This was just posted on Facebook by Deadline, so I assume it’s new? But if it isn’t, it’ll do ’til the new gets here.

The Great Gatsby was pushed back from last year and there was a story that Baz Luhrmann needed extra money to do reshoots. Luhrmann is a spectacular spectacular onto himself and I can’t believe we’ll finally get a chance to see this movie. I remain very very excited.

Pics after the cut.


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  • Andrew

    Yes, looking forward to this one.

    timing appears very bad for Oscar consideration though, which is a shame.

  • CMG

    **sighs** Leo, why did you have to drag Tobey along and why did it have to be for the role of Nick???????

    But I think Carrie is going to kill it as Daisy (even though I have my issues with Shame, it was the role of Missy that convinced me she could do Daisy) and the fact there are multiple ZDT/The Great Gatsby cross-overs with Joel Edgerton and Jason Clarke that if there is any justice, will lead to lots of photo-shopping and video mash-ups of those two.

  • smith

    I’m scared this is going to suck. This is a very hard book to film, although people said the same about Life of Pi and that turned out amazing.

  • Saw a rough cut of this and was massively dissapointed. That’s all I have to say. You’d like to think that reshoots and editing could save this mess but I sincerely doubt that will be the case.

  • Erik Anderson

    God, I hope this is the opening night film at Cannes.

  • The problem with previous adaptations was the need to rigidly adhere to the source material, I think Baz will manage fine.

  • CMG

    “……. the need to rigidly adhere to the source material…”

    This is the case with the pressures of a lot of literary adaptations. Maybe it is because I am more of a movie person than a literature person, but it never bothered me as long as it made since for storytelling that things get cut. But there is almost this dictatorship of adherence fanbases of popular novels want from filmmakers. I kept on hearing how faithful The Hunger Games were to certain extent, but that really does nothing for me as somebody who watched without reading the books. Even as a fan of the Watchmen graphic novel, the changed ending did not even bother me and the film sharing that many images of the graphic novel did nothing for me because the movie adaptation felt incredibly lifeless- which may or may not have been the burden of adhering to the source material.

  • Tim

    I don’t think it’s a poster. Looks to me like the cover of a movie tie-in edition of the book.

  • I agree with the points made about not adhering to the source material. The issues I had with this movie don’t really have anything to do with that. He certainly has strayed from his source, making it less of a story about the American Dream and more of a boilerplate romantic tragedy. Basically Baz Luhrmann has remade his own version of Romeo + Juliet and is calling it The Great Gatsby. But my issues have to do with problems that have been present in previous Lurhmann films, specifically Australia. All the trademark Luhrmann flash is here, but so is a blatant disregard for character development as well as an inability to stage any scene that isn’t pitched wildly over the top. In many ways this style worked for Romeo + Juliet because it was a story about teenagers, made for the MTV generation. It worked in Moulin Rouge because it was a balls out musical. But the events of this story being staged in such a way is simply confounding, whether you’ve read the book or not. Nothing that happens in this story would seem to dictate the kind of fever pitched CGI glam fest (in 3D, no less) that Luhrmann wants to deliver. So I’d imagine a lot of people will come out confused as to why there was so much glitter and dubstep around a story about waspy rich white people and their relationship issues (because that is basically what Baz has boiled this story down to).

  • Christophe

    Not impressed. Looks rather tacky imo. Plus the MTV-style trailers and cheap CGI, it all feels way out of place. The 70’s version was good enough, why spend that much money on a distasteful parody?

  • daveinprogress

    My assessment of Luhrmann’s work has been mostly style over substance. On paper, a remake of this already widely seen and loved material is not likely to be anything more than what we have already seen on display in his earlier works. I am happy to stand corrected, or shift my perspective, but not overly hopeful. Great cast though. 4 or 5 nods next year in artistic categories only.

  • Alex

    Tim, I think you’re right. Plus it says ‘Now a Major Motion Picture’- it’s a new novel cover.

  • steve50

    The posters, or whatever they are, confirm one thing to me – Luhrmann has decided to focus on the roaring 20s party aspect and not the rich at-all-costs solitude that is the heart of the book.

