A friend of mine who adamantly refused to go see Django Unchained with me has been asking what I know about Dead Man Down telling me that it ‘looks bangin.’ Then this morning another buddy sent me a link to an interview with Terrence Howard. Neither of these guys even watched the Oscars, so they’re not endorsing Dead Man Down for that reason. But the buzz is interesting. A controversial youtube video called “Elevator Murder Experiment” has gone viral with over 2.6 million views, and even though 93% of readers responding on Rotten Tomatoes say want to see it there are no legitimate mainstream reviews at all yet on RT or metacritic. Dead Man Down is directed by Niels Arden Oplev, making his American film debut alongside former collaborators Noomi Rapace and composer Jacob Groth who wrote the score for Oplev’s first adaptation of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. The screenplay is by J.H.Wyman writer/producer of Fringe, one of the few shows on TV that can genuinely be called exciting. Cinematography by Paul Cameron who won a BAFTA (with Dion Beebe) for the crisp oily glisten of Collateral. Colin Farrell, Noomi Rapace, Terrence Howard, Dominic Cooper and Isabelle Huppert lead a top-notch cast. So why the lockdown on reviews? I’ll find out with my friend tomorrow. But part of the answer may be that anticipation for Dead Man Down is building just fine without reviews.

The Terrence Howard interview and Elevator Murder Experiment can be seen after the cut by anyone who has the energy to click to another page.

dead man

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  • Aaron B

    I had no idea it wasn’t screened for critics. That of course usually is bad news, but I agree this thing looks like it may be good.

  • david

    TThank you Ryan I’ve been bugging about showing it some love saw an early screening and the buzz is rightfully deserved hopefully leads to Oscarbuzz for best picture best actress noomi rapace is fabulous and hopefully a supporting nod for Terrence Howard. sorry for bugging you guys about talking about this movie. about the reviews I’ve seen a couple that have been good the only major critic Ty burr gave it 2 stars because of the WWE involvement there producing it. everybody go see it!!!! You won’t waste your money

  • Dead Man Down was screened for critics. I saw it a couple weeks ago, and I’m posting my review later today.

  • Matt, I’m not saying nobody got to see it. I’m saying there are no reviews on Metacritic or RT whatsoever — zero critics reaction online on the afternoon before it opens.

    That’s not normal. That’s not typical. That’s worth noting.

  • david

    Hey Ryan I agree its weird but I saw a special screening and this movie is the real deal rapace gives an Oscar worthy performance Farrell and Howard are both great in it I think its best picture contender. the only think that could hurt its reviews is that the WWE produced it. but Ryan its creating a lot of buzz on YouTube and on the internet eeverybody’s talking about it. I haven’t really seen a movie create this kind of buzz on the internets and word of mouth since the first paranormal activity we all know how that did at the box office

  • himynameiscole
  • Bryce Forestieri

    I liked the trailer ever since I saw it attached to ZERO DARK THIRTY. Always liked Colin Ferrel…always thought he was hot speaking in an American accent…not otherwise tho.

  • david

    Bryce you got to see this movie I’m tellin you you won’t be sorry. noomi rapace performance is flawless the 2 reviews I’ve seen from Ty burr of the Boston globe gave it 2 and a half stars and so did the ny daily news but they both said rapaces performance was tremendous

  • david

    The Boston Phoenix just gave it 3 stars again ravin about the performances especially rapace performance nice!!!! Dead man down= Oscar nominations

  • Cliche

    The few reviews I saw all bashed it into the ground, total trash,
    David is Wyman??????

    Wyman is so pompous, full of himself, pretentious.

    Wyman is relying on his Fringe fame, and hopes he gets credit from that.

    Wyman ruined Fringe season 5, cliche on cliche writing, motive vengeance is his only topic and fathers and sons and loves conquers all, for men it is.

    He overwrites for the male characters and serves the male actors.
    Multiple whining and crying and selfcentered men with men scenes.

    Wyman forgot that Olivia was the main lead, did not even give Olivia Dunhmam lines lines half the time
    but solely thanks to the brilliance of the awesome Anna Torv, Olivia Dunham turned out as the one really true to herself character.

  • THE Diego Ortiz

    I wonder how many reviews will have wrestling puns.

    This looks like the first decent looking film from the Federation (aka WWE) but they are doing a bad job promoting it on their shows.

    They have a face making fun of a heel because he has a very minor, non-speaking role in the film. (I think he’s just one of the bad guy’s thugs) What they should be doing is going “Hey people one of our wrestlers is in this movie with legit Hollywood stars. Go watch.”

    Also that new Halle Berry movie is a WWE movie too.

  • Tero Heikkinen

    There’s sort of… Danish directors’ invasion in Hollywood nowadays 🙂

    Having said that, this film does not interest me one bit.

  • david

    DDiego I totally agree I think its a great movie yes some critics said it sucked but most critics I’ve seen said it was great that why I say its box office will be between 15-20 million

  • Sally-n-Chicago

    THR has a review and gives it a passing grade.

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