Telluride 2012

Yeah so your Best Picture winner? Chances are it will show up at Telluride this year, if not at Cannes.  It might then meander up to Toronto but, what with the way films are violently attacked these days, seems like they show up earlier rather than later, perhaps in order to get the dirt over and done with before Oscar season starts.

Telluride Film Festival, presented by the National Film Preserve, announces its 40th Anniversary set to run August 29 – September 2, 2013. An additional day of festivities has been added to the usual four-day Festival, making room for a five-day bounty of special programming and festivities. The National Film Preserve is a not-for-profit arts and educational organization that annually presents the Telluride Film Festival.

Festival passes will be available for purchase beginning tomorrow, March 1, 2013. Festival passes may be purchased Pass levels and descriptions may also be found on the Festival’s website. Pricing will not increase given the additional day in 2013.

Telluride Film Festival, along with the Town of Telluride, is also pleased to announce it is creating a new venue in time for its 40thAnniversary celebration. The Werner Herzog Theatre will be situated in Telluride’s Town Park Pavilion and become the Festival’s most technologically advanced theatre accommodating 650 pass holders. Telluride Film Festival is committed to present not only the best quality films but in the most state of the art manner. TFF is also committed to maximizing pass holder enjoyment, valuing its intimate, relaxed atmosphere and will not be expanding its 2013 pass holder base.

In keeping with Festival tradition, Telluride Film Festival does not announce its program in advance, though the 40th promises to be a grand reunion highlighting all the elements of the last forty years. During this special edition of the SHOW, the Festival is thrilled it will be able to showcase its technical excellence and provide its pass holders and sponsors the highest level of service while presenting the world’s greatest films and filmmakers.


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  • The complaint in the late 80s and the early 90s (until the phenomenon began to disappear only to return again in the late 90s ) was that studios were pushing too much of their awards fare into the month of December because that’s where the sweet spot was for a win. Not that things have changed all that much. But it’s interesting that the festival circuit has transformed the trajectory in the last few years. If anything, it seems to have at least provided a slight consistency in awards fare away from the concentrated final month of the year. Not by much.

    But if a studio makes a movie in part to capture awards attention, then they should consider being ready by the time August rolls around.

    The Hurt Locker reminds me of a recent film which benefitted from early release.

  • William James

    Vince, I love your site!!!

    I love the emphasis on the gals

    Here’s hoping that 2013’s crop of nominees is better than 2012’s 🙁

  • I’d love to go this year. The releases at Telluride at always superb.

  • Patrick

    Just bought my pass!

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