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Enter the World of Pi with New Site, Digital Download


Fox has launched a brand new site for the DVD/Blu-Ray launch of Life of Pi, available for digital download and purchase March 12.

The site does a nice job capturing the fluid beauty of Pi, which caught the tinyest whiff of controversy  after winning the Oscar for Director, Visual Effects, Cinematography and Score — since Ang Lee didn’t thank the visual effects team on the movie. But you know, maybe it’s ignorance on my part but what enthralled me most about Pi wasn’t the visual effects. Yes, I know as audiences we are trained to stare in admiration at them but the reason Pi stands out, and Hugo stood out last year, was because the story was powerful in its own right. This, as opposed to Avatar where the visual effects really did make the movie. What Pi offered to me was enhanced by visual effects but truly it was the acting, writing and directing that stood out. Either which way, the visual effects team won a well-deserved Oscar.