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Awards Daily’s New Site Design (BETA)


We are trying something new for the first time in oh, 14 years we’ve changed up the format of our site.  The reason for this is to try to move things off the main page into different areas of the site.  The new elements will include a Contender Tracker site, which will have information about the various contenders up for the awards.  Since most of our longer pieces are here on the main site, the Contender Tracker will be a place to offer more in depth info on each upcoming contender in the awards race.  We’re also tentatively starting a TV section, which isn’t quite ready yet.

Since the site seems confusing to some, you can click on the link above that says “blog format” and that will list the stories of the day in the format you’re more used to.  Our stories will still be visible each day on the main page but the rest of the page will have other articles that get lost as we bury the main page with new stories.  I’d like to be able to have a way to showcase these things since most people visit just the main page daily.

I know it will take some getting used to and if you all really really hate it we’ll go back to a version of the old site with perhaps a few compromises.  But remember, I’m the old lady round these parts and if I can roll with it, well…