Duet For 4 a tale of unrequited take pleasure in which starred Jamie Renee Smith, Jon Peterson, Chris Prascus and Briton Green, remaining their 1st. The filming for their original and joint hard work has just wrapped up this month, sparking up interest for this new task, After With Maggie.Being within the internet business of independent media creating high good quality productions, these entertainment corporations hope to flip what they really enjoy and dwell for into rewarding careers, granting them the freedom to pursue their artwork not just for that pleasure it brings them, but to get a living. It no longer just impacts grownups, it happens to be now affecting small children too. According to official reviews, above 60 percent within the adult population are obese, and 27 % of them are obese. In accordance to health-related professionals, with youngster obesity over the enhance and little ones turning into grownups, adult obesity will improve to in excess of thirty % inside 5 many years. Which is why some overall health authorities are recommending grownups use the Verano Vegetable Spiral Slicer to provide nutritious meals to help adults and young children to shed bodyweight and grow to be more healthy.Obesity and staying obese just isn’t just about body image; it truly is about the injury it might lead to to a individuals wellbeing. With individuals that are obese currently being much more at risk of developing Style 2 diabetes, heart concerns and a few kinds of cancer, it has been reported the death price linked with obesity has enhanced, making weight problems just about as hazardous to a persons wellbeing than smoking. Travel gurus discovered deciding upon where to go on holiday was an fulfilling working experience, nonetheless the tension comes into perform when holidaymakers start off looking to investigation the location. Consumers going away on vacation to places, which involve Mallorca and Ibiza, commit hrs each day organizing trips they are going to go on and searching eating places they will head over to to get a household meal.Alternatively of looking forward to a vacation, individuals are investing a good deal of time checking the web for critiques on eating places, tracking down out that are the least expensive restaurants to visit, that are offering one of the best journeys and which outlets would be the alot more cost-effective retailers. When individuals have discovered all this advice, they print it off and consider it with them, if they bear in mind to pack it inside their suitcase. Investigate has located this is a demanding method of arranging a holiday and instead of holidaymakers enjoying themselves while they are really on holiday, they’re concerned incase they’ve paid too much for any restaurant or perhaps a day trip.Uk Politics just exploded from irony
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  • Get it done Yourself: Plugged Washing Machine Drain Hose
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  • shut this windowyou’ll will need to or register to carry out thatcreate a new accountall it will take is really a username and password.unscanable remarks on Conspiracy theorists believe Sandy Hook shooting was staged from the US Government with actors and that no little ones have been killed
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  • No misleading claims. Posts that omit critical material, or current unrelated facts within a way that propose a connection will be removed. not “TIL a thing fascinating about bacon”).
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  • Decide to buy groceries by way of eSuvidha over the internet shopping in delhi ncr. Our over the internet buying store elements good offers, discount coupons very best specials for you. Your e mail tackle is not going to be published. Fields marked with asteric are expected.Comprehending the significance of Worker Efficiency Opinions
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  • Exactly the same type of rules apply to Poole. He would ought to demonstrate harm to his reputation and real malice. Taking into account the conditions as well as trouble of these sorts of suits, nobody genuinely has any legal ground to stand on. accusation of a crime. actual awareness that the truth is untrue.unprovenstatement feedback on Best Flop Ever in Football
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  • The stone construction made thousand many years in the past by Edward Leedskanlin, comprised of a lot of megalithic stones weighing a couple of stones. The question has become place up by various communities that how was such an amazing framework made by a tiny guy who had no assist neither any evident machinery to constructed this kind of a masterpiece. According to sources, Coral Castle can be very easily in comparison to Giza, because it had equivalent stone pieces bigger and heavier. Coral Castle these days is usually a museum displaying incredible accomplishment and options which includes a flawlessly constructed 9 ton gate which may be simply opened by using 1 hand. Nevertheless, until date we can’t unravel the mystery of such excellent constructions given that his tricks of how he did it died with him.
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  • Universal Products Codes or UPC bar codes are ubiquitous around the planet and popular in all internet business for monitoring stock.
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  • History reveals that France stood since the leading European energy in the 18th century. French writing, vogue and artwork were renowned and admired all over Europe as well as King and court were equally rich and powerful. Then again, in spite of this succss, there have been vital complications hidden while in the French society which at some point led towards the French revolution. This post highlights a few of the key problems and brings about from the French Revolution.
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  • So, its not only a bath accessory. A steam shower is a good deal more than that. Invest for as soon as and get added benefits that will last a lifetime. You can easily both pick a corner, freestanding, quadrant or square steam showers according to your space and requirement. In which you also can go for any of your 3 kinds of doors ones that open for the outdoors, folding and sliding doors. Take your choose. This housing venture has been situate as an outstanding re . Suburb certainly is the prime IT corridor while in the city of Chennai. OMR road commences at Madhya Kailash continues until Mahabalipuram, inevitably joining wi .Ultra Professional Sleeves
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  • The letter nowhere instructed Irish Bishops to disregard civil law reporting specifications.
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  • Please also consider to come up with original submit titles. Submissions that use selected clichs/memes are going to be immediately tagged using a warning.undercoverlover69 feedback on I believe this sums up the basic feeling regarding the new Facebook chat
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  • “If I told you Something was wrong together with your head, would that make it easier to?”
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  • I pulled out this picture for Latesha to discover.
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  • Will not inquire other people for invites. The exception to this is on giveaway posts. We recognize that you want a OnePlus One but so do numerous, numerous others. Begging will not be a superb strategy to get one particular. Most of the people are able to get an invite by participating in giveaways (observe the new queue), utilizing the invite checklist linked below, and participating in discussions on /r/OnePlus. Make sure you use the “Want Invite” flair (see the Flair area beneath) so other individuals know you will be attempting to find a single. Violations of this rule will result in the post being eliminated, and repeated violations could outcome within a temporary, brief phrase ban.
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  • By this time, Latesha was having the thought.
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  • Is there a superb method of preserving the ankles of one’s jeans inside your boots nicely (I speaking like 8 ten hole combat boots, not also tight) without having pulling your socks up absolutely substantial? Many times my pants balloon (for lack of a considerably better word) out a little bit over my boots. They skinny jeans, just not. skin tight jeggings. It not like I looking to things flare legs into my boots. I was considering a thing like these underneath the boots, more than the pant legs, but perhaps that ridiculous and I which makes it a big deal when it doesn really need to be a single. ??? overthinking
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  • Awesome deal of dependability would possibly nevertheless be linked with portable diesel generators and you also never demand to bother about maintenance fees because they usually do not have any spark plugs and wires also. A diesel generator for sale is rugged than other types and also the rate tag on these generators is generally with regards to the increased side. They weigh a great deal more than fuel generators and in addition the engine noise could grow to be a definitely alarming concern for several folks.
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  • Always keep these thoughts in mind when buying for the upcoming pair of eye glasses. You want your glasses to suit your demands in regards to vision correction, style, and accessibility. Regardless of every one of the other selections you nonetheless will need to choose more than, hopefully now youll know no matter whether youd like to obtain a pair of rimless, semi rimless, or complete framed glasses frames for the following pair. If nothing at all else, you might want to possess a considerably better comprehending of what every option presents. Beneficial luck on your new glasses!.Comprehending English Bits
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  • Memes and screenshots (social media, purchasing carts, text convos, and so forth) are usually not permitted as they are much better suited to other subreddits (like TrollX)
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  • Taveras greatness was all a projection, and lots of sure fire prospective customers finish up amounting to small within the Serious League degree. But for those who saw Taveras perform in particular person in excess of an extended volume of time there was a thing specific about him which manufactured the projection something alot more certain. He was manufactured to perform this game.
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  • I truly bummed that I can say the identical about their later music, because they of course a talented group. Oh nicely.Unusual Gifts for Men
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  • In accordance to PriceWaterhouseCoopers, the UPC has prospective in forecasting. Forecasting offers managers with a prediction that impacts supply and “safety stock.” Companies and distributors use forecasting models to determine how much products is required to meet demand in the supply level. UPC forecasting is often achieved “by sharing specifics associated with income information, promotions, and revenue forecasts,” in accordance to PriceWaterhouseCoopers. If the right way implemented, UPC forecasting could substantially decrease unused stock in a few industries.
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  • “Something like that.” I replied. “Your Cerebral Cortex might have evaluated the actuality of your fear and overwhelm more often than not the different tissues inside the brain important things quite differently. The various tissues compete and we experience that interpretation of reality that wins. Now, what controls which tissue wins don know the solution to that. But by some means, you couldn shake the interpretation that led you to encounter the worry and overwhelm. . . Over and More than and Above, I could add.”
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  • I understand this game pretty effectively, due to the fact it comes about to get a traditional game in my PhD discipline. I deliver the results on Common Game Enjoying, and we contact this game Nine board Tic Tac Toe.
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  • Editorialised titles are acceptable ish, depending on degree of editorialising. Do attempt not to go total Daliy Mail and overdo it. (Assistance Animals, and this kind of)
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  • WARNING: Backlinks to wallet scams/pyramid schemes will get you banned.
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  • It is anticipated that this region will build right into a posh locality as there is certainly a proposal to get a second diplomatic enclave in Dwarka Phase two bordering Gurgaon. Thus, this area emerges as a goldmine for residence traders. Sector exact infrastructure, services ancillaries, business solutions and residential units with an array of other very important solutions are expected to come up during the spot along NH eight.
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  • Fat loss, larger metabolism and digestion price, glowing skin and hair, much better immune program, relaxing for the muscle and nerves these are many of the apparent advantages of taking a steam bath each now then. You present your entire body together with the catalyst to produce significantly more quantity of white blood cells. Additionally they help in bettering blood circulation and are consequently possess a therapeutic result on strengthening the respiratory complications.
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  • Listed below are some pointers which may aid you preserve your wrapping paper:
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  • Yea I have an aunt (most of my household is fundamentalist protestant) who freaks the fuck out if I occasion mention anything at all about evolution around my cousin who is going into 7th grade. My poor cousin is wholly indoctrinated into believing in creationism and saying “lalala” to anything at all about evolution. She goes to a public college as well. Thankfully I lent my identical uncle Richard Dawkin The best Present on Earth last week right after pointing out that he actually doesnt understand evolution in any respect.
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  • I understand this game particularly well, considering it occurs for being a standard game in my PhD area. I get the job done on Basic Game Playing, and we get in touch with this game 9 board Tic Tac Toe.
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  • puts on physicist hat Items seem to have colors due to the light they reflect, which our eyes take in and our brains interpret (dependant on what rods and cones in our eyes are getting activated; we have ones which might be sensitive to RGB, so the brain translates that into an image somehow (sorry, I realize small about human biology)).
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  • Something not concerning the Politics from the United kingdom is going to be regarded spam and eliminated. Acceptable situations are left to moderator discretion.
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  • Messages directed with the moderation group of /r/3DS. If you would like speak with the moderation staff, please message the moderators immediately.
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  • For alot more standard game sales data, /r/GameDeals is usually a quite remarkable spot.
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  • Don end up being a pastafarian! It all as well easy to attempt to survive on pasta and tomato sauce or mac and cheese. Bad Notion! You require a varied weight loss plan.
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  • Videos, audio, posts and self posts are permitted. Image posts could be eliminated. If you want to speak about your favorite comic, submit a clip of theirs, not a random image which has a headline like “Love this man!”
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  • All posts involving obscene sexual scenarios, like, but not constrained to, incest, minors, and assault, will likely be removed. Consensual situations involving two, unrelated adults are acceptable.
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  • Learn how to Disable a Pop Up Blocker on a Mac
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  • When you believe your post has disappeared, see spam or an inappropriate submit, please tend not to hesitate to speak to the mods, we delighted to aid.umlauts comments on What’s the worst excuse to break up one particular can give
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  • The 14 storey rocket, developed and launched by Orbital Sciences, bolted off its seaside launch pad on the Wallops Flight Facility at six.22pm EDT US time on Tuesday (9.22am AEDT on Wednesday in Australia) carrying a Cygnus cargo ship for the Worldwide Space Station. It exploded seconds later on.
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  • That fine and helps make a lot of sense. Outstanding R project for sureDomestic water utilization is absolutely disconnected from your worth of water in area. It represents a huge vitality potential and it is basically a billion dollars of possible value reductions which might be saved rather than sending this volume of water into space implementing earth primarily based rocket launches. Together with the utilization of solar electrical processing to turn the water into H2/02 fuel, it could possess the probable to lessen the costs of interplanetary space travel appreciably.
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  • Find out how to Comprehend Universal Bar Codes
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