    The image I get in my mind when I think of Gatsby is him standing, at night, overlooking the vast emptiness that he has acquired. The NY partying serves to underscore this. It’s where the superficial chaos takes place, the unsatisfying escape from his reality.

    We’ll know once it has been released, but Baz appears to have shifted focus, and is headed straight for the same hole his predecessors fell into – dazzled by the era and clueless to what’s really going on inside Gatsby.

    Too bad nobody will ever get this one right.

  • Andrew

    The love story tackles social class and status in America, and how elusive the American Dream.

    You can make all the dough, buy all the status symbols, but the East Coast Establishment keeps the door shut. So America is just like any other society, stratified not just by money, which Americans don’t like to admit.

    But maybe the film will just be lost in glitz and glam?

  • Ryan Adams

    Sharp eyes, Alex and Tim. And since it’s a book cover, the card of the jacket can be embossed so all the deco elements are in bas relief and Carey Mulligan rises up from the surface in 3D.

  • Ryan Adams

    I’m keeping an open mind and not giving up hope. Trailers and posters are sales tools to make mass audiences crave the glitz and glamour. This is an expensive thing to mount. Get the butts in seats first and then see how much depth can be plumbed.

  • luke

    I don’t think the movie will be good but at least it will go down gloriously. I am there!

  • Bryce Forestieri

    Luhrmann and 3D? unless the critics say it’s the 8th wonder I’ll for it to hit Redbox. Also the trailers haven’t sold me at all quite the contrary. The only film of his I can watch again is ROMEO + JULIET

  • Bryce Forestieri

    Also I guess my beef is with the director because I’m down with every single cast member for their role especially Tom Buchanan! LOL Even Tobey Mcguire is fine with me, but I would have preferred an unknown for Nick that would have been ideal in my humble opinion. Well if they show me a trailer where everything is not constantly blasting I might reconsider.

  • Armando

    Alex and Tim are right. It’s a new book cover.

  • Hector Delgado, Jr.

    Looking like a nominee for Production Design and Costume Design. If Leo gets his first nomination since 2006 (Blood Diamond), it will probably be for Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street.

  • Aethelred

    I think it was a good idea to open it in the summer season. It’s spectacle oriented enough to fit in with the other offerings, yet has probably more story and character than the other movies released at the same time.

    Same and different! Winner! I think it’ll make a lot more money than if it got lost in the Christmas rush.

    The characters/actors that look the most interesting to me so far are Nick and Jordan.

  • rAr

    Baz Luridman will destroy it. The previews look like it should be called “Gatsby!”

  • Yvette

    Chris, Steve50, Andrew and Bryce….
    That’s exactly what I expect from Baz.
    Gatsby is one of the greatest American fictional characters, but it is loneliness and unfulfilled passion at the heart of the story…
    I don’t BL has the right sensibility as a director to do the story justice. Scorsese was able to do it with Age if Innocence.
    This looks like a flash and glitz fest for Baz.

  • Kane

    I know in my gut this will probably sink a bit. By the time it releases to the public I’m sniffing out a Metacritic score of 55. A lot will hate it, many will fall in the middle and many good scores will be because of the technical aspects and ambition. It’s going to be another Australia or Alice in Wonderland where a big budgeted film is anchored too deep in the style. I’m hoping it’ll be good but to me it looks like a circus.

  • William chase

    I feel like this is going to be the movie that the mainstream audiences are going to love, and then be upset when it winds up being nominated for zero oscars. I agree on the prediction of a 55 meta critic score…

  • Richard Crawford

    I like DiCaprio.

    He is not my Gatsby.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    Plus that weekend I have reserved in case critics/people change my mind about not seeing IRON MAN 3

  • Bryce Forestieri

    In any case my most anticipated of Summer 2013

    1. MAN OF STEEL (No explanation necessary)
    2. SNOWPIERCER (the director of THE HOST)
    3. PACIFIC RIM (del Toro + gigantic mechas [i.e. jaegers] + the promise not to do transformers-like shots/action)
    4. ELYSIUM (Director + Jodi Foster in sci-fi)
    5. BEFORE MIDNIGHT (I wish once and for all Linklater made it into the Oscar race. Best Original Screenplay perhaps?)
    6. EPIC (based on the trailer)
    7. WHITE HOUSE DOWN (Channing Tatum + Emmerich = a blast of mindless fun)
    8. THE LONE RANGER (Liked the trailer + I trust Gore Verbinski + Nice cast + I wanna see Armie Hammer co-leading a big movie)
    9. STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS (I liked the first one + The casting is perrfect for every single role)
    10. BLUE JASMINE (the hope Woody brings his MATCH POINT game + Louis CK + Cate Blanchett)

    Also look promising/interesting:

    -THE SPECTACULAR NOW (I like Shailene Woodley since THE DESCENDANTS, the best part of that movie)
    -R.I.D.P. (Source material + Bridges/Reynolds paring sounds great to me)
    -NOW YOU SEE ME (trailer was neat)
    -THE BLING RING (Yeah yeah…we’ll see tho, at this point SPRING BREAKERS looks better)
    -THE WOLVERINE (Going on my trust for James Mangold because Hugh Jackman is ruined before my eyes)
    -KICK-ASS 2 (Without Matthew Vaughn, no Big Daddy, plus a grown Chloe Moretz I don’t know what to make of this. At least Aaron Taylor-Johnson is back with his hotness)
    -THIS IS THE END (Usually not into these “comedic ensembles” but looking at that cast: Rogen, Baruchel, Franco, Robinson, McBride, Hill…I like every single one of them so there you go)
    -FAST & FURIOUS 6 (I liked the last one + always like to look at Paul Walker + Gina Carano and Michelle Rodriguez are MY favorite action females, not that other one)

    P.S. what the hell is WORLD WAR Z doing right after MAN OF STEEL? Isn’t that like a huge budget zombi movie? Because it’s just gonna die there.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    For PACIFIC RIM I forgot one of the reasons: Charlie Hunnam <3

  • rufussondheim

    Weinstein Company has revealed their movie release dates for their Slate of films. Let the speculation begin!


    I’m guessing from this that August Osage COunty is the one he is planning on pushing but this is so preliminary. If I recall correctly, they got shuffled last year after the original announcement.

  • Nic V

    The first clue that this project was on the edge of disaster was the removing it from the line up for last year. I didn’t have great expectations for this project last year. I got the same feeling from this project that I got from Karenina. All razzle dazzle and no substance. Joe Wright did pretty well with the characters but he flooded them out with all the let’s make sure we have enough distractions to attract the fanboys and their dates to the film.

    I like Lurhmann’s films but don’t particularly love them. In fact I hated Romeo and Juliet, loved Moulin, accepted Australia. I don’t know that I’d so readily claim that he doesn’t or can’t find depth in his characterizations. I think what seems to happen with Lurhmann films and characterization is that he reaches a certain level of characterization and then the growth of the character just plateau’s and then flatlines at that level. Interesting enough I can’t really argue with his cast. It’s not a bad cast for this adaption. But the bits and pieces we saw last year certainly didn’t raise the bar for the cast in my opinion.

    I get the release date simply because by this time those release dates for October, November and December have got to be pretty tight at this point. I think it will capture some nominations but basically tech ones. I doubt seriously Di Caprio is going to do much with this when you’ve got the Scorese pic dated for November or December release. The others might be contenders but I think the early release date hurts them.

    I just don’t see this as a player this year. I think the Luhrmann flash will get decent box office because of the timing but that’s all I’m getting from this at this point. Not really even excited about it.

  • LPU

    Easily my most anticipated of the year. I feel like any Luhrmann thread is open invitation for haters to flock and write the same shiz over and over. I, like AD, remain very very excited for this film. I’m thinking Mulligan may be nommed for an Oscar if she pulls of Daisy. It’s a dream role and I feel like she has the innate talent to do it justice.

  • Free

    I’d have to say I’m more cautious than excited for this one. Seems to have the same MTV-friendly look of Luhrmann’s “Romeo + Juliet.”

  • Patrick

    I don’t like the trajectory of Luhrmann’s projects. In my opinion, Strictly Ballroom > Romeo + Juliet > Moulin Rouge > Australia.

    Budgets get bigger, casts more glam, results on the screen are less engaging.

    I’m not encouraged.

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