Two out of a Few of the Best Wins of the Night



  • Ad

    What a wonderful picture 🙂

  • Pierre de Plume

    Although I didn’t predict Inocente to win, it was my favorite. It’s really a lovely film; not only is the story quite compelling but the visuals are absolutely stunning.

  • Jorge

    Several of us teared up during that speech.

    So freaking awesome

  • g

    Thanks for posting this picture, I loved this movie and seeing Inocente in that lovely dress on the stage I was crying right with her!

  • Predicted Inocente! Ahhh so good.

    Can’t believe I forgot to enter my predictions here on AD. I got 22/24 with my Oscar pool (Waltz and Lawrence messed me up)

    Anyways, great picture! Love that Daniel Day-Lewis.

  • TOM

    Daniel Day-Lewis shoots to the top of the list with this performance & he might win yet another Oscar (which is why Denzel Washington should have won this year.)

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