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The Host – MacFarlane is the Only Thing People Can Talk About?


It appears that Seth MacFarlane was too offensive for Oscar audiences. I was too busy paying attention to the offensive awards being given out and the charade of the whole thing at all I barely noticed MacFarlane.  Sometimes forget that it’s not Hollywood watching. It’s the public and the public want the dream machine.

MacFarlane was apparently sexist, racist and unfunny.  Again, didn’t notice. Was too busy noticing how racist the Oscars themselves are.  With the option of nominating an emerging writer of color in the original screenplay category, Ava DuVernay, they went with five white male writers in that category and one of them won for writing a movie about slavery (Lincoln wasn’t “about slavery”), casting many black actors but only one, a white guy, gets noticed and awarded by the Academy.

Sexist? Yeah, the boob thing? Right. Well, I was too busy noticing how only one movie was actually about a woman and despite being the best reviewed film of the year, besides nearly making $100 million dollars and despite being directed BY a woman, the only award it got was half of a sound editing award. I was noticing how every woman on the red carpet was asked what she was wearing and dissected by how she looked while the men got to talk about their work.  I noticed that, once again, youth and beauty rule the Oscars where women are concerned and the role that was given the big prize was about a woman who wanted nothing but for the guy she likes to like her back.   All three of the other female parts offered more substance for women, even the one played by Quevenzhane Wallis. So are you sure you want to talk about sexism?

Homophobic? How many out gay actors, writers and directors have won Oscars?    Do we really want to talk about that? No? Didn’t think so.  Hollywood is not moving forward with the rest of society; it’s moving backwards. Just look at what movie was named Best Picture.

I would love it if all of these angry pieces about MacFarlane were directed where they matter more: the status quo that hasn’t really changed much in 85 years of Oscar history.  But hey, by all means chase after the thing you think you have more control over. I won’t stop you.