What Maisy Knew stars Julianne Moore and Alexander Sarsgaard and tells the story of a divorcing couple and how that impacts a child’s life. One of the best in the business it’s hard to believe Julianne Moore does not yet have an Oscar but I guess she was never the prom queen in any given year. Their loss. What Maisy Knew is by the filmmaking duo who made The Deep End with Tilda Swinton (a great film if you have not yet seen it). Scott McGehee and David Siegel, adapted by Carroll Cartwright and Nancy Doyne.

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  • AnthonyP

    Been there, done that. Irreconcilable Differences anybody?

  • Sally-in-Chicago

    I echo AnthonyP….not interested in this.

  • Natasha

    Will the kid get a nom a la Wallis style? Let’s see if the performance is any good AND they remember it….

  • Julianne Moore should have had the Oscar for ‘Far From Heaven’. I am actually curious about traffic to Oscar blogs. Will it now go down for them till September which is when the season starts with Telluride? I suppose though that some Oscar watchers will track the Cannes Film Festival as well.

  • Rob Y

    Julianne Moore should have got it for Boogie Nights. I love her. And Alexander Sarsgaard is the best thing on True Blood, and I’m glad that his star is rising in Hollywood.

  • Watermelons

    This trailer is interesting!! BUT as a bit of fantasy casting, how much MORE interesting would it be with Oscar-winning legend Kate “The Great” Winslet (The Reader, Little Children) in the lead role?? Only the arena of the imagination can tell..

  • paul

    this article on moore got me to thinking about this years oscars.

    I think that Jessica Chastain just won an oscar by losing to jennifer lawrence this year. Like Cate Blanchett losing to Gwyneth Paltrow, you just knew they would take the very next opportunity to right a perceived wrong. Now while jlaw was not pêrceived as undeserving as GP, i do think with time they will feel the need to reward Jessica, even if she is not the strongest in her category at that time.

    To me i distinguish between actors that are liked and respected and just have yet to win–(linney, m. williams, j. phoenix, keener, moore, and benning.) though i would hazard to guess many would consider benning to be also subject to very unfortunate timing)

    and those actors that are owed.

    and i distinguish between those that are owed:

    A) because they have lost as a perceived injustice (i.e. maybe whoopi, cate)


    B) Its just their time. not that they ever lost in a travesty, its just the right time to reward their career. (winslet and jeff bridges)

    I think scorcese may have been one of the few who hit both categories, so his win was super inevitable.

    So this year, after some time, i think that the only two who won oscars by losing were jessica chastain and maybe roger deakins.

    I would also consider the following:

    did ang lee win director as compensation for brokeback losing to crash, even though he won a director oscar already

    Did Spielberg win a third directing oscar by losing this year. maybe not exactly, but definitely a deposit into his voting karma bank

    and will ang lee now win a best picture oscar after losing two (or maybe three if you count crouching tiger) surely the academy will want one of his films to win the big prize. and i think it would be ironic if they did it in a year where they did NOT give him a best director as a) he has two, and b) maybe its someone elses time.

    so after seeing the right actors winning for perhaps the wrong role (russell crowe, denzel, al pacino etc. etc. )

    i would be interested in knowing readers thoughts and analysis:

    1. Who they thought won an oscar by losing this year.

    2. who has just too much voting karma in the bank that a win is now owed either by:

    A) losing unjustly in previous years
    B) its just time damn it! give them one so they can stop being the best never to have won.

    in the latter category i would put forth Leonardo, maybe Glenn Close though i am on the fence about her, and i would personally put Donald Sutherland on there, though that one seems completely unlikely to happen, but still, just saying.

    I would love to hear other thoughts.


  • Manuel

    This trailer is far mor interesting than Frances Ha. Im glad that Skarsgard gets this type of roles because he is really talented. Julianne Moore seems a little on the autopilot side. During the trailer I was thinking that Catherine Keener would have been a better choice than Moore.

  • david

    IIt looks good Julianne Moore is a fabulous actress. hey sasha why haven’t you shown the trailer for dead man down?

  • smoothcriminal

    After the last few years (decade even) of actors winning oscars, I feel like it’s almost a greater distinction that she’s come this far without ever winning one. To me it’s a testament to the daring (and yes, offtimes shit) choices she makes, she rarely makes a role that screams oscar.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    Top 5 Julianne Moore Films



  • david

    Hey bryce how bout freedomland

  • Bryce Forestieri

    “and i would personally put Donald Sutherland on there, though that one seems completely unlikely to happen, but still, just saying.”

    Yes please. One of the few treats that made THE HUNGER GAMES passable. And unconventionally dreamy Josh Hutcherson.

    “2. who has just too much voting karma in the bank that a win is now owed either by:
    A) losing unjustly in previous years
    B) its just time damn it! give them one so they can stop being the best never to have won.”

    Leo, yes. But who else that is potentially a contender this year is in a similar situation? Beats me. Naomi Watts(DIANA)? Carey Mulligan(GATSBY, LLEWYN? Matthew McConaughey(MUD, DALLAS)? Michael Fassbender(COUNSELOR, 12 YEARS)? Joaquin Phoenix(HER)? Jude Law(BUDAPEST)? Laura Linney(5TH STATE)? Ryan Gosling(PINES, GOD, Malick)? Vanessa Redgrave(FOXCATCHER)? Kyle Chandler(SPECTACULAR NOW, WOLF) Brad Pitt(COUNSELOR, 12 YEARS)? Michael Shannon (MUD, STEEL*) All these seem to have different amounts of “voting karma in the bank”, but most of them only extend to “overdue 1st nomination” “overdue additional nomination” and few for “overdue win”(Phoenix, Linney)?

    I know, I know, but it’d be ill!

  • Bryce Forestieri


    I didn’t like FREEDOMLAND, but I like Moore in most everything. She and Jackson reminded me of Lemmon and Spacek in MISSING so there’s something.

  • david

    Hey Bryce you have to put noomi rapace in there too for best actress saw an early screening of dead man down she is absolutely fabulous in it

  • david

    Noomi rapace should have got nominated for the original girl with the dragon tattoo she was also great in Prometheus

  • The J Viewer

    I am looking forward to this film for two main reasons: Julianne Moore (sp) and the producers of The Kids Are All Right.

    Not sure if it was just me — that is, my laptop – or anything else, I came to AD as usual a few days ago or so and found out about the site’s whole new webpage format. And I’d never returned. Until now. If that was the case, then it’s good to see the good, old thing back – for good(?). If it was just my laptop, then please ignore this paragraph. : )

  • Lars

    I think most people would want Alexander Sarsgaard to be their husband too right? 🙂

